Friday, March 24, 2006


Every Monday I go over all of my orders for the week, just to get an idea: how many more I can accept, & to make sure I stock up on all the ingredients I'll need.

This week I stopped when I got midway through the order sheets, 'How did that get there?' I wondered aloud. It was an order from last Friday for a 6" round, 2 layer, devil's food cake with strawberry buttercream filling & Belgian dark chocolate buttercream frosting, decorated with a single pink rose.

I looked again. We keep the yellow copy & the white copy goes to the client, so if this was last weeks order I wouldn't have the white copy. I checked the name, same person. I checked the date, this Friday? Hmmm...I ask my partner what's up because she takes almost all the phone orders.
"Oh! She liked the cake so much last week that she ordered the exact same thing this week!"

Well, of course. I shouldn't have been surprised. It was the single pink rose that threw me off.

The above pic is the aforementioned cake. The background is our commercial convection oven. Filled it holds about 800 small cookies, while empty it only holds the reflection of yours truly.

5 Responses to “Hallucination?”

doc slm said...

I just ran my finger through that frosting and it is out of this world! Then of course I ate the rose.
I think you should find a way to ship items, 'cause I'd be a regular customer.

jin said...

Thank you kindly doc slm!

We do ship lots of things, but, unfortunately not the cakes.
I am currently putting together a 'sister blog' that will showcase all of our shipping items, mouth-watering descriptions, pictures & prices.
I'll post here as soon as I finish it.

Of course, if any of my fellow blogging commentators is in the area, the first slice is free! Especially since I've teased you all so much!

Have a safe weekend. :-)

kiki said...


i'm coming to get a free slice, actually, you can give me a whole cake, just me though

better still, you can give me a whole range of slices of different cakes, placed together to make a super cake...

flatlander said...

What an interesting blog!

Something to think about, and it
doesn't go straight to the hips.

Keep on baking!

jin said...

You must have blown that pic up a lot to see the printing on the oven door!??!
A 'super cake'...well, maybe. But only for you ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll visit regularly.