Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It was WHAT?!!?

So, I KNOW you are all just dying to find out what this is:

The FIRST person to guess the correct answer was:

WOO-HOO!!! YAY!!! Katy!!!
*jin hands over 3 Blog Kudos*

It was, in fact, a photo of a mini Brioche.

"Mini Brioche Bun"

Not to be confused with this Brioche:
"Brioche the Pup"

Katy wasn't the only one to get it right!
YAY for:
Coaster Punchman
*jin gives CP 3 cyber kisses: mwah! mwah! mwah!*

With four honourable mentions
because they were pretty close:

The Phosgene Kid
(roll with tumor)

(baked whatsit)

(Cannibal Rolls)

(Dough Jin)

"Brioche in a Gift Box"

Now, let's review:
Can you find the Brioche in the photo below?
(I won't say anything about this photo.
I prefer to let all of you make jokes!!!)

OH! Look at ALL the mini Brioche!

Want my technical &
historical educated explanation
as to the particular design &
shape of this bread?

You sure?

French bakers are Pervy.
With a capital P.

You heard it here FIRST.
jintrinsique leaves no boob stone unturned.

Thanks everyone for playing with me!

Extra special thanks to:
(in order of appearance)
(Kick me if I missed anyone! :-S)
.....and the other 237.81 people who emailed me with their guesses (next time please refrain from sending me pictures of your thingys).

31 Responses to “It was WHAT?!!?”

MeHereNow said...

Hehehe! Funny!

Oh Oh Oh me got first! YAY me! \o/

By the way what IS a brioche? (k need to check spelling!)

Me thick British person on two counts 1.what is it? and 2.spelling of! - please forgive!!

real said...

I am honored to be honored.
So what happened to your link exchange pall? I thought that sounded like a good deal.

Anonymous said...

Never even heard of it.
Boy, wasn't even close.
Still looks like a tit.

Holding that tumor roll that close to a dog snout? Brave woman. Around here I'd be missing the roll and a good part of my hand if I tried that.

Thanks for the honorable mention!!! That’s the first time honorable and Phos have been used in the same sentence!!

Great Dog!!

jin said...

meherenow: WOO-HOO!!!
Congrats on FIRSTS!!! :-)

Brioche...it's a French eggy bread, you can find more info on it HERE.

real: HAHAHA!!!! LMAO!!!
I DO NOT think so!!!
I was hoping NO ONE saw that baby until I deleted it!
Can't they see it's NOT 'that kind of a blog'?!!?
Ok, ok...so my first pic looked like a boob...but, still!

poly: *giggles*
See, I figured you'd have tried it at some point, even if it was only BECAUSE of the shape!
I can see poly going into a bakery & saying "THAT!!! I gotta have THAT ONE!!!" LOL!!!

phos: Oh, Brioche the Pup is a SWEETIE! She doesn't take ANYTHING unless it's given to her! LOL.
She'll be 1 year old on Nov. 8th or 9th (I forget which day). She's a grazer, too!!! LOL!

(Ummm....I hope you're not mad about the link I put on your blog? I know you have a good sense of humour & hoped you'd get a laugh out of it! :-)

Gyrobo said...

Mutant brioche!

We're so great, we're so great... (I'm doing the Victory Dance for Katy & me....)


R2K said...

nipple bread

jin said...

gyrobo: I hope you mean the BREAD & NOT my DOG!!!!
*jin screams with fright*

cp: I bet you are really wishing the prize would have been jelly grahams.....

alex: Welcome!
Hmmm....you think I should rename it that? I might sell a lot more to the 'Manly Men' crowd!

Rich said...

Drat, I was so close! Damn that Katy and her sensible guesses.

Nice mutt you got there.

jin said...

Heeheeheee rich!!!
Ohhhh...I see a jealous streak there!

:-D That is a nice mutt I have there. She is my BABY! :-D
I am NOT of the female variety that will ever have kids *jin turns up her nose* BLECK! :-P LOL
But I will ALWAYS have dogs!
Check out this CUTIE!!!
Here &

G3T Films said...

Ha! Feigned jealously jin, feigned jealously.

You and me, and my girl for that matter, would get along very well. We are of the same breed, we muc prefer furries to kiddies. We don't have a dog at the moment, our little fella died last year and we're waiting until we buy a new place to add to our family again.

Hahaha, I'm not sure I can condone the jacket but he's got one hell of a smile. He's super cute!

The word verification is colufav, I typed green but it didn't work.

real said...

Oh, that is a nice outfit she has on there. I need me get me something nifty like that. I wonder, does it come in black or green?

jin said...

rich: YAY!!! More good people! LOL.

Sorry about your little fella. :-(

I know how that feels, all too well. But I can't be without. Lost my Australian Shepard last Oct. 1st & was MISERABLE (& a REAL bitch!) until Dec. 23rd, when we got our Brioche. She's a she...lol...& I joke that the pockets in that coat are for 'doggie condoms' so she doesn't get pregnant. :-)
My husband wants to rehab owls & ravens eventually, so I'm sure we'll have some of those too. We don't have the house & yard yet though.

Funny, when I was looking around at breeds last year, I kept coming up on Australian Cattle Dogs, they seemed interesting. But I couldn't find any that weren't already microchipped & I'm SO NOT into that. Are they a nice breed?

real: Hey! TOO funny!!! I got it at Old Navy & they DID in fact have matching ones for people! LMAO!!! The other day me & D were in Green Bay & I pointed out that a guy had on Brioches EXACT jacket!!! HAHAHA!!!
It was so weird! LOL!

real said...

I see, there is the problem
Real never, and I mean ever, goes into old navy.

Now the new navy in the other hand, well I don't go in there either.

So if Brioche is out and about and sees somebody else wearing the exact same outfit does it embarass her. I bet it would. TV and movies have told me that women are always embarrased if they see somebody else wearing the same outfit.

Of course if I was a dog and my human dressed just like me, I think I would pretend that I didn't know him. Maybe find a nice old cat lady to follow home. Yummmy cats.

Rich said...

That's alright Jin. It was while ago now, we miss him though. His ashes are now in a realy lovely pot plant I bought for the occasion.

A she! Whoops! I guess I couldn't tell from that angle.

I don't mind microchipping but that's mostly cause here if your dog goes adventuring and is picked up by the pound they're put down fairly quickly unless they're microchipped. I'd prefer not to do it though.

Like most dogs it depends on how you treat them but cattle dogs can be quite agressive and bitey. Part of the work they were bred for. But I've known nice ones. The Border Collies, which is what I think you mean by an Aussie Shepard, are some of the most lovely dogs I've ever met. Really smart. Their big brains make them a little naughty when they get bored but it's a small price to pay for such a gorgeous dog.

jin said...

That's ok real, you don't have to. Now you can shop there online!!! HeeHeeHaHaHeehee

She wasn't with us when we saw that guy in his jacket. I think she would be upset. She is very particular, just like her mum! ;-)

I was going to tell you that I have already put my thong on her head as a joke & she didn't mind all that much. But I think I'd better not say that as it sounds a bit crude.

jin said...

rich: You snuck that comment in while I was fixing typos! LOL...

If I happen to meet a dog on a walk I never know if it's considered rude to peek underneath so you can say 'she' or 'he'. LOL!!! In a photo I don't think there IS a way to tell!!!

Ahh...good to know about the cattle dogs.
Brioche is a Purebred Golden Retriever, the red type. I wanted a relaxed dog so I could keep her near my bakery at all times. Be it outside in the yard or upstairs in the offices. She is so good, too & only 11 months old! She's on my feet as I type this! LOL.
I wish you luck in getting your next one & hope it isn't too long of a wait! Let me know when you do & post pics!!! :-D

real said...

I will not shop there in a mall

I will not shop there on a call

I will not shop there on the web

I will not shop there in the month of feb

I will not shop there Jin you are

I will not shop there near or far!

BTW, good call on not mentioning the thong. Don't want anymore people offering to trade those kinds of links with you!

jin said...


You're so funny real!!!

Yeah, me either again.
Remember that shirt I bought that I didn't know was see thru until I posted the stupid pic? *blush*

I washed it the other day & it shrunk up to NOTHING!!! OMG!!!

Maybe I should put it on Brioche with the thong.....

real said...

Yes, you should also post pics of it.
However, if you have pics of a dog in a see through shirt and a thong on your blog I think you will get more of those sicko comments than you want.

jin said...

I bet there's TONS of illegal doggieporn on the internets these days!

Oh the SHAME!!!

Never, never, NEVER! NOT my little Bean! Being checked over by pervy dog molesters!? NOT GONNA DO IT!

Anonymous said...

I won I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha I knew that had to be a Brioche (because thats how you wrote about the pup getting her name and all)

Anonymous said...

BTW I love Border Collies they are so cute and so smart. The family who's Au pair I was has 2. However they are dogs to be had when you have kids since they are so hyper and active that they wear eachother out.

jin said...

katy: You won really FAST, too!!! LOL!!!

Now you know...the same colour! LOL!

jin said...

e v i: I'm SO glad!!!
I try really hard to keep it interesting!

Jewels said...

HEY! I resemble that remark! .... pervy indeed....

jin said...

LMAO jewels!
Takes one to know one,
so me too I guess!

Anonymous said...

If I got this in a gift basket I wouldn't know what to make of it... LOL :-)

jin said...

Hi cc!!! GOOD to see you around again!!! I hope you are well?!!?

LOL @ your comment, now you know, just incase you ever do run across one! LOL!