Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pomp, Circumstance & Cake!

Tis that time of the year again.
The hats & sheet cakes bore jen.

They're all the same only the names are changed.
I do so many I become deranged.

I close my eyes & the cake is done.
But e'er so often I get one that's fun!

This year it was a construction hat.
Check it out! Just look at that!

It's not yucky fondant either, it's vanilla buttercream!
Delicate white cake filled with a lemony dream.

I smoothed it by jin-hand then piped the decor.
Give me cake orders like this, more more more more!

20 Responses to “Commencement
Pomp, Circumstance & Cake!”

Dino aka Katy said...

yummmm vanilla buttercream and lemon filling. I will bake this weekend too. I didn't get around to make Grumpys b-day cake in time for yesterday. I am thinking strawberry cheesecake with homemade strawberry puree.

jimbo said...

That's a great hard hat! Reminds me of my hard hat...

I love that little toy hat. It saved my life once! But I'll save that drunken story for a different time.

Hand smoothed helmet, eh? sounds kinky!!

Your flowers are so life like - I really like them. I would hate to eat the cake for fear of ruining the artwork...

Persimmons Gal said...

Hi I just stumbled upon your site from Stumpjacks. I always see your ads in the paper for open houses but unfortunately haven't been able to get there for one. Beautiful work!

Jewels said...

Oooh, yumyumyumyumyum!!!! I wanna piece of the hat!

Now come check out all my beadiful new earrings! ;)

Rich said...

Why am I the only person here looking at the Hoe-n-go and thinking it has something to do with Sam bedding 07 hookers then leaving?

I mean, why must you people always leave it up to me to be the perv... oh yeah... cause I am...

jin said...


OH! Take piccies PLZ!!!
That sounds awesome.

Actually, I am up here responding as the ovens are full of cheesecake. I've got a fresh peach puree cheesecake with vanilla crust you won't like cos it's coconut.

jin said...


Heehee!!!! GREAT photo!!!!

It IS just like your hat!

*Insert Twilight Zone music here*

I think you need to post about that story ASAP!

jin said...


HAHA!!! You have no idea how many times I retype something that comes out sounding off-colour! Seriously....if I left them all in it wouldn't be 'foodporn' anymore!

jin said...

persimmons gal:

WELCOME & Thank You!! :-)

Ahhh....I haven't advertised in the htr since last year...decided it had become WAY TOO expensive & not worth it. I pretty much have a regular following now & just keep the website ( updated as to our open days.

I'm insanely busy the next few days but I'll get over to check out your blog as soon as I get a chance!

jin said...



Julie's work is beadiful.

Julie is beadiful.

jin's work is beadiful.
*CHECK* (I think?)

jin is beadiful.
(I dunno, what do you think?)

jin's commenters are ALL beadiful.
*CHECK* (Hell Yeah!!)


jin said...


I [blog]love you.
Thank you for saying that.
I felt so foolish & alone as I was piping those words on that cake thinking about this young man & his hoe's.

It took ALL of my jincoolness to not bust out in laughter when this young man's Mom asked me to pipe those words on his cake.

I do suppose not everyone has as sharp a mind as you & I...they certainly mustn't...for if they did, they would NOT have named their construction company "Hoe-n-Go".
I kid you NOT!

Gyrobo said...

I would love to just wear that hat and stand around a pothole all day, telling people to "move along."

I'd also make a joke about filling the pothole with buttercream, but that might seem a little over the top.

angel said...

you may get bored with them jin- but they're original jin-works of art for the recipients!
that hat is marvellously done!

Did you ever get commissioned ot make a cake for someone that flunked out, something like "You Really Blew It!"??

Middle Child said...

You are an artiste JIn...sooo good...I can barely do a cake from a packet (sorrrryyyy!) and wheni do it sticks to the bottom...there you go

jin said...



Yes, yes...

I would love to record you doing just THAT!!!


Um...but ya know...that'd be prettty damn heavy! :-)

jin said...


Thanks so much!
That's soooo nice to hear!

jin said...



Uh, not that I can remember...and I think I'd recall something like that!

jin said...

mc: are sweet! :-D

Well...baking/cooking just always came natural to me. I believe I did it in a past life & just carried over all that knowledge. But, you know what I can't do no matter how hard I try? I CANNOT draw people, especially faces, eyes, noses...and you just seem to whip them out!!! Now, THAT amazes me!!!