Friday, April 28, 2006

Seriatim Explication

So here's how a Uniquely Yours Open House works:

You see this sign near the street in front of our shoppe. Park your car, walk up to the front door & come right in! You will notice an aroma quite unlike any bakery you've been in before. That's because we don't deep-fry anything. No yucky donut grease smell. Just cinnamon wafting past your nose, with a hint of toasted almond, fresh raspberry undertones & finally, an unmistakable barrage of Belgian bittersweet chocolate.

You follow the passageway to a new world. A place that is full of happiness, laughing & banter. In this place, no depression, inferiority or injustice is ever allowed.

You start to veer towards your right; there is a doorway.

As you walk through this doorway you forget all that you left behind...(Except for your wallet. You'd better have your wallet!) start to take it all in: the hand-made cards with photographs of area birds & flowers, hand-sewn doll clothes, tarot decks, various wine cork trivets & a sprinkling of locally framed photographs.

You are now in our front room/reception area.

Turn slightly to your right & you will see this...'s one of Ruth's paintings.

Next to that is...
...our "Wall of Biscotti" & locally harvested honey.

Why don't you have a seat, here...
...right next to the...

...hand-crafted, 7-foot tall, seasonally decorated, faux tree.

Unless you'd rather go right to the coffee & pastries!

Help yourself to a steaming cup of coffee, freshly ground beans, it's just been brewed...I'll warn you, though...I make it pretty strong. I don't think there's much use for a watery or bitter pot of coffee...we don't allow that in THIS paradise. Help yourself to a few samples while you browse.
Don't be shy.
(The more you taste, the more you'll buy!)

Awaiting you on that counter (alas! only a couple times per month) you may notice something you'll never observe again. You see, each open house is different. There are always a few definites. The usuals, like muffins, scones, bars, cookies & breads. But it's the pastry du jour that most people can't wait to savour. I try to have at least 5 new items every single time. Although, it is not impossible, to be bombarded by up to 20 new creations at once!

If you feel the need to step back for a moment, or just rest those weary bones of yours, DO sit down for a spell. Fancy an intelligent conversation?
This chap...
...would LOVE to oblige.
Ask him about the delicacies of the day & he'll give you unparalleled advice on which types to purchase. Interested in birds & wildlife? He will whisk you away to the back garden before you can say "Sooty".

But, before you go, check out my pastry clock...
...because in this perfect new world, time stands still. When you leave our shoppe, it will be neither sooner, nor later, than now. How's that for "unique"?

Did you enjoy your visit?

26 Responses to “Seriatim Explication”

Cherry! said...

It does look and sound like paradise indeed! I totally agree on the coffee. Life is too short for bad coffee!

Lots o' Love from The Blog Whore (on her first round of the blogs for the day).

Cherry! said...

PS I did say in my post Evil World Domination was next.....(insert EWD laugh here)

Katy said...

oh man I can't wait to go. I am actually bared from the office coffe machine because I make it to strong - I had to bring in my own.

After reading this I have to work even harder on coming up your way this summer. Oh and I will have to chat with Sooty I think her cousins live in my back yard.

Polyman2 said...

Wow, how quaint.
This is the kind of place
I could grow to love.
How far is WI
from NY?

Blue944 said...

Sounds fantastic...I wish I could visit.

Tiffanie said...

Yay! I love looking at pictures of your shop. It looks like a little bit of heaven.

I've been waiting more pics since I read the story of your "spirits" that visit your shoppe.

Cool post.

A Girl You Know said...

looks so cool. thanks for the link to your store - definitely checking it out. i drool every day looking at your site. ::so hungry::

Lesley said...

Wow, that does look like heaven! I really want to visit Wisconsin now!

I have to go to Minneapolis this summer -- I wonder if I could fly by way of Milwaukee and have a very very long layover while there... It would be worth it. :)

jin said...

cherry: It's so weird...I'm posting at around 2AM, thinking about going home, relaxing, then off to bed. You're at work already in the morning?!
You are many hours in the future, I am many hours in the past, yet we are both, HERE, in the NOW......past present & future, in theory, all occurring at once.....
(I'm feeling philosophical today, can you tell?!!?)

katy: lol @ not being allowed to use the office coffee machine. Those people have no idea how to live! Life with weak coffee is like life with bad

Hey, Poly! Good to see you!!
:-) New York to Wisconsin is only mere milliseconds away if you travel by imagination or the WWW. Real time is, let's see...a lottery trip away! ;-)

blue944: Welcome! It would be quite a trip from Cali...I noticed in your 100 list that #34 HAD to have led you to my blog! Come back again!

tiffanie: I'm so glad you enjoyed the means a lot to me right now...long story why. Thank you :-)

a girl: Glad to see you are a new 'regular'! Drooling is not that bad, actually...someone once said they started licking the screen...I hope they were

lesley: If you EVER come here to visit we have to get 'real' to meet us, too!! LOL :-)

I gained about fivepounds just fomr the virtual visit. Your shop looks nice, though the faux tree and some of the trappings are a bit over the top for me. I suspect the treats woudl more than make up for it. Thanks for the tour.

Cherry! said...

I can tell that you are feeling philosophical. The Blog Whore can always tell philosophy when she stumbles across it. It's part of the EDW plan.

BTW I had a dream about squirrels last night. I have to look up what it means, but I was scared and i blame you.

jin said...

phosgene: I think the 5 pounds is only considered "virtual weight gain"...I believe that you can lose it quite easily by "surfing the net" for a few hours.

cherry: AHA! I KNOW why you had that's because you went shooting, didn't you cherry...the squirrels are warning you...telling you not to shoot any cute furry/feathery creatures...or they will mutilate you in your sleep...

I want to live in your beautiful bakery world. you just described heaven on earth.

Real said...

Your place looks very calming and welcoming. Oh, how I would of much prefered to be there than where I was. Oh, and if you buy the ticket I will be there.

jin said...

evi: You are welcome any time! (Even if it's just virtually!)

real: The shoppe is calming, I'm glad that came through...I hope the blog is, too.
I keep telling everyone...wish me luck on winning the lotto!
Tell you what...I'll buy a ticket tomorrow...everyone send me luck for tomorrow night...

flatlander said...

It looks like it's one shortbread past wafer at Uniquely Yours. I'll have to stop by sometime to check out the wall of biscotti and the Philosopher's Nook! :)

Jewels said...

Okay, I so want to come visit your bakery. I can actually 'smell' it! Thanks for the lovely photos, and letting us into your daily world.

Jewels said...

Oh, and Cherry, squirrels in your dreams represent the "hording aspect of your personallity". Perhaps you dream of hoarding some of Jen's goodies? Hmmmm?!?

jin said...

flatlander: You're good! Not too many people can tell time by cookie! ;-)
Everybody knows that:
Bis-cot-ti &
are meant 2 be
so U see
U R true-ly
to visit ME
if U agree
whole hearted-ly
(You have to do the rhythm, though, my talents only go so far...)

jewels: Thanks for the 'sweet' comments!
lol @ the squirrel comment. They do hoard their nuts alright...hmmm...I think that sounds like Cherry, too!

cherry did you hear that, you got your dream analyzed?!

Sarah Letnes said...

That's what my house needs, a "Wall of Biscotti."

jin said...

sarah: Hey...that gives me an idea! Maybe I should market them & install them for people...with a contract, of course, that I refill them myself!! :-)

kiki said...

that house looks divine

jin said...

Why, thank you kiki! You haven't been around in a while...

Cherry! said...

I actually saw a squirrel this morning. Every time I see a squirrel I think of you. And I also think of nuts too. But that's not limited to just when I see squirrels.

jin said...

LOL cherry! You & those much English does mr. wonderful understand again?!!?

Cherry! said...

hahahaha! Enough to get by. He's learning the REAL English. haha!