Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Customers From Hell Volume VII
"Could you please repeat that? Actually, DON'T!"

10 things you should never ever say to a pastry chef:
(Yes, I have been asked ALL of these throughout the years!)

1. "Have you ever dropped a wedding cake?"
(In casual conversation, with a friend, this might be ok...it's the ones that ask you with an evil glint in their eye that you have to look out for! For the record- No, I have NEVER dropped one!)

2. "But, your buttercream is awful! It doesn't taste anything like the stuff in the can!"

3. "I really love your cakes, but could you please add Crisco & salt to the frosting this time?"

4. "Could you bake this for me please? My oven doesn't work."
*As she hands me a Betty Crocker Cake Mix in a box.*

5. "The price says $2.00 per cookie, that isn't right! You MUST mean for a whole pound!"

*As I'm carrying it to the display table.*

7. "Price doesn't matter! I want the best . . . oh, & how much will that cost me?"

8. "I'm having 500 guests at my wedding. I don't want to pay more than $250.00 for a cake."

9. "I don't care if it tastes good, as long as it looks nice."

10. "Oh! Free coffee & samples! I don't have to buy anything then!"
*And she didn't.*

20 Responses to “Customers From Hell Volume VII
"Could you please repeat that? Actually, DON'T!"”

Anonymous said...

hmmm...is this the list of things sm funny ppl say/said to u? shoot them, i say!

real said...

Some people should not be allowed to talk.
Some people should not be allowed to breed.
Some people should not be allowed to breath.

Sometimes a person is in all three of the above groups, and sometimes they are our customers.

Anonymous said...

Just shove a cream puff
in their stupid face.

Fuff said...

LOLOLOL!!!! :)
I wouldn't dare!

jin said...

mizfit: I have heard EVERY one of those, sometimes MORE THAN ONCE!!! LOL!
I like your philosophy!!! :-D

real: I cannot add anything else to your comment. It is PERFECT as it is!

poly: What if they like that sort of thing, though?!!?

fuff: :-D I know YOU wouldn't! LOL! You have class! :-)

Jewels said...

Um, #4: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? No way was someone THAT stupid! Oh, and the icing in a can refference? Priceless! I say "Thank Goddess for that!"

jin said...

jewels: Yes, yes #4....then when I told her I don't make 'box mixes' she says, "But your sign says that you are 'unique'!!"

Gravymaster said...

I licked the monitor, now I'm addcited. Do you do take out or is that another question never to ask? You're gonna have to add smellovision to your blog.

Also, I could use a napkin to clean my screen now.

jin said...

gravymaster Welcome!!!
Hahaha!!! YES, I do take out, yes that's cool to ask that, too!
I also do delivery, but if I remember correctly you are WAY WAY West of here.

See? I did you a favour! I bet your screen needed cleaning anyway!

flatlander said...

Jin made a list
of things not to ask
but some still insist
in folly to bask.

She made a fine cake
of chocolate and cream
with sprinkles on top
that made the room gleam.

But some foolish guy
was less than impressed
preferring cream pie
(not one of the guests).

Jin wasn't hurt.
She was glad to comply
and lodged the dessert
right in his eye!

Gyrobo said...

Then quick as a blink,
Ms. Dagger-eye Jin
Made the gargantuan fool
Wipe the drool off his chin.

Hit him she did,
With a cake ten feet high!
Chocolate swirls lined the edge
On this wedge of bliss pie.

"Yum yum," the fool grunted
Through the layers of thick cream.
But his final "needs ketchup"
Made the smashup chef scream.

jin said...

*jin squeals with delight!!!*

You 2 are the COOLEST!!!

3 cheers for:



:-D :-D :-D

I'm posting these 2 tonight, so EVERYONE can enjoy them!!!
(With links to both of you, of course!)

Thank You!!!

Rich said...

Dang! I tried another 3 stanzas but blogger went down as I was posting them... :(

Not meant to be I guess.

jin said...

Awww....really rich? That sucks! It's been on & off all evening! I'd get one comment up & then kaput!

Still...the price isn't bad for what we get! ;-)

Brioche said...

! ! !


jin said...

No Brioche!
No cup-cake for 1 week!

Rich said...

Yeah, it was something about you turning your detractors into strudel and people lining up at your shop to buy it. Oh well!

That's very cute the way Brioche actually logs onto your blog to beg for cupcakes :)

jin said...


I may use that sometime!
The 'writing idea' I mean.
Not the 'turning your detractors into strudel idea'.



Anonymous said...

oh come on you got to love stupid people I mean what would we talk/blog about if it wasn't for them !?!?!!?!?! Oh and I think Bean has earned her cup cake after all she only begged once!!! and very nicely.

jin said...

LOL katy! Bean got herself 1 unfrosted cut-out cookie today, it was a cat. She hesitated, but then she ate it!

Stupid people....ARGGGHHH! Had another one yesterday/today...annoying...on the verge of telling her to shove it (her biz anyway...) she gets ONE more chance tomorrow...we'll see what develops.
I REFUSE to put up with RUDE FUCKING customers!!!
*jin is pissed*
Any way...will get home by 1-2AM & have to be back here by 6AM. Can't WAIT until tomorrow at 2.30 (when we close)....I have the whole evening to myself! YAY!!!!!!!!