Monday, March 27, 2006


This afternoon the pastry shoppe was slow.

I decided to make all of us (my husband, my Mum, myself) a healthy & satisfying lunch. (Ok, healthy is debatable...satisfying? OH YEAH!)

What would a pastry chef eat for lunch you ask? Well, warm organic mixed berry crepes with vanilla whipped cream, of course!

As you can see below, that would be my fork tearing apart the delicate crepe. The filling is a warm, lightly sweetened melange of organic blueberries, blackberries, strawberries & dark sweet cherries. I freshly whipped the cream mere seconds before this photo was taken.

Here you can see me taking a bite...mmmm...mmmm.....they're soooo delish....

We're not greedy, though. We saved some for all of you. Enjoy;-)

3 Responses to “Satiated”

Real said...

Tell me the next time you make this dish, I may have to drive the 882 miles to have some. I have driven farther for less. Somehow, it is 180 closer for my friend in chattanooga, so I might have to send him.

kiki said...

i love those plates

i want them

doc slm said...

please tell me that no one left their plate with anything on it!!!!