Wednesday, June 06, 2007

SHELLS - As Interpreted By jin & Blogpal Scott

I'd like to introduce everyone to my pal
Scott, aka "Gnat of Glass".

He creates amazing vases, paperweights, marbles & shells
like this one:
Scott's Exquisite Blown Glass Shell

He's currently got a contest going on where you can WIN a FREE piece!
He says he'll ship them anywhere (even outside the US!) so go over and
Play The Contest!
Be sure to tell him that jin sent you, because if one of my readers wins a piece then so do I! You don't even have to have a Blogger account, so no excuses!

Gnat's pieces are better than mine in one way...
they will last a lifetime.
jin's pieces certainly won't...
they are Belgian chocolate.
jin's hand cast Belgian chocolate shells

Why don't you all keep me company while I decorate?
One over there...
I wear the gloves because I will not tolerate a marring fingerprint on my spectacular shimmery shells.
Oh! Missed a spot! There. That's better.
MMmmm....doesn't the mixture of Chocolate & Vanilla French Buttercream smell divine?!

17 Responses to “SHELLS - As Interpreted By jin & Blogpal Scott”

Middle Child said...

HI JIn, slowly working my way back...a bit shell shocked ( now that you mention shells) but it is really good to see all your will take me some time to read through it all...thanks for your support

Gareth said...

I entered his competition and yes I did mention that I was aggressively told to go over there by you. I figured it was better than being smacked on the back of the head with a blunt instrument. You may take away my ability of free thinking but you will never get your hands on my gold. Now be gone with you, shuuuuuu, I have much coinage to count and don't need the distraction of ........... what on all earth are you doing??? Put your clothes back on you shameless hussy, can't you see that I'm trying to count!!!

Jewels said...

It's exquisite! I changed my mind, this is what I want my wedding cake to look like. Now, I'm off to find a GROOM! EWD Laugh!


She sell sea shell down by the sea shore. Lots of great artists out here - you in flour, Gnat in glass, /t. in code, and jewels in, well, jewels, just to name a few.

angel said...

oh my jin... that is truly spectacular!!! i love it- and i wish you lived close to me so i could refer some of my weding clients to you in future!

jin said...

Sorry everyone...I've been soooooo busy!

"How busy were you jin?"

I made approx. 1,000 Hors D'Oeuvres;
1,000 bite-sized tarts/pastries;
2 super spectacular gift baskets;
and roughly *jin calculates* 900 servings of cake.

Not to worry, many a photo was snapped & I have gathered some seriously cool posting material.

But it all must wait.
YOU must all wait.
For I am one tired jin.
Too tired to even catch up with your blogs.

Not too tired to receive a massage tho, just in case anyone wants to offer!

Later everyone!

MeHereNow said...

Hey Jin,remember me?!? Its been SOOOOOOOOOOO long but you haven't lost that special "magic" I'm pleased to see! Still drooling over your creations over here in the UK - any news on the visit over here to the in-laws yet? I've been through some c*** over the last 6 months so haven't been blogging but I have been to check up on you a couple of times!I'll be back soon - I hope!

jin said...

mc: glad to see you back around!

Just wish I could offer you more than words & positive thoughts.....

Please take care of yourself!

*Lots of Hugs*

jin said...


"I figured it was better than being smacked on the back of the head with a blunt instrument."

heehee...damn right I'd have done that if you didn't play the contest! You know me well sir.

I've just noticed something are surprisingly tall for a leprechaun!?

"Gareth! Look over there, QUICK!!!"

*jin grabs a handful of the gold and runs away*

jin said...


Ha! I knew you'd like this one!

The shells remind me of some of your pearl beads.

Now, when you find this groom you are paying for me to come up to Canada & cater your wedding, right?!!?


jin said...


.....and phossie in the backyard!
and the ability to dress up those huskies without getting mauled.

jin said...


Thanks so much!!


You are one of the bloggers I wished I lived closer to, too!!!

jin said...


Of course I remember you!!!

Are you back?!
*I hope you're back!*

I hope everything is running smoother for you now?

Ahhh...the in-laws. No....don't think that's in the works[if ever]. That situation is the same as it was if not worse. *shrugs*
Whatever...their loss I say!

Goooooood to *see* you again! :-D

Helen said...

The planets must have been in unison lately: I just had a bride request shells on her cke....escept it is turning in the cake from gawdy turquoise hell..all adorned with his and hers flip-flops..(inser barfing sound here)...oh well...!

jin said...


Welcome!! :-)

Ahhh...I have been lurking at your place for quite some time now. Your photos & recipes are fabulous!!

Oh, don't get me started on turquoise...I've done more than my share! Yuck! lol.

angel said...

congrats on winning the glass sea shell "link prize" jin!!! you better post a picture when you get it- i'm very jealous!

jin said...

Pictures will be posted when I get it, you can count on that! :-D