Thursday, June 21, 2007

Defies Description

Two of the loveliest brides I've ever dealt with
Ordered two of the loveliest cakes I've ever made
Both for the same day.
Now, how awesome is that?!

Wedding Cake #1 that went out on Saturday
All Belgian White Chocolate Cake.
3 different fillings:
Raspberry Puree Flavoured Buttercream
Fresh Lemon Curd
Belgian Bittersweet Chocolate Buttercream
The tiers are frosted with my glorious Vanilla French Buttercream.....smooth & shiny as satin.

Silk flowers trickle down from top to bottom.

Finished with dainty jintied bows & grosgrain ribbon borders.

Wedding Cake #2 that went out on Saturday
Chocolate Butter Cake
Belgian Bittersweet Chocolate Filling

The middle tier is enrobed in my Belgian Chocolate glaze. The piping is done to match.

Shiny pale pink buttercream frosting & piping.

jin says,
"It's all in the detailz."

46 Responses to “Defies Description”

MeHereNow said...

WooHoo! I got first! I love these two cakes! Can't decide which one I prefer - so can I have one of each please?! No? Dammit!!

What makes a bride a "special" bride?
Just me being nosey again!!

caramaena said...

They're gorgeous.

What sort of cake is used typically for wedding cakes over there? In Australia it seems that fruit cake (like you often see at Christmas time) is used. Is it the same?

Dino aka Katy said...

oh wow they are beautiful mhhh raspberry, chocolate and butter cream man i need to quit coming here no wonder I can't loose weight!

jin said...


FIRSTS!!! LOL!'s been a while for THAT! :-D

Ahhh....well, these 2 particular brides both read my blog on occasion, that's a HUGE plus! LOL! ;-)

Actually...I know you missed a lot that was going on shoppe went thru a LOT of changes since Dec. 21st, my Dad was hospitalized suddenly & nearly died. I am the only person in the immediate family who can drive, so I was forced to do practically everything at once for several months as there were several medical screw ups and he ended up in different hospitals. (Errands, doctors, taking my Mom to & fro as that was previously my Dad's job...and trying to still take orders in the shoppe as that is our ONLY source of income for 4 of us. The good news? He's finally starting to get better & with all that chasing I lost even more weight! yippee! lol)

But...both of these brides were ULTRA patient and beyond understanding when it came to meeting/talking with them about their cakes.

Also, at that same time, I had 1 bride cancel her wedding cake order because I could not be in the shoppe to meet with her "immediately", even when she knew what was going on with our family...and she was local, it's not like she was driving any distance to meet with us!

jin said...


Thank you!! :-D

Actually, I will go out on a limb and use the word 'never'.
Wedding cakes are never fruitcake in the US.
In England they are, most of the time I believe.
Here, once upon a time, they were all white cake white frosting ... you know, keep in touch with the 'virginal' theme. lol.

Now anything goes!
Devils Food Cake
Carrot Cake
Red Velvet Cake

A lot of really delicious combinations!

jin said...



I suggest you get yourself some good stress in your life. That helped me lose a lot!

But that's not fun either. :-(


angel said...

oooh jin!
i love the chocolate one with pink icing especially!

Anonymous said...

Nice use of the "z". I'm a fan, for sure.

Ace said...

Zowie! Munkee like!

Wish you could make my cake. Pretty.

Except for yucky lemon.

I think the first one's just gorgeous.

Jewels said...

Mmmmmmmm, I can't decide which one I want to taste first...

They both look scrumptious, but mom always DID tell me never to judge a book by its cover ;) So I guess I'll NEED a sample. LOL!

***Don't you hate BRIDEZILLAS?*** I've always found it interesting how some women turn into complete idiots when it comes to planning 'their' day... Not like the groom or families have anything to do with it, right?

If I were an impending groom, who's soon to be bride turned into doom,
Her less than friendly disposition
Would guarantee a prompt separation

Tiffanie said...

Those are so absolutely gorgeous, Jin. I wish you lived closer so I could taste some of that stuff.

Not Ashley said...

They're simply beautiful..both of them! Can we sample them to decide?

jin said...


Thanks!! Me too!!

I love almost any bright soft colour with dark dark chocolate!

Mint green looks really nice, too.

jin said...


Sounds way more hip, doesn't it?!


jin said...


LMAO @ 'yucky lemon'!!! :-D

Thank you!!

How goes the wedding plans?
(or should I not ask? lol)

jin said...

I have only had a very very very few 'bridezillas'in 15 years...really! I'm so lucky. I know how they act on tv. LOL!

HAHA! LOVE the poem!

jin said...


Ahhh...if I ever come into lots and lots of $$$ I'll have to take a trip cross country and deliver goodies to ALL my blogfans!

jin said...


When I meet up with you n jewels you are EACH going to get your very own Wedding Cake to eat (a BIG one! ;-).

Who the heck says you have to have a husband!

Am I right?!!?

Jewels said...

Oooh, I want to lick the spoonS!!! ;)

jin said...


Hey! I just realized I left you a comment up there without your name on it!

But, you knew it was yours...right?!

Course you can lick the spoons!
Can I try on your beadzzzz???


Dan said...

Absolutely amazing!

How do you make these things Jen. I can't even make toast!

Gorgeous as always!

jin said...


How's my fave vegan prince doing this weekend?!!?

Aw, you are too kind...and I have a feeling you are a master in the kitchen. I'll let you prove it, too. What time shall I be there for dinner???

jin said...


Thank you!! :-D are such a tease with your most recent posts!!!
(Yes, I've kept up...will get back to my usual commenting soon.)

Kingcover said...

Were the two brides marrying one another? :-P

You are just so talented! Those cakes are awesome!
Did you go to catering college? Someone must have taught you to do things like this?
I always sit and marvel at people that could do ice sculptures with chainsaws and building intricate sand sculptures and such like. I think they are amazing.

Jewels said...

I just got an idea:

When I come visit you, I'll bring a shipment of pearls along with me. You make us a fantastic huge cake, I'll fill the tub with the pearls. We can then 'bathe' in the pearls, whilst eating your yummy, yummy cake! LOL!!!

Oh, and yup! I DID know it was for moi! ;)


Kingcover said...

Ok I now have an image of two women in a tub floating around in pearls and eating cake. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it?! :D

jin said...



haha...they were not marrying each other, although it is one of my *not-so-secret-now* dreams to be asked to create the cake for a "guy + guy" wedding. I mean, think about it... they would put on a faboulous 'to-do' & order an equally fabulous wedding cake! :-D

I am blushing at all your sweet compliments! :-D heehee.
No *formal* cooking/baking education for me. It's in my blood! lol. Well, there was a pastry chef trained in France that I worked with for a while, but that's about it.

However, I cannot carve an ice sculpture but I would LOVE to hold a big powerful chainsaw in my jinhands & give it a go!!!!

jin said...


You know if we recorded that we'd be the two most popular chix on the net!


Whadya say we let kingcover watch for ... oh ... well ... how much would we charge for that???

Rich said...

I thought I commented on this post... I musta been high...

The cakes are as beautiful as always Jin!

Oh, and I have the camera set-up to record the bath scene, just tell me a time and place ;)

Jewels said...

How about we let him video tape it, while wearing a BLINDFOLD!!!! Can't let the boy have TOO much fun now, can we? ;) At least he can still hear our moans of delectable pleasure.... Let his imagination take over


Hee! Hee! ;)

Kingcover said...

*blush* HA!
Have a good day with your buns and cakes, lol.

JLee said...

So beautiful!! I love the first one. Will you make my cake the next time I get married?


angel said...

i got somethin for yaaaaaaa...

jin said...


Thanks!! :-D

Um...well, gee....but, you'd only be doing it for professional reasons, right?!

You'd pretend to see two fully clothed human beings instead of two nekkid chix covered in pearls and pastry. Right?!

Right? Are you there?

jewels! I think rich ran to get his camera equipment. Yes, yes...EWD WILL be ours!!!

jin said...


*jin waves*

Wow! My cakes look GREAT today!

...and the buns aren't half bad either. *ahem*

jin said...

Thanks jlee!

Haha! Well then, how's about a "Renewal of Vows"?!

jin said...



You are pretty 'rockin' yourself! :-D

Sarah Letnes said...

The pink cake reminds me of a Chanel suit. Beautiful!

Not Ashley said...

thanks...can't wait for my very own cake. Perhaps for a "Payback Not Bridal Shower for Not Ashley"

jin said...


AHA! I hadn't thought of does!!!

This is one of my fave styles to create...or maybe I just like working with all that chocolate!!!

jin said...


Question #1
When are you planning your "Payback Not Bridal Shower for Not Ashley"?

Question #2
Will Thong Boy be there?


Rich said...

Hahaha, oh Jin!

Like any camera professional I've filmed more interesting stuff than that without batting an eye lid. As long as the composition in the camera is fine, we don't care exactly what's on the screen.

PS. that is a total lie, it's just something we tell the girls s they feel comfortable taking their clothes off

jin said...

Haahaha! Does it ever actually work or are you still perfecting the line?!!?


Ah hell...who am I kidding...if you are a man and have a British, Australian, French or Jamaican accent I turn to mush & will probably do anything you say. But I don't think that will work on Jewels.

Rich said...

Ha! Of course the line works, of course, you need to do one other thing to make sure... add alcohol.

Sad but true...

jin said...

Ahhh...then you'd have me with the accent and you'd get jewels with the alcohol!

um...or not.