Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stuff jin Does

This is just a tiny peek
inside a fraction of a week
Behold the life of a jin
baking in her kitchen

"Frosted & Decorated Hand-Made Sugar Cookies" Jumbo Penguins

Baby Penguins

A 14" x 20" x 5" Box Full of Cookies for an Order

"Pre-sliced Cakes Sold by the Piece"

Old Fashioned Poppyseed Cake with a Sweet Rich Caramel Icing

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Filling & Belgian Dark Chocolate Glaze

Ground Toasted Almond Bundt Cake drenched with Turbinado Sugar Syrup and Pure Almond Glaze

A 5-1/2" tall Scratch-Made Maraschino Cherry Angelfood Cake with Whippy Sweet Vanilla Butter Frosting

"Pre-Ordered Decorated Sheet Cakes"

"When A Jin Gets Tired What Does She Do?"
She makes a healthy snack to eat, silly!
Sliced Organic Bananas.

Dipped in warm Belgian Bittersweet Chocolate.

"Luscious Things"

Shortbread Crust topped with a baked Rhubarb Custard & Real Vanilla Whipped Cream

Lightly Sweetened Shortbread Crust
Spicy Curried Portabella Mushroom & Caramelized Vidalia Onions
Zested Curl of Lemon

Preparing Lunch for Mr. Jin

Peanut Delightfuls
MMMmm...it's all in the name.
Caramel, Belgian Chocolate, Peanuts, Pecans, Nut Butter, Marshmallow Nougat
The jin simply adores these.
Many an "MMMMmmmmm..." has passed her lips whilst greedily consuming them.

"Where Does A Jin Get All That Energy?"
From jinpassion & supplements, of course!

"Addictive Stuff"

Death By Chocolate Cookies
Melted Chocolate. Extra Dark Cocoa Powder.
White Belgian Coins. Dark Belgian Coins.
Topped with even more Chocolate.
After consuming one of these
you will drop to the ground & lick my cute jintoes.
(That'll get you another cookie, too. ;-)

Shortbread Crust, Organic Coconut Cheesecake Filling, Belgian Chocolate Glaze
Make Love, Not War
Oopsy...I meant to say
Eat Sweets, Don't Fight

38 Responses to “Stuff jin Does”

Kingcover said...

OMG if I went into your shoppe I would never come back out again. You would have to tear me off the ceiling with all the sweet foods I would be eating. I would hide under the table so you couldn't find me. Whoops, did I just tell you were I would be! Darn it, now I need to think of somewhere else. The closet! Oh not again!!!

I love that Poppyseed Cake - it reminds me of my fav ice-cream - mint chocolate chip. Yummy.

Your cakes and buns are fantabulous :)

jin said...

LOL! You sound like you are on a sugar high already! Was that just from looking at all my pics?

Well, linger as long as you like. I'm off to bed!
Just make sure you do the dishes & lock up before you leave!

MeHereNow said...


I want some "Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Filling & Belgian Dark Chocolate Glaze".

I'M WAITING......not very patiently I might add!!

Jewels said...

That's it: you TEASE!
Just for that, my next post is all about HOOPS!


k. Scratch the cake in the tub, lets start with those savory yummy goodies, followed by the chocolate tipped bananas (you know there'll be some finger licking there!) ;) THEN we take a dip in the pearls!

*Hee! Hee!*

Wish I lived closer to buy myself a treat from time to time.
I could need it.

Dino aka Katy said...

uhh I love chocolate covered fruits especially bananas and strawberries. But uhm those mushroom thingies sound so yummy

Anonymous said...

Penguins in June? Get outa here...

They do look lovely, though.

Sorry I didn't make it out; I'm trying to prepare to quit and it's a lot more waiting and work than I hoped it would be.

Gnat of Glass said...


Repeat after me.

"cookie of the month club"

now say it again.

"cookie of the month club"

Just once more.



Dan said...

Good God in Heaven! I think I just gained 100 pounds looking at those amazing photos!!

Jin, you are amazing.

And those penguins are so cute!!

Snow White said...

I think I gain weight just lookin' at your pictures! You do an awesome job! And I'm craving a penguin now! Thanks for bakin' and postin'!

Not Ashley said...

SO UNFAIR...how can you post those pictures...I'll take one of each. They all look fantastic!

Lady - you are heaven on earth! I wish you had a store here.

jin said...

Haha! Oh, good choice!!! MMMmmmm...it's soooo delicious! *tease* LOL! :-D

Oh...you might just send rich & kingcover over the top with that visual!!!
Heehee!!! :-D

jin said...

Oh...I wish you were closer too! As long as you told me one of your stories every visit I'd always give you free treats!

Oh! I'll remember that & make the mushroom tarts for you next time you visit! (lol...remind me if I forget!)

jin said...

Yes, penguins in June. I have one eccentric customer that even orders Xmas cut-outs all year long! lol! She sends me the cutters along with her orders.

No problem...anytime you get a chance just let me know. I'm sure we can work something out sometime!

I know. Yes, I know. LOL. I even thought of you as I posted the pic of the Death by Choc. Cookies. There was a scream in my head shouting Cookie of the Month Club! I will...I really really swear I will...soon! I've just had so many things going on lately.
SOON! :-)

jin said...

*blush* Awww....you are too nice! Thank you kindly sir.
Oh, & remember, I've seen your yoga video...no way you'd gain 100 pounds just by looking! ;-) Mr. upsidedown leg splitz person!

snow white:
Aw...that's so sweet of you to say! Thanks so much for the comment! :-D

jin said...

Me??? ME???
How can I post these pictures???
I do it just to get back at you for the types of pictures you post!!!!
lmao! ;-)

Awww...thank you! :-)
Yeah, sometimes I wish I had a store somewhere else, too.
So far the majority of my requests come from New York & New Jersey! Is that a sign or what???

Dancing Kitty said...

Cute penguins. Why do you have so many pictures of yourself? You're not obsessive are you?

Mrs Phos loves the penguins! She is crazy about penguins anyway.

I was watching a show on cake decorating and the dude said spice cake was easy to crave into shapes - thought I'd pass that along in case you had nay shaped cakes to make. Just coincidental that I happen to love spice cake, mind you.

jin said...

Thanx! Oh & the penguins tasted gooood, too! ;-)

Obsessive? Moi? Hell yes! Heeheheheee. I'm a Virgo! Have you tasted my wares? Then you know obsession can be a good thing (if properly guided & executed).

As for the pics...well, that's what my readers requested according my most recent poll. Top two most requests were "Pics of the jin in Action" & "Customers from Hell".

jin said...


You're back!!! I missed you!!!

You had me worried you know...I thought you got buried under a mound of husky fur and couldn't burrow your way out!

Cool! Glad she liked them, the penguins were fun to make.

I like spice cake, but you know what? Very very very few people have ever ordered it. In fact it's not even on my "Cake Flavour" list anymore. I think it's a home comfort food type of thing...people bake it for themselves rather than order it. They come to me for the things they can't make themselves.

That said...I could carve a spice cake into a gas mask!!!

Middle Child said...

Unbelievable, the stuff you make...for such as I who used to live in a house on a bit of a lean and thought I was clever when I made cakes if I was able to stick the two halves together and the top looked sort of level... and my cleverest was to stick smarties on the top, as the icing slid off because I didn't give it time to cool down - the cake I mean...

I'm with Dan on the 100lbs bit...

JLee said...

You are the goddess!!! I eat that banana/chocolate combo, only I stand in front of the fridge, squeezing Hershey's onto the banana hoping I don't slop any on the floor. ha

Had spice cake for my birthday, in fact there's an extra in the freezer, have to dig it out for the Fourth!

flatlander said...

Jin's penguin cookies are so great
But bittersweet chocolate takes the cake
And when it comes to cakes, you know
Angle food's the way to go.
And even the angels can't resist
Her shortbread with a lemon twist
They ate so much they almost fell
Off their clouds and into hell!
But something caught them; don't dispair
Jin's pasteries just float on air!

Ace said...

Munkees like penguins!

More importantly, do you mail these Death By Chocolate Cookies?

Zoinks! They look (and read) beyond yummy.

jin said...

Oh...but I bet those cakes of yours tasted delicious!!! :-D
Tell you what...if we ever meet in *real life* I'll give you a crash course in baking if you give me one in drawing people!!! You'll laugh how crooked my people will be!
Heehee!! :-D

Hahaaaa!!!! I can picture you doing that with the chocolate sauce!!! LOL! I bet you do it at night hoping no one will catch you because you don't want to share....right?!!?
heehee ;-)

jin said...


You are awesome.

I <3 your rap. :-D

Stay Old!

jin said...

Spice cake on the fourth?
Lucky YOU!!! :-)

Ohhh...busy is an understatement! This is the third weekend in a row where my head is spinning with 'How the fuck will I get it all done?'
Answer: "Cause I'm the jin!" :-D
I want ALL weekends to be like the past 3. I am in my element. I am jintastic like this! LOL

Death by chocolate cookies ship superbly!

In a couple weeks I SWEAR I will have a little button on the side for a "Cookie of the Month Club". Gnat is making me doooo eet.
(But secretly I want to anyway. ;-)

jin said...


Post coming later.

Been too busy to do much blog-visiting, but I'll catch up soon!

L>T said...

It's all lovely & you are amazing.
RE: our recent conversation. thinking about it...I can just imagine you must catch alot of crap being a just by being Pastry Chef.

Anonymous said...

Business is only a state of mind :P


jin said...

Thanks very much! It means a lot that you came here and commented. Sorry I over-reacted.

Kinda like-
"If I bake it, they will come."

Anonymous said...

That's exactly it. I believe it could catch on ----- or perhaps not. HA!


jin said...

Yes, yes it WILL!
Power of suggestion.
The power of jin.

angel said...

hhhhhwow!! wonderful!!! fabulous!!!! words fail me!!!!!

jin said...

DAMN! I wish you lived a little bit closer...I'd pop around with a goodie basket & we could have coffee & chat!