Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rhapsody in Chocolate

This cake went out last weekend, the day after my spin around the world. I LOVE doing wedding cakes all in chocolate!!!

The gourds & apples were real; with faux leaves & wheat accents. Do you like this one as much as I do?!!?

You should all go over to Katy's place again. She's got pics up of a really cool cake. A cake she ordered from MOI! It shipped FANTASTICALLY and... well, I'll let you read the rest HERE.

22 Responses to “Rhapsody in Chocolate”

Cherry! said...

The cake looks fabbo, but you know how I feel about the decorations. Was the cake inside all chocolate?

Anonymous said...

yummy okay I may have to find a way to block the pictures while I am on a diet!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YESSSS! I need that!

jin said...

cherry: All Devil's food cake vith Vanilla Buttercream filling...MMMmm.... :-D

katy: LOL...remember, the pictures are all calorie free!!! Just don't go out & buy something sweet after you look at them!! ;-)

poly: ...and, yes, I needed that! Thanks! It was a nice surprise! :-D

Rich said...

That is the most unique wedding cake I've ever seen. Bravo!

Dan said...

Good god in heaven. My triglyceride level skyrocketed from just looking at this! Does this one come with an angioplasty on the side?

jin said...

rich: *jin takes a deep bow*
Thank You!!

dan: HA! Actually, one is only meant to have a thin slice, as opposed to eating the entire cake in one sitting! LOL
My emphasis is on quality, not quantity.
I believe there is nothing wrong with eating a piece of dessert if you truly want/enjoy it.
I make vegan desserts as well, using only quality ingredients, no chemicals, no preservatives, no mixes. My pastry is WAY safer (health wise) than what you find in your local grocery store.

Dan said...

Jin, so that's what I've been doing wrong! I've been eating the entire cake! You know we Americans love our servings large! :-)

Jewels said...

Wow, after reading Katy's post, I want a cake too! You think it would make it to my place on time?

This cake is absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and the one you sent Katy, yeah, that looks positively sinful! Red Velvet? What's that taste like?

Miss you Miss Jin! I will call you tonight. It might be late, 'cause we've got our 'appointment', and who knows where THAT will lead....

I love it - great idea for fall.


jin said...

dan: HAHA!!! Yes, many Americans do like living the 'Supersize Me!' lifestyle. Sad, isn't it? But, never fear, jin is here! I am going to save the world one tastebud at a time!!! ;-)

jewels: I'd def give it a shot, I think we won't go via the Post Office next time, tho. I think UPS may do a better job with Canada. velvet is a rich moist chocolate-y cake, goes awesome with a cream cheese filling!

DO call me! I'll be here! Doesn't matter what time!

cp: Thank you! Oh, and is it fall here!!! OMG! We had snow flurries today!??! TOO EARLY!!! TOO EARLY!!! :-S

Gorgeous! Makes me homesick for ol' Wisconsin. I love fall!! Better watch out, I saw in the news you all are supposed to get your first taste of winter - guess they have already had snow up around Ashland...

jin said...

It was 30 degrees here today phos!!!
O M G ! ! !
Effing freezing!
On the positive side (?) I hear that due to global warming trends we will actually have a very mild winter.
Maybe this chill will just last through Halloween so all those little bastards can't go trick or treating!
Heeheeeeee!!! ;-)

I look at Halloween as a great time to get rid of all those old pills in the cabinet. Probably why no one lets their kids go out anymore.

I didn’t think life could exist below 50 - hell when it hits 60 I am looking for a coat. I could never go back, the cold would kill me in short order

fairscape said...

With all that yumminess I bet the wedding couple will live happily ever after.

jin said...

phos: Ummm...I bet there might be a few people out there that want to send us to hell after that little exchange! :-) Maybe we should tell them we were kidding & that we both have a pretty sick sense of humour?!!?
C O L D today again!

fairscape: I hope so!!!
I ALWAYS wish them the best!
Unfortunately, on occasion, I do hear that the bride & groom end up with NO cake!!! Wouldn't that just be AWFUL!!!
Good for me though, must mean the cakes taste ok! LOL!

Jewels said...

BTW, it was 2 degrees (C) here this morning. Yeah, now THAT'S effen cold!

Oh, and IT FUCKEN SNOWED! Buffalo and Fort Erie were both under "emergency status" (or something like that)... They had so much wind and snow, and rain, thunder & lightning, the works!

Time to make some soup!

Forgot to add "just kidding" after the pill thing - whoops!

Actually we get the candy no one likes to give away so we won't be tempted to eat it.

In the days when kids had paper treat bags there was an urban myth about the house that dropped a scoop of ice cream into each bag. The ice cream melted and weakened the bottom of the paper bag enough that all the candy would fall out.

Gyrobo said...

Strange... when I first saw that cake, I thought it was a little coffin. But really, beautiful cake.

My blood sugar level is rising just looking at it! Mmmm... sugar...

jin said...

jewels: BURRRRR....
*jin shivers*
I'm going for some Hot Chocolate after reading that!!!

phos: Ummm...I don't hand out'd really LOVE to hand out cookies from the shoppe but you can't do things like that anymore even if it IS a pastry shoppe! How sad...the way times change...even in this small town razor blades have been found throught the years, the hospital runs your candy thru their xray machine for free, that's how they find them.

gyrobo: Heeheeeee! I HAVE done coffins. Really COOL ones, too!!! In fact, the pics are in my portfolio, which is downstairs right as I type this. However:
1) I don't feel like going downstairs to get it
2) My scanner only works one out of every 50 times I try to use it
I will try to remember to post some soon, maybe near Halloween!!!
Don't forget how much I'd LOVE to see a pumpkin on your avatar this month!!!
Here: lemme give ya some sugar
(Hmmm...I'm glad this is a pastry blog or that phrase may have sounded a bit raunchy..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I pray the wedding wasn't held on "Packer Sunday". It would be utter blasphemy to not have a cake shaped like an all to familiar green and gold footballer's helmet should someone tie the knot on such a day.

Of course, a tasteful autumn theme cake gives me hope that maybe Wisconsin isn't quite as screwed up as all the idle banter I engaged back home would suggest.

I tease, of course :)

jin said...

I thought you had disappeared!
Or, worse, mistaken for a 'doe' in the woods, by an Ed Gein wannabe.
Sounds like you are back in Florida?