Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just A Loaf of Bread? NOT!

One of my FAVE bread recipes is for this versatile white braided loaf. Always GREAT to have on hand. These are monster sized loaves, 4 pounds EACH!

They are sitting atop a 12"x18" baking sheet for scale.

Simple dough; Organic White Flour, Water, Eggs, Yeast, Sea Salt, Honey. We make a 13 gallon mixer full at a time and form into braided loaves & long skinny loaves. The skinny ones are cut & used for hors d'oeuvres like these:
Small Cucumber Sandwiches

I always make sure there are leftovers...I put together a large platter for our dinner, with Cucumber Sandwiches, Fresh Roasted Georgia Pecans & Fresh Pitted Dates:

This bread can also be cut on the bias, brushed with olive oil & toasted to form perfect sized portions for crostini. I like to make one with chopped, marinated & grilled portabella mushrooms. Yummmmm!

If I've still got bread left over on a Sunday morning (the ONLY day yours truly has time to cook a picturesque breakfast) I make French Toast out of it, serve with pan fried Boca & a generous dose of Organic Maple Syrup.

Oh! How'd that happen?! It's my silky Sunday kimono in the pic!

I serve that with fresh seasonal Organic fruits. STRONG coffee too. Want to come over for breakfast on Sunday?

59 Responses to “Just A Loaf of Bread? NOT!”

Middle Child said...

Oh my god your food looks good... I have never seen food oresented in such a way and with such variety... Those bread loaves... mmm I was the kid who got into trouble for ripping the centre out of the bread because it was still warm and fresh and somehow I thought Mum would not notice...mmm not so bright as a kid!

jin said... are too kind m c!!! :-D

If you ever visit I'll remember to keep an eye on the bread centers! LOL!

*I could actually picture you doing that as a kid!!! Sneaking up to the bread and TEARING it apart & gobbling fast before you got caught!!!*

Rich said...

Mmmmm... Bread, my favourite!

Those loaves are HUGE! 4 pounds of heaven I'm sure :)

Anonymous said...

ANY Kind of bread is to die for....if YOU were making it, all the more reason for a road trip

I LOVE french toast..........

Anonymous said...

oh those look to die for *sob* *sob*

My meeting is in LA not Chicago as promised *dino stumps her foot* I want to go to chicago!!!! So I can visit Jin

Anonymous said...


It's a date right? I know cuz I don't want to be the type that receives mixed messages... you know cuz....that would be pretty embarrassing you know? And...well...I don't want to be embarrassed again... I'm just hungry is all..and...PLEEZ DON'T POISON MY FOOD! I just want some bread!!

-checks self into rehab-

Jewels said...

OMG! MC: I did that too!!! Only, with my Nana's bread... and since I was the ONLY grandchild for 14 years, well, she let me get away with it... actually, she got wise to my habit, and would make a few mini loaves just for MOI! :)

Jin, it looks absolutely delish, as usual dahling! I'll be right over! Hey, do you make raisin bread? That would ROCK!

K. I'm on a mad search for a Santa hat *wink*. I'll keep you posted on that... So far, so good tho... Hmmm, I'm starting to wonder if we should let a few other blogirls in on this... I bet Cherry would LOVE it! ;)

jin said...

rich: MMmmm...they sure are heaven! Need to make more, we're all out!

andrea: Oh! If you do road trip I'll make you French Toast for lunch!!!! Tell John! He drives & eats, right?!!? LOL.

katy: Aw, shit! That sucks! *jin frowns* D was even excited you were coming back! (I told him the other day.)

hippo: Heeheee...No, I'd never poison your bread! I might add extra of this, though. ;-)

jewels: Oh YAY!!! You saw my comment!!! I have the hat already, in fact I have about 6 different ones...we wear them in the shoppe for the holidays! LOL! Yes! Invite others! The more the MERRIER!!! :-) (How about Maria, too?)
I'm getting impatient on my other one...maybe I'll just post that on unplugged? Save the big deal for the hat pic? What'dya think?

Anonymous said...

Now bread, that I can get behind. Munkees like bread!

Anonymous said...

And is "Santa hat" a euphemism for something?

jin said...

*Oh...damn...I knew I'd be shit at keeping a secret like this!*
Sorry, it comes *jin tries to hold it back but it's just TOO BIG!!!*

ace: No euphemism.
This is a Santa Hat.
This is me NOT wearing a Santa Hat.
I intend to retake the photo with a Santa hat on cos it's chilly.

I reserve the right to delete this comment at ANY time!!!

G3T Films said...

Nice tat you got there Jin!

jin said...

Why, thank you rich! Designed it myself!

2 hours of sraight pain, he wanted to stop halfway thru, I said FINISH IT! The second he was done I stood up & fainted...face forward on the floor...nobody caught me.
At least my swollen nose made me forget about the tattoo!!! Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Jin, I now see that my quest was taking me in the wrong place. ;) Incidentally, there is no evidence that you feel chilly in that photo. Might I suggest a slightly different angle? Hee hee.

Jewels said...

Well, you are naughty, aren't you? ;)

Well, I finally got my hat tonight, so, I'm doing it. Um, I don't think Maria would do it tho... LOL! But SHE knows what we're talking about, oh, and Dan, we won't be cold once the hats are on *G*

G3T Films said...

That's awful! Why cant I stop laughing, hahahahahaha! Sorry.

RIch said...

Oh, and you shuld always becareful what you post on the web.

jin said...

dan: The slightly different angle...hmmmm...jewels is REALLY good at that! But, that's one secret I can keep. I'll keep it right next to the piccie she sent me! ;-) wanna see the hat? HA! Check out rich's linky...voila, HAT! :-D

jewels: Yay! Hat! :-D LOL!
*Psst!....Ain't it nice to be appreciated?!!?*

rich: OMG!!!
Is it weird that I wasn't concerned that you stole my nude picture?
Oh, yeah...that might be why I was putting off posting it! HA!

jin said...

rich: O M G ! ! !
I just saw the bread!

I worship the bread, it is my friend. I find comfort in knowing the bread IS.


Jewels said...

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Santa Jin, praying to the bread Goddess!!! LOL! Man, you've got some pretty enterprising readers here Jin! ;) Indeed. I'm almost afraid of posting mine... almost... :D

Rich said...

HA! All goddesses worship the Bread!

I can assure you that although I have an adroit appreciation of the female form my intentions in lifting your photo are obviously for pure comic effect. Your lack of concern is well founded. If you want it deleted from the web you need but ask :)

jin said...

jewels: LOL! rich is a cool Australian should check out his blog, NOW! He's quite brilliant! (Except I hear he has a

rich: Thank you...ever the gentleman, but no worries! Like I said...I laughed when I saw the pic...I REALLY laughed when I saw the pic!!!
In fact, I'm still laughing!

Rich said...

The beard is there for purely comfort reasons... oral sex with stubble is never comfortable for the poor girl, a goatee solves the 'in the mood, need to shave first' problem. Ever the gentleman, hehehehe!

jin said... got me. I don't even have a comeback for that one!
I'm blushing* too much!!!

*Blushing is a sign of extreme innocence & naivete. That's me!

Anonymous said...

Rich, you have done a yeoman's job with Photoshop (and I'm not even sure what a 'yeoman' is).

If you're curious to see why I am so interested in this Santa hat thing, head over to my blog and read my most recent post (with all of the comments) and see how the lightbulb goes on between the Cookie Princess and the Jewelry Princess after they read what I said about women and Santa hats.

Another blogger (Boo), actually grabbed her Santa hat and changed her profile photo before commenting on the post! You can see her there too. ;)

Isn't the blogosphere wonderful? ;)

fairscape said...


The bread looks so...phallic.
Other food...ovalic.
Foodie porn at it's porniest.
Jin's readers are the horniest.


Anonymous said...

Oh now I feel even worse knowing that D was looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Cobra sex???

I don't know if we had the same thing in mind...

I was thinking more along the lines of this.

Rich said...

B-Hip, what are you doing with a picture of my Girlfriend? Seriously!

Anonymous said...

I heart bread. I could live on bread alone. I just ran out of ciabatta bread yesterday and was thinking I need too stock up on bread and freeze it.

The organic fruits actually look pretty good. I'll have to try that sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what I said, exactly, but I'm glad I asked!


All hail Dan and Rich and Jewels! And Jin!

(And to think, I'm Jewish.)

Swap Jalapeño slices for the cuke on the "cuke on cracker" and you'll have something!

My bread always winds up being about ten pounds, but my loaves aren’t as big as yours (you probably hear that a lot).

ticharu said...

Yowza! I mean YOWZA!!! Makes me really wish I had a kitchen!

Fuff said...

Yes. What time?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of nissua. Which also makes pretty good french toast.

Jewels said...

Jin! Jin! Ace is Hailing us... Whadd'ya think: THIS weekend? Sunday, perhaps? ;)

jin said...

dan: No kidding....I'd NEVER meet guys like you in Manitowoc! They're pretty normal here! AHhhh-HAHAHAHAHAhaaaaaaaaa!!

fairscape: Heeheeeee!!!! OH! I LOVE that poem!!!!! :-D
You still got it girlie, don't ever let it go!!!
{{{{{{BIG CYBER HUGS}}}}}}}}

katy: Yeah...not many people he gets excited over! LOL! He's so bad with names...but I'll say katy this or katy that & he says, "Oh, you mean the German girl? Yeah she's cool!"

hippo: OH! Silly me!
I'm GREAT at that! ;-)

rich: Heeheee....hippo's a clever one, isn't he?!

justmee: MMmm...I could live on fruit & bread! Yum. Funny, though...I'm not too fond of jam on bread! LOL! :-S

jin said...

ace: Heeheee...I've been sitting on that for a while (pun intended! ;-) Then you had to go & ask that question...I just couldn't hold back ANY LONGER!!!

phos: Heeheee!!!! I hope yours aren't as big as mine. I'd be jealous! ;-) :-D

ticharu: LOL! You could always just wish to live closer to me...then you just pop in on occasion! That's the best way, really...kitchens get MESSY...then you just have to clean them...SO BORING!
LOL! :-)

fuff: Are you sure your boat would make it that far, that fast???

andy: Oh, hey! That looks really good! I printed the know, I've tasted it before, didn't know what it was called though! :-)

jewels: OK! *thumbs up* You have to choose the it the hat pic? Or this one? I'm going to do it on unplugged. Although I may do something *WINK* with cut-out Xmas cookies here in December. :-D

Anonymous said...

This is Rich's girlfriend.

This is what I want Jin to do.

jin said...

hippo: ROTFLMAO at the first pic!!!!!!!!

Um...oh, wait...I meant to say that's not very nice of you. Shame.

As for the second pic...I'd LOVE to do that for you! Except...believe it or not...I do not have ANY chocolate bars in the shoppe what-so-ever right now. I have about 150 pounds of Belgian Chocolate Coins...but bars.

I do solemnly swear....the next time I have a bar of chocolate in my possession...a photo op will be pursued. ;-)

*Too bad you didn't ask yesterday...I had one, but I ate it! MMMmm....was it GOOD! :-P*

Anonymous said...

So while I was, um, reflecting on your picture, I thought up a couple more stupid questions.

Since the first one went so well, after all.

1. Are you sitting down and reaching up, or kneeling down and reaching along the floor?

2. Are you wearing a watch?? I mean, the wedding ring I can understand, but how does a watch go with like, meditation and stuff?

jin said...

ace: Hahaha!!! You don't think you're pushing your luck?!!?

1. Sitting down & reaching up. Very interesting that should ask this...I see where it could be questionable as the 'wall hanging' is actually a type of rug that happens to be hung on the wall. GOOD catch Munkee! ;-)

2. LOL...I NEVER take off my watch. Ok, another goofy fact about moi...I buy a $20 watch about once per year. It HAS to have 4 things for me to buy it (1. water resistance, 2. Alarm, 3. day/date & 4. Stopwatch). I use each and every one of these features daily in the shoppe...I also beat the hell out of my watch, hence the cheapo. I never even replace a battery, just throw it away & buy a new one. That pink one you see there, I sense, is very close to dying! :-S

3. Well, what the get a bonus for being brave enough to ask questions! That is not a mole popping out from underneath my ponytail. It's a set of tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Yes would love some breakfast - perhaps next to the fire side with snow outside the windows as well... mmm!

jin said...

cc!!! GOOD to hear from you!!! I was getting worried, you know. snow here yet...but, tis predicted for tomorrow...LOTS!

That is a lovely picture you painted....I don't have a fire place, though. :-( Can you email me one?!!?

Anonymous said...

Now, of course, I have to ask another question. Journalists ask lots of questions. Munkees are very curious. (And yes, I'd noticed that peeking out from beneath your hair, but it was too small to discern.)

The JPEG title says Live-Laugh-Love, is that what the letters mean?

Yeah, I know, I'm Asian. Doesn't mean I can read the thing. For all I know (and, I suppose, from the placement, for all you know) it could say Larry-Moe-Curly or Wash-Rinse-Repeat (or Cake-Then-Icing).

Wouldn't have pictured you as the multiple-tattoo type, I must say. Though I can't quite figure out why.

jin said...

ace: my my! You are inquisitive! I think you think that now every time you ask a question you get a picture of a jin body part...HMMMMM?????
*I wasn't born yesterday, you know!*

LOL! No more for tonight...
I will answer your question & then some.

Tis Japanese Kanji. Why? Simply because I like how it looks as opposed to the Chinese characters. It's more intricate...less brush-stroke-like.
Yes, those are
(top to bottom) I have 3 more on the back of my right ankle that say
along with a ring of flowers/leaves that go around my ankle.
That's all I have...for now. Someday I may want another...I'm not in any rush. I never want my body covered...ewwww! LOL...I just like them here & there. Pretty colourful ones. I'll have to snap a shot of the ankle one someday.

Ok...I'm going home now...Good Night!

Anonymous said...

ok, you really werent' kidding when you said this was food PORN were you

I REALLY need to read this blogs comments more often

oh and YES John eats and drives, eats WHILE he drives, probably eats every moment he's awake....I'd venture, his tummie rumbles constantly....

Anonymous said...

That recipe for nissua is a little different than how I know it. There was always more cardamom in it and the frosting is a little weird. Everyone I know just mixes sugar into hot coffee and brushes it onto the top of the hot loaves.

jin said...

andrea: LMAO!!! It was an impulse thing...I didn't plan it! It just...happened! LOL My comments here usually aren't that type of interesting!

andy: ANYTHING I make with cardamom has LOTS of it! LOL I LOVEEEEEE cardamom!!!! MY FAVE spice! MMMmm....the smell of it! DIVINE!

I would have at least doubled the amount it called for. Interesting about your coffee glaze...that'd make it nice & dark on the top!

Anonymous said...

It does. Coffee and cardamom is somethihng that is almost impossible to reproduce.

If you make a loaf, I'll be the next person at yer shop.

Really now, I'm only a hour and a half away. But your weekends seem sacred. I'll email you my telephone number. Let me know when I can show up.

Anonymous said...

I think you think that now every time you ask a question you get a picture of a jin body part...HMMMMM?????

I said munkees were curious. Did I mention they're optimists?

jin said...

andy: Well, at least you know you'll ALWAYS find me here on a Saturday!!! LMAO!

You do know.....when you visit.....I want LOTS of gratuitous photos for a blog post! ;-) return I'd make some of that cardamom bread! :-)

ace: Hahahaha!!!!
Sorry, not tonight either. Too tired....& troubles posting....

jin said...

I have an AWESOME post with snow, cookies & pretty babies....
3x the trouble tonight.....
1. pc crashed 4x in a row.
2. digicam would not upload pics fast as usual. Took like 15 minutes for a dozen photos!
3. fucking blogger won't let me sign into my posting section.


I'm too tired to keep trying right'll just have to wait until Sat afternoon.

Until then,
*Sweet Kisses*

Gyrobo said...

We've all got Blogger problems. That's no reason to eat four dozen cucumber sandwiches.

Put down the sandwiches! Are they even filling?!

jin said...

Hahahaaha gyrobo!!!

MMMmmm...cucumber sandwiches. Mine are yummy! No, they aren't filling, that's the point.
You know, so there's room left for dessert
& chocolate
& cookies
& truffles
& ice cream
& petite fours

Anonymous said...

I am cool I am cool *dino dancing around the room* Anywho wow 55 comments!!!! Go food porn

jin said...

LOL kool katy!
You made # 56!
Now I am # 57!

The most EVER at jintrinsique!!!

Looks like you have more cold and snow headed your way. I am making do with a bag of "Mother's" gingerbread boys. They suck.

jin said...

No phos! NOOOOO!

*jin pouts*