Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Disposable Society

I made this wedding cake a few weeks ago. This is what I do to try & earn a living. This is my art. The catch is, I want it to taste as good as it looks. Most people don't care about that anymore. They either want a really cheap cake or they want it beautiful, yet disposable. They want a fake cake made out of styrofoam...yumm...


You're a young child running around a hotel. You think you finally got away from mommy & daddy & you know right where you're heading. You saw that lady carry in a cake that was taller than you. It was covered in frosting & sparkly stuff. You run up to the table, stop & gasp with delight! Standing on tip-toes & stretching those tiny fingers until you know you can grasp a hand full of frosting. At that moment you hear daddy screaming at you to 'Get away from the cake, don't you dare touch that cake!' but it's too late for them to stop you...your hand is on the cake, grabbing a flower...but,'s not soft & fluffy? You pull your hand away with a sharp pinch. Your fingers hold the beautiful rose along with a few drops of your own blood, for the rose was fake, along with the cake, & you've cut yourself on the "frosting".

Now, does that sound like fun? See why I won't make fake cakes? I won't compromise my principles for anything or anyone.

We live in a disposable society. Things aren't repaired anymore, they're simply thrown away. Why pay someone to fix something for, say, $50 when you can go to Walmart & buy a new piece of cheap plastic crap for $25. (Never mind that it costs you another $25 worth of gas to fuel your Fuck-off Ford V8 Truck so you can drive your lazy ass over to Walmart.)

I firmly believe in quality NOT quantity. Is this where our society is headed? Would the majority really rather have a pound of cheap chocolate that tastes like wax as opposed to one ounce that tastes like liquid heaven melting on your tongue? Please tell me there are like minds in this universe. Please tell me everything does turn out just fine. Please tell me chivalry isn't dead.

2 Responses to “Disposable Society”

gnightgirl said...

It's a stunning cake. Stick to your guns, Artisan!

Dabbler said...

Preach it, sista. I wholeheartedly agree: quality over quantity. Does that make me un-American? Still, what I wouldn't give for some sensual, decadent chocolate... none of that Hershey's crap.

Oh, and don't worry, chivalry isn't dead; it's just been mugged in a back alley and beated to an unrecognizable pulp.