Monday, June 11, 2007

An Erroneous Tale

You've heard me say I'll never have children.
Ever wonder why?

Here is a beautiful wedding cake in my shoppe, just before delivery.
Oh, it is loverly, isn't it?
Here is the cake exactly one hour later in the lobby of the hotel where the reception was held.
Can anyone tell me WTF that is doing in MY cake?!!?


Is it my responsibility to do something?
Should I turn that side towards the back?
Do you think the bride & groom will notice?

***EDIT 6.12.07
Ok...ok...I decided I'd better add this here for the peeps that don't read the comment section: The "baseball" was meant to be there. It was, in fact, created out of a dense carrot muffin covered with fondant & piped buttercream stitching. The wedding couple wanted three sides to be perfectly decorated & the fourth side to have the "baseball" smashed into it. The guests only saw the three normal sides until they walked up a few steps to examine the cake more closely.....& BAM! Haahaaa!

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caramaena said...

Oh dear...

Thanks for linking to me Jin - much appreciated :)

Dino aka Katy said...

please tell me they wanted that baseball in there. I would be furious if that truly was kids messing around

Make an equivalent sized in marzipan with the notice:" be blessed with many children" and put in instead.

Gareth said...

It's not so bad but the second that someone takes a baseball bat out and tries to score a home run with the cake then THAT is the time to start complaining!!! :P

jin said...


:-D :-D :-D

*jin giggles uncontrollably*

Yes, was meant to be there!


The wedding couple wanted 3 views of the cake to look perfect & then when the guests went up a set of stairs to look at it more closely they would see the fourth angle...the one with the "cake" baseball smashed in between the 2nd & 3rd tier.

The baseball was made out of a dense carrot muffin covered with white fondant & jinhand-moulded to look like a baseball. I piped the laces on with buttercream.

I removed a large portion of the cake with an ice cream scoop & let the frosting border crumble naturally. Then I jammed the baseball into the hole making sure I made a bit of a mess.

It was fun.


jin said...

caramaena: You're welcome! I meant to link you a while back...just got busy. :-)

katy: Heehee. I thought you might know it was supposed to be there! lol! :-)

kirsten: Ah! You were close! I would have used marzipan but I was out of it! :-)

gareth: mean like this crazy chik ??? ;-)

Andy! said...

A real Kill Bill, Sonny Chiba moment, "You like samurai sword? I like baseball."

Gareth said...

Hahahahahaha, yes exactly like that crazy chick. Ummmmm would you care to explain the naked images behind you in that pic. We are all listening ;)
I knew that ball thing was a fake because I have never seen a ball go into something soft (minds out of the gutter please) and for pieces of the cake to be encases around the sides of the ball. I would make a good forensic scientist lol.

jin said...


Ok...jin confession time.
Although I <3 Tarantino flix...I unfortunately have a problem with the Kill Bills.
It all started when I found out my husband thinks that Uma Thurman is the hottest chik on the planet. Even hotter than yours truly. *pout*
Hence...I must hate her & anything she is in. Resulting in my refusal to watch anything she is in as well.

jin said...


Ha! Those are Peanut Butter Truffles shaped like Santa's Head (minds out of the gutter please ;-) in the background.

Yes, yes...I know the trajectory was not perfect, but if I would have done that more realistically the ball would have fallen off the cake.

I was also tempted to place some of the loose cake around the ball (ohhhhhh dear...that sounds perrrrrvy! ha!) but decided against it last minute. jinjudgement call.


Bathroom Hippo said...

Dude, Jin! I dare you to do a pic with your fist through a cake!

Hahaha I knew you wouldn't.


jin said...

Dude, Hippster!

I will!

what do I get out of it???

(Besides a hand full of cake?!!?)

Bathroom Hippo said...

You get a free cake!

-with a hole in it, of course-

jin said...

What fun is that???

After all:
I have my cake & eat it too...

ALL the time!!!


Ace said...

I could tell it was a fake baseball (a tribute to the quality of your camera), but it was still pretty freakin' cool!

Andy! said...

Aw, buck up. Everyone knows those celebs look like shit without the makeup.

jin said...


Well, you're an expert tho *sportsmunkee* it doesn't count!

I did actually have a baseball sitting next to me to model it off 'cakeball' was probably 1/4" too large in diameter...but once the fondant was was on! It's too bad you couldn't see it really close up...I even had those 'raised seams' going under the laces! :-D heehee! was a cool idea tho! I think they were a bit hesitant to ask about me doing it! lol...but jin ain't no ordinary baker!
Hell no!
I like the odd...
the unusual...
the unique...
the bizarreeeeee.


jin said...


lol...yeah, I know it.

I just don't see it with her, if he'd have said Catherine Zeta Jones, well...yeah, she's gorgeous!
But but but....Uma?!!?
*jin looks confused*

Bathroom Hippo said...

You'll probably just put frosting on a pillow and punch it. I knew you would cheat Jin! I knew it. still have to eat the pillow.

jin said...

I would NEVER cheat jin!

(Pssst! Hey Hippy...who is this jin we are ripping on???)

Middle Child said...

I am exhausted thinking about all of this

Dan said...


For a moment I thought this was some sort of decoration, but in the longer shots ... oh boy. No comment.

Made a great blog post at least!

jimbo said...

I just hope there wont be a little T-Baller around that might want to take advantage of such a well placed ball.

T-Ball All Star + Louisville Slugger + Baseball Cake = Disaster!

David said...

FoodPorn indeed...after perusing this site I feel I need a damp washcloth and a smoke...awesome, beautiful, sexy, luscious (the pastries or the chef, either one)...I gained 3 lbs. just looking at the images...great stuff!

Fuff said...

I know exactly what you mean. Little gits. Funny though! Teehee :)

jin said...


Oh, don't worry! It didn't really happen like that...the baseball was made of cake! It was supposed to be there.

jin said...


Yay! A visit from my most favourite vegan-dude!!!

*jin curtsies*

I am honoured by your presence.

Fear not fair sir, for the baseball was supposed to be there!

I may have erred in judgement when I decided to post it as an accident....


jin the smart arse

jin said...


Ohhhh....that's not too funny...the place where I delivered this one is the ONE & ONLY place that I try to deliver as close to the reception time as possible.

Why's that, you ask?

It's in the lobby of a big hotel.
Yes, that's right...
the LOBBY!

Everytime I go there kids are running ALL OVER the place!

Freaks me out! :-S

jin said...


Heehee! Thank you kindly sir! :-D

I'm glad you made it over here, I have been lurking at your place for quite some time...I don't even remember how I found it. It always amazes me when I accidentally stumble upon a blog of another area business!

I would love to come by when you have the live just hasn't worked out lately, though. In fact, I've not even been thru TR since last year...and it's only a few minutes!

I will stop in sometime soon...for I have a not-so-secret love affair going on with the vanilla cappuccino!

jin said...


Great minds think alike!!!

I told D what you said...
heehee...he said, "now that's one smart lady"!
LOL! :-D

caramaena said...

lol! Though now I look at it again, it does seem a bit clean to be a real baseball. Perhaps a bit of chocolate dust for dirt :D

jin said...


GREAT idea!!!

Cocoa powder brushed on lightly would work awesome!!!

I'll do that next time!

Andy! said...

I have next week off. With your blessings and availability, I'd like to finally see you in action.

It shames me that most of you visitors come from farther away than Kenosha.

Well, I guess that way they wouldn't have to worry about the cake getting wrecked - it came that way. Nice job on the cake, BTW. You do excellent work.

jin said...


That would be great!
I'm tied up on Monday, but let me know what's good for you & we'll work something out.

In exchange for a pic (I know how you guys are...but, just one maybe???) and your permission to do a blogpost of your visit I'll make you a meal & ply you with sweets. :-D

jin said...


Haha!!! I would love to do more bizarro cakes like this hell with traditional white on white on white with white accents & white decos! :-D

Hey...what did your wedding cake look like? Do you have photos you could post?

melanie said...

Hey Jin
coool cake!!
Hope you are well and the pie eatin hubby!!
I have been away a while..the inspiration for bloggin often leaves me...then I have a few beers and it soon comes flooding back!!
Ta ra fer now !!

Gnat of Glass said...

You got me, I thought holly shit that kid is gona get it.


Mrs. Phos made our cake. She was a baker at the time. It turned out great, even if it wasn't a spice cake.

jin said...


Ahhh!!!! GREAT to *see* you! :-D

I know about the blogging blues as well, it matters not how often you visit me, as long as you say 'ello when you do go visiting!!! :-D

Altho, I was concerned...Mr. Plum had disappeared about the same time you did! teehee.

jin said...


If it was true you'd have read about this psycho pastry chef in WI that throttled a kid with her frosting encrusted hands......


jin said...


Oh! That's cool!!!

Women who make their own wedding cakes are AWESOME *wink*.


Rich said...

That cake is sooooo faked! Wait... you already said that... I don't care.... it's a fake, a fake I tell you!

That's an excellent sense of humour your wedding client had, if only everyone on their wedding day could take themselves a little less serious I'd do Wedding videos.

jin said...

LOL rich! :-)

Yes...looks too 'brand new' to be a real ball. The thought never crossed my mind until one of your fellow Aussies *Caramaena* suggested I put 'chocolate dirt' on it!

I am quite lucky, really. The majority of my brides are very nice to work with & many have a great sense of humour/creativity when it comes to the cake. Well, that IS why they come to ME isn't it?!!?

Rich said...

Of course that's why they go to you. Your cakes exude creativity, they're fabulous.

Mind you, they're probably nice as they don't really get to see the process of bring the creation to life or have much input past the design stage (I may be wrong) but as a camera person you're right there on the day and you get plenty of comments (orders!) on exactly what should be filmed and how. I'll leave that to the less talented filmmakers who cant make a living any other way ;)

jin said...

LMAO @ "I'll leave that to the less talented filmmakers who cant make a living any other way"


Yes, I can see how all those 'orders' would be annoying (to say the least!). True, I don't have to deal with that, I have the cake delivered & am outta there before anyone even shows up. YAY ME! ;-)

angel said...

ooooh- you had me going!!! very nicely done jin! why on earth did they want a baseball stuck in it!!?!?

jin said...

LOL angel!! :-)

They wanted something 'unique' I guess!

It was funny, when I delivered the cake there was an older couple there who saw the cake from the 'non-baseball' angle.
I heard them say *with surprise* "Well isn't that beautiful! We really didn't know what to expect from them!"

LOL! I didn't tell them about the baseball...I let them live the illusion...however brief it may have been!

angel said...


jin said...

LOL! ;-)