Thursday, March 23, 2006


This is one of the most romantic cakes I've created.

I think the bride was scared to show me her chosen cake topper for fear that I would refuse to use it. I do not believe it is morbid, it is beautiful.

THINK about it.
I mean really think about it.

How does it make you feel?

12 Responses to “Amaranthine?”

kiki said...

it symbolises marriage - how it is supposed to be?

"till death do us part"

everyone will hope to turn out like the bride and groom dolls - still married and in love so far down the track

and still being able to fit into their wedding clothes


p.s. check my blog - specifically, check the links on the side of my page...

kiki said...

why if i ever get transferred to America??

a) i couldn't imagine anything worse and

b) i will be traveling there in June

although, something tells me it's going to take a lot more than free cake to get me to Wisconsin...

jin said...


a) I don't think a cake would ship very well to Australia

b) Nobody ever really travels 'to' Wisconsin, lol, they usually try to get 'away from it'!

What's the coldest it gets there anyway?

kiki said...

did you here me? i'm coming to the states! just so i can eat cake, you can be Marie Antoinette and i'll be a poor Parisian...

where i'm from (melbourne - south east corner of mainland), it never snows. coldest it gets in winter is 10-15C every day (60-70 F) and in summer, well, today it's 39C, which is about 120F...

nice place really

kiki said...

was i right about the skeletel bridal figurines?

jin said...

The cake top is up to your own personal interpretation-nothing is right or wrong.

I think it's romantic because in a perfect world you could go on loving the same person for all of your life & in the end the two of you would still be sitting close together, holding each other; still happy even though your looks are gone.

jin, the eternal optimist.

kiki said...

so, that's pretty much what i said yeah?

since i've met you my blog has blossomed and i now have an ever increasing profile view count and so on...

i can't read your blog too often though, looking at all those cakes every day makes me feel a bit eeek!

doc slm said...

love never lives on forever no matter what happens. Sometimes i worry that if my husband goes before me, then i won't be able to bear it, but this reminds me that it doesn't mean the love i have for him doesn't die with him.

not sure if i expressed it like i feel it.

Real said...

The most romantic thing I ever remeber telling a lady was "I want to die with you". It really freacked her out. I mean it scared her and she avoided me for almost a week. Later she asked me if I was going to kill her.
Apparatly she didn't see my point, I did not mean now.

I really enjoy your blog, however it makes me hungry for some reason, and I don't need help.

jin said...

doc slm:
I understand what you mean & thanks a bunch for sharing. :-)

itsreallysmall: doesn't sound like she was intelligent enough to be with you anyway.

Thank you ALL for the comments, please keep making them. :-)

Tiffanie said...

It reminds me of The Adams Family.

Real said...

Thanks for the comment, actually she was very smart, last I heard she had a degree in psychology, and was trying to get into grad school. Then again she broke up with me, so she couldn't be that bright.