Friday, March 10, 2006

Unattainable Validation

Do you ever change the viewpoint from which you are looking at something?

Ex. - Put yourself in someone else's shoes.

Why is it that certain individuals make you feel like you need to impress them? Do they have that effect on everyone, or does it happen at random times with different people? Is it coincidence, fate or karma? Does it happen to others or just me?

It occurs most infrequently. But, when it takes hold of my being, the object of my overambition will never, no matter how perfectly I perform/create/etc., give me that validation which I so long for. Oh, don't get me wrong...they will be very pleased with the final product. Just not blown away. Then again, these are the types of people that just don't get blown away. Period. So back to my original query. Why do I still feel like I need to impress them?

The 3 absolutely best responses from clients who are beyond pleased with my creation:

#2) Tears. Oooh Yeah. When a bride looks at her wedding cake, doesn't say a word & starts crying that is awesome! :-)
(Of course, I should mention here, that tears may not be a good thing if she got her cake from another bakery. Some of those are so bad they make me want to cry!)

#3) Squealing. Well, you know what I mean, the cheerleader type. People that don't cry sort of squeal with joy instead. They jump around, try to hug everyone & get really giddy. This is also good as long as they are not too near the pastry in question. We don't want them to knock it over.

...and the number one best response from an overjoyed client is...

(drum roll)

#1) A very large monetary tip!!! Yay!!! This is the best form of thankfulness & my personal favourite. Take note.

One response to “Unattainable Validation”

If you made me one of these cakes (stunning by the way...) and put two grooms on top, I would do all three for you! Even it wasn't my cake! CP