Thursday, October 26, 2006


It's best to not anger the jin.
Even my dear blogfans know that.

Enjoy this brilliant story today


(It really happened how they said!
See the pictures?
They go with the story perfectly!!! ;-)

Jin made a list
of things not to ask
but some still insist
in folly to bask.

She made a fine cake
of chocolate and cream
with sprinkles on top
that made the room gleam.

(Gleaming Room with Chocolate & Cream Cake)

But some foolish guy
was less than impressed
preferring cream pie
(not one of the guests).

(Cream Pie for the Eye of that Guy)

Jin wasn't hurt.
She was glad to comply
and lodged the dessert
right in his eye!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Then quick as a blink,
Ms. Dagger-eye Jin
Made the gargantuan fool
Wipe the drool off his chin.

Hit him she did,
With a cake ten feet high!
Chocolate swirls lined the edge
On this wedge of bliss pie.

(10 Foot Tall Cake with White Chocolate Edged Swirls)

"Yum yum," the fool grunted
Through the layers of thick cream.
But his final "needs ketchup"
Made the smashup chef scream.

Thanks you 2!!! You made my night!

With an honorable mention to rich, for he truly intended to add 3 more stanzas before Blogger died & his comment was lost forever in the bowels o' the net.

25 Responses to “WARNING!!!”

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! Your foodporn is so good that it makes men write poetry for you! Mmmmm...

I may need to write a stanza or two myself. After maybe some more time gazing at these desserts, of course. :)

Fuff said...

Great poem, hee hee :)

Anonymous said...

cute poem. I wouldn't mind having some cake or better vanilla sugar bliss cookies.

real said...

The cakes are correct
And the tarts are terrific
The pie is perfect
And the cookies are cool

But the Mint Brownies
Make me drool
A very large pool

I would eat them everyday
If I could only find a way
To fly up to Manitowoc
And hope that Jin didn’t lock
Me out of her shop
For fear that I would pop!

jin said...

lesley: That's why I got into cooking in the first place!

"The way to a mans heart is through his stomach!"


Actually, that's why my brother got into it get chicks back to his place!

fuff: Isn't blogging GREAT?!!? :-D

katy: I hope the diets going well! Think of it this way: you can reward yourself at Xmastime with a special sweetbox!?

real: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
:-D :-D :-D

(You know, I save all these poems, print them out & tape them to my monitor! LOL! I'm a sentimental FOOL! :-)

p.s. No way I'd ever kick you outta my shoppe! (I'd just make a limited supply of the brownies to begin with! Hahahahaha!!! ;-)

G3T Films said...

Cool! I can't believe I got an honourable mention for not being able to post.

Your ten foot tall cake looks delicious BTW.

PS. Have you ever dropped a Wedding Cake *glint*

jin said...

Hahahahahaha!!!! rich you are asking for it buddy!




I gotta go, now my throat hurts from yelling so loud!

Rich said...

I bet you wiiiillllll!

jin said...

You only said that cos I one-upped you at gyrobo's!!!
I put your history knowledge to shame!!!

Maybe you should go drink a BEEEA & calm down awhile!

Rich said...

Nooooo, I'm not evil.

I just thought I could feel your uncertainty, your fingers are subconciously trembling at the thought of picking up one of these beautiful creations, and then... whoops!

OK, you wont, it was just because your made-up history was better than my made-up history which was nowhere near as good as Gyrobo's made up history.

PS. Excellent pronunciation on the word Beea.

jin said...

I thought you'd like my Beea! ;-)

You are correct, NO ONE can make up history like gyrobo.
Plus, I have to give you credit, for inspiring me, with your made up history, to try & create my own made up history! I think I like it! Shhhhh....don't tell anyone!

L>T said...

jin, the pictures of pastrys are OVER-WHELMING. it makes me want to run for my life. (literally)
Other then that, YOU are very talented.
You know, this whole pastry chef thing is puzzling. I've never known any "pastry chefs" all I can think of is some fat frenchman with a tall white hat.
Do you think I might have some sub-conscience "pastry Chef" prejudice?

Anonymous said...

Right in his eye, huh?

He's gonna sue. ;)


ticharu said...

Were those vegen cakes and pies by any chance???

Gyrobo said...

Blogger downs countless stanzas.

jin said...

"all I can think of is some fat frenchman with a tall white hat"
Some of the best ones are! LMAO!!!

I don't think you are prejudiced at all. They do say, "Never trust a skinny chef."
I'm not totally skinny though, I have big boobs, does that count?!!?

steve: Actually, I have a way of persuading him into believing that it was indeed his own fault & that I could sue HIM! Guys can be total morons sometimes, you know?!!?

ticharu: Welcome! :-) I've listened to some of your music, very UNIQUE!
Those pictured are not, but I do make a variety of vegan desserts. Everything that comes out of my shoppe is vegetarian, because I am, & I always say that I won't sell anything to anyone that I wouldn't eat myself (I'm REALLY picky, too!).

gyrobo: Oh, I know...I HATE when that happens!
Thanks again my cute tin-man! :-D

Gyrobo said...

Processing emoticon function alpha:

-----> ;^)
-----> ;^)
-----> ;^)


Anonymous said... i REALLY believe the adage that the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach...

L>T said...

BTW the poem is nice, too. last night I dreamed about sweets. candy & cakes & all. I know it was because I read this blog yesterday, weird, huh? You were in it. you looked just like your icon, of course(not a frenchman)I don't remember the gist of it, but it was a good dream.

Rich said...

Blogger goes through stanzas like Aussies through beea. It's how it keep it youthful perky bust of Abraham Lincoln from rampaging through the streets of New York like Jesus through Sydneys George Street McDonalds.

True Story, I was told by the most happiest of lunies the other night that Jesus has appeared to him in Maccas on George Street 11 times, and once in a GloriaJeans wearing a mighty sword encrusted with rubies. Maccas should become a Mecca to all Mormans. Gloria Jeans, of course, already is, well, except for the caffiene.

jin said...

gyrobo: Heeheeeheee!!!!
Thursday night I SO wanted to make a cookie decorated like your avatar, vidoetape my pup eating it & post it on youtube.
Then I remembered that I don't have a digital video recorder.
My whole idea was just shot to hell after that.

mizfit: Oh, it's TRUE!!! LOL!!!
My husband thinks Uma Thurman is the most gorgeous chick on this planet (Bleck! I disagree! :-P) but I always say, "Bet she can't cook like I do!!!"

l>t: LOL! I'm glad I didn't look like a Frenchman! :-S I'm glad the dream was good, too! Remember to eat ALL YOU WANT in dreams cos its calorie free!!! :-D

rich: LMAO!!! I can't even attemt to outcomment your comment today!

In my day (yeah like I'm old or something! :-S) I dranks TONS of Foster's Beea. I probably saw jesus after that at some point. HAHA!!!

OH BOY!!! Do I have a tale for you tonight! It involves a shoppe full of customers, one scary man & a phone call to the police!

Jewels said...

WTH?!? Well, don't leave me hanging! What the heck happenned?

Great, I'm worried now. Great cakes BTW. I want a piece of the first one. Oh, and I wouldn't mind a piece of pie too... Just, not in the eye, okay?

jin said...

UGH! Sorry I didn't recomment right away! I didn't hear my email...damn speakers were turned off. :-P I guess I'm still a bit stressed!
I had 2 hours of sleep last night!
Now I'm ALL jittery!!!
Can't eat, don't drink (LOL), well, I've got ginger tea & apple pie.
I must be ok, eh? ;-)

Middle Child said...

Wow! Wow! what cakes!!! and great verse too!

jin said...

Thanks from me for the cake compliment
thanks from gyrobo & flatlander for the other compliment!
:-D :-D :-D