Saturday, March 25, 2006

Photogenic Comestible aka PHOTOLICK

Come here for a minute.

Yes, I'm talking to YOU.

Come closer.


No need to be shy.


There, that's better.

Inhale deeply.


.....Devil's Food Cupcakes.....

Take another deep breath.


.....Belgian Chocolate Glaze....

You're missing something.

Try again...

Take a big bite.

Go on, no one's looking.


Oh Yessssss...

.....Cinnamon & Fluffy Vanilla Cream.....



Hey! You've got chocolate & cream all over your mouth.

Did you like that?

Why don't you have one more.

Of course you can have 2 in a row.

You can even have 3 if you want to.

I can keep a secret if you can. ;-)

5 Responses to “Photogenic Comestible aka PHOTOLICK

CC said...

Delectable! :-)

BTW thanks for stopping by my photoblog, glad you like the birds. I was lucky to have caught them the other day...

doc slm said...

You are just evil! :)
How did you get the ice cream inside? I have to confess...i ate 4. I know, more than my share, but i just can't stop myself.

doc slm said...

oops, I said ice cream instead of cream...but that would be good on the side if the cake was warm out of the oven. *sigh*

Real said...

My mouth is watering, and I am not rabid, I don't think I am anyway.
That is just cruel showing me that.

jin said...

cc: Thank you for visiting!
I delved into your photos a bit more this weekend...I will be back!

doc slm: Inside: a vanilla Pastry Cream (made from scratch!) scooped into ice cube trays, frozen until solid, then one cube popped inside the cupcake dough before it bakes. I sell TONS of these!
Ice cream on the side...I Like!!!

itsreallysmall: Not meant to be cruel; meant to tease, though! ;-)
I do wish there was some way I could get the sweets to pop out of the monitors & onto everyones desk...woops, sorry, was that another tease?