Saturday, March 11, 2006

Treading Water

Statement: "I Do Not believe in contributing to the global overpopulation of the Earth."

(I said that, me, jin. I say it a lot, in fact.)

.....coming from the perspective of a (straight) female who is physically equipped to create offspring (but, BY CHOICE, will NOT do so in this lifetime).....

I simply CANNOT understand this current RUSH for kids to have kids & more kids & more kids & then throw in several pets on top of that. 7 out of every 10 brides that come into my shoppe already have children. 5 out of those 7 have more than 2 kids. But it's the brides under 25 years of age that tend to have 4. Yes, I said 4. Kids. 4 kids. The average bride who comes into my shoppe, that has 4 kids, usually also has 3 dogs. Big ones. I am sooo not kidding you. Keep in mind, also, that my cakes are higher priced. I bet you can multiply the number of brides I get by at least 10 or 15 & get the amount that go to a supermarket for a cheap wedding cake. (We won't even get into the ones that don't get married!)

What makes someone have so many kids??? Well, I know how they get them *blush* but I mean why do they have them? They can't all be religious pro-life fanatics!

I run a business & have a 17 week old puppy to look after. Between the two I barely manage. How in the world do those kids watch their kids? Oh! Wait...that's's McDonald's, video games & violent movies to the rescue! (Not that I have anything against violent movies, I personally love some really bizarre films, but they are not for kids.)

In closing, I suppose I should look past my own preconceived notions & send all those parents who don't give a damn about their numerous offspring (& how they are raised) a heartfelt 'thank you'. After all, without them, this world wouldn't have any: drug dealers, hate crimes, serial killers, rapes, mistreated animals, wife beaters, drunk drivers, hazing, & creepy, dishonest people in general.

One response to “Treading Water”

vangie castro said...

you and my girlfriend are in the same state of mind about not having kids. it's the fact that she 1) isn't interested in raising children and 2) she doesn't want to bring more kids into this world ontop of the fact that there are so many unwanted ones out there.

thanks for your support, i wish there were more straight and not narrow people out there like you, if there were it would be a much better world to be in.