Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's a bird... It's a plane... No! It's a jinfish!!!

A photo is brought in to me.
It is a picture of a 3D 'fish' cake.
KEWL methinks.
Except, it's covered with gross fondant & airbrushed.
EWWW methinks.
Remember peeps, the jin will not create a cake that looks nice & tastes like crap.
So, I had to reinterpret.
Here's mine:

Inside lies a 3 layer rich chocolaty Red Velvet Cake brushed with a Turbinado sugar syrup & filled with Cream Cheese frosting. The entire cake is generously slathered with my mouth watering Belgian chocolate glaze.

I let the glaze firm up and added a jinhand-carved scale texture. Over this I brushed varying shades of pearl dust & cocoa 'paint' accents. The fin & tail were made out of solid Belgian bittersweet chocolate. I manipulated it into the 3D textured shapes. It let me. I think it even liked it. ;-)

I just know you're dying to kiss those chocolate fish lips.

Finished off with brown sugar 'sand', gumdrop 'rocks' & a wish for a Happy 30th.

Even a Vegetarian jin would have liked a huge piece of this Fishy!!!

22 Responses to “It's a bird... It's a plane... No! It's a jinfish!!!”

You are a miracle worker! Unbelievable.

Wow Jin, you are really amazing.

Fantastic, jin. It looks so real.

Jewels said...

Hee! Hee! Looks like a cross between a carp and a trout! LOL!

I'd eat it!

Not Ashley said...

A fish cake, is that like a crab cake? It looks so real..I bet it would be delicious, however, I have this thing about not liking the looks of dark icing (unless it's brown chocolate, of course)

Bet the birthday boy was thrilled with it.

jin said...

evi: Heehee...thanks! :-D

cp: Aw shucks...*blush*.

kirsten: Thank You! :-D

jewels: I don't know what the original pic was supposed to be...course, jin knows chocolate, NOT fish! LOL

M: LOL...@ fish/crab cake.
I agree 100% about the dark frosting. The pic they brought in was airbrushed with TONS of black food colour. EW! I knew there was no way I'd do messes with the taste. That's why I chose CHOCOLATE! YAY! :-D

Actually, I heard it was a HUGE hit. The party was held next door to my parents & my Dad even attended. He said they all raved!

MeHereNow said...

Some people request the strangest things....! So come on jin - tell us what's the strangest request you've had? (Kepp it cake related dear!! Honestly some people's minds!!)

jin said...

meherenow: know, I think I've become immuned to strangeness! LOL!

I suppose that I am known, locally, as the person to come to when you want something strange! LOL! Seriously, anytime the other bakeries get a weird request they actually turn down the business & tell the people to go to Uniquely Yours. I also tend to get the majority of the 'mixed couples' marriages as I hear the other bakeries can be rude to blacks, hispanics & hmongs. The goth kids, too. I've made some neat cakes for goth couples...ohhh...there was this one couple......she was a goth and he was black. She came into our shoppe & was near tears, she said the other wedding cake place in town had treated her & her fiance very poorly, so much so that they just turned around, walked out & came to us. My Mom told her she should feel free to ask her fiance in so they could browse the pictures together but she said he refused to come in (because of how he was treated at the other place). But I'll tell ya, she picked a gorgeous cake & paid in cash & on time, so, really, who cares how a person looks. Right?!

Um...I think I got off suppose the weirdest (?dumbest?) request I ever received, considering I advertise everything's from scratch, was the woman who walked in, reached into a grocery bag & proceeded to hand me a boxmix cake whilst saying, "Here. Can you bake this for me? My oven doesn't work & I know you do unique things here."

BLAH! NO NO NO! LMAO...Note, she did not want to place an order for one of my cakes...she just wanted the boxmix baked.


Rich said...

Yep, that's weird, of course you know that means I'm going to love it!

OMG! OMG! OMG! The Word Verification! Looooooooooooook!

mizfit said...

well, this was the one that got away.

jin said...


I was thinking as I posted this that cake is my puppet medium!

OMFG!!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heeeheheeheeee! Haahahahaaa!!!
That is by FAR the most AWESOME word veri I have EVER seen!!!!!!

jin said...


Only temporarily...I guarantee you it was eaten!

Dino aka Katy said...

very strange but I admire the workman ship of course you could not convince me to eat this it looks to much like a fish

jin said...

OOOhhh...but Katy it tastes like chocolate!
Actually, that huge cake you had shipped for the AuPair party that time...this would taste JUST like that one did!

angel said...

aaawwww- its gaaaawjissss- a trout for an agler i take it!! i must have that done for my dad sometime!

angel said...

i mean "an angler" of course!!!

angel said...

i think i want a dragon cake for my 40th- so i got about 6 years to save up and get you here to make it for me!!

Gnat of Glass said...

Let me get this straight! It is red velvet inside, so when you cut it open it is going to look all bloody?



JLee said...

awesome!! I want that cake.

jin said...


Thanks!! :-D

OOooo....a dragon! That'd be AWESOME! LOL...get me there & you'll get your cake for free! heehee! :-D

jin said...


Yes, that's how it will look inside.....
HAHA! Isn't that fabulous!!!


jin said...


Thank You! :-D

It was sooo fun to make!