Thursday, March 30, 2006

carpe diem

I had a website for my shoppe, nothing fancy -- just some basic info. I updated about once a year, always intending to improve it one day.

Today was the day, although I didn't know that until yesterday!!!

I receive an email that my site can't be reached. First thought: they typed it in wrong. I check it out. I sure didn't type it in wrong but it's not there? I surf over to my web hoster to see what's up. I try to sign in, because they most certainly won't help you with anything if you don't sign in.

Shit! What's my password? *Scrambles through about a hundred sheets of scratch paper to no avail.*

Ok, I'll just type in my email addy & say I forgot my password. "Invalid Email" blinks at me from the screen. What? I type it again...same thing. Long story short, after 40 minutes on the site I can't talk to them without a password/email & no phone number. Yeah, now I see why they were so cheap.

Now I surf over to whois to check out if I still am. I'm not. Damn! They let my domain name expire a few days ago. Now what?

I decided to eat this cake while I thought about what to do next.

Ok, not really...but I didn't want to bore you without a few really cool pics in between my story. I'll continue...

I am "The Eternal Optimist". Not only is my glass half full; there's plenty more in the fridge.

I remembered seeing an email I received from yahoo...something about a $2.99 domain name. Ok. Good place to start. Surf over to yahoo -- deals expired. :-P But, wait! FREE domain name with purchase of small biz web hosting plan. $11.95/month. This I can handle. *thumbs up*

After finding out that, in fact, is available (YES!) I decide to go with the more practical --

Forms to fill, lots of filling forms...damn! $25.00 sign up fee? Ok, now I need to think about it some more.

About an hour later I realize that I still have to do it. Filling forms, again...hey! All of a sudden it says: Act Now! Waiving $25 sign up fee. *thumbs up again*

Forms to fill, filling forms...oh...almost done...last page of forms...submit button on the bottom after I double check everything...wait a minute, I can see everything but the column with the price in?

(This happens to me sometimes as I am a huge fan of the Opera browser. Everything doesn't work in Opera :-( unfortunately.)

Ok. Over to Firefox. Do everything again. Finally get to the submit page...YAY!!! Not only did it credit the sign up fee, but because I use their DSL & phone service they gave an additional 20% discount!!! *double thumbs up*

"Gratuitous Cake Shot"

"Turtle Cheesecake" Desrip: A vanilla cheesecake with toasted Georgia pecans & homemade caramel swirled inside. Topped & piped with Belgian chocolate glaze.

So, in about a day & a half, I have succeeded in designing (with a little yahoo sitebuilder help;-) & uploading a new & greatly improved website (compared to my last one, that is). Please check it out, tell me what you think, tell me if something doesn't work, & if you like it, send me lots of compliments! :-D

(Like I said before, I use Opera, so I don't have the button to insert the ahrefs - or whatever you call them - into the post like most of you do. *Wipes away a tear* But I did manage to put a link in my side bar; or just type it in

8 Responses to “carpe diem”

kiki said...

nice nice nice

i still can't get a cake sent over here can i?

Tiffanie said...

Everyday when I read your blog, I get hungry.

I like the optimist part about having more in the fridge. That's great :)

LCC Katy said...

Okay so I have to admit, everyday right after checking out the New York Hack blog I surf over to yours to get my sugar fix for the day. I went to the new website and it looks fabulous. Love all the yummy pictures. But my favorite part was where it said you SHIP ALL OVER THE WORLD. SO I will have to place your web address discretly in the sight of my husband so that he hopefully get the hint to get me a birthday pastrie or cake shiped from you. yummmm.

Polyman2 said...

You are one smart sweet cookie.

doc slm said...

That picture of the turtle cheesecake about did me in. My office staff found me licking the monitor and called to have me picked up...

I am just in awe every day when I look at your talents.

jin said...

kiki: I have never shipped to Australia before. England, Switzerland, Alaska & Canada regularly. It costs $60-$80 to ship to England...I would assume around the same to you. But, if I ever win the lotto, I will ship you a box for free. Promise.

tiffanie: Thanks so much! Glad to see you back! Too bad you don't live in the could just walk over & pick something up when you get that hungry... ;-)

katy: I am glad you like the new site! Today I managed to convert our brochure to a pdf so I will be adding that to the website. If I do it right you'll be able to download it & check out all our stuff with descriptions & prices. I think I'll put the link on the front page...look for it tomorrow *fingers crossed*.

polyman: Aw...*blush*. You are pretty sweet yourself. Thanks for the comments about your biz. Your insight helped me out. :-)

doc slm: LOLOLOL!!! I can actually visualize that!
Thank you too, for the great compliment. They mean a lot to me. :-)

Real said...

As always, wow. I am hungry now.