Monday, June 04, 2007

Wish me Luck!

Enough of that drivel already.
I'm going to only invite
to my blog from now on!

Happiness for Bloggers Sweet
Lovely Photos that can't be Beat
Read my Prose & Praise My Wares
Be GONE! All that scares
Nice Bloggers like You & Me
May Goddess Bless Us. So Mote It Be!

22 Responses to “Wish me Luck!”

jimbo said...

Those make me want a green beer, even though I hate beer. I would just walk around with it to look like all the cool kids.

Dino aka Katy said...

Irish wedding cake?

Happy late (or is it very early?) St Pat's!!!

Gyrobo said...

Is it really June? 'Cause now it feels like March.

Rich said...

I'm sending a copy of these pictures to one of my good mates. He was married on St Pats day!

(so the limey bugger wouldn't forget his wedding anniversary.)

Gareth said...

Whoweeeeee, can you imagine the amount of wishes you could make over that huge thing! I'm going to start now - I wish .......

What is the powder stuff in each half of each leaf? Can you sniff it up through a $10 bill? :P

jin said...


I can honestly say I have never tasted a green beer & I can proudly say that I never shall!

You are one of the cool kids if you hang here! ;-)

jin said...


Would you believe those two cakes went out last weekend for two different weddings in two different cities!??!

How strange! Plus, in 15 years I have only had one other shamrock wedding cake!

jin said...


Depends how you look at it.


jin said...


You men are all alike...always forgetting those important dates, forgetting to tell your wife how beautiful she is 77 times per day, forgetting to wipe your arse and/or changing your boxers regularly...

jin said...


It's green sugar.
Made expressly for leprechauns to inhale.
But you need 2 $100 bills.
Both for moi.

I used up all the wishes before I delivered the cakes.
I can do that, I'm the pastry chef.

Jewels said...

So mote it be...

So mote it will ;)

Welcome back Jin! I'm so happy to see your beautiful creations again. We love you. :)

Your blog makes my day. Keep on truckin'!

jin said...


I know.

Fingers & toes crossed!


jin said...


Awww...thanks so much!

...and sweet comments like that make my day!!!

Gnat of Glass said...

Hey jin the new contest is started today. I just got don't telling Phos on his site. I wonder if he will read it here or on his own site first.

I have some interesting new rules, so it should prove to be...well interesting as it almost feels like some kind of ponzi scheme.

Marbles are in the vase, one of those Shells you love so much is the prize. I might make and exception if one of your reads was to guess the right number and give you a shell as your link prize.

Ok off for vacation. See how your lucky holds.

Peace out and all the hippy crap.


Unusually cakes, jin. Very nice ...
If you are about to send out invitatins to your blog, I hope you invite me.

jin said...



I wanna win this time!!!!!!!


Will add a link as soon as I get a chance!


jin said...


You will always be invited!!!
You are one of my favourite blog friends. :-)

Don't worry...I'll never just disappear without letting you know!


angel said...

wonderful!!! love it!!!

jin said...


Thank you!!