Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Portmanteau? Not Exactly.....

"Chocolate Brownie Tarts"

Would you believe that some of my most PHENOMENAL creations have not been preserved by a photograph? A few of my truly fantastical wedding picture proof, they're only in my memory. If I think about this too much I'll get bummed out. It just happens sometimes.

The camera will break.
The flash will need recharging.
The digital camera will need recharging.
The client is early for the pick-up.
I could be running late.
.....all these & many more.

"Black Forest Gateau"

The first time it happened I was in tears. A dessert buffet of several thousand of my hand-made delicacies. Many of them "Once in a Lifetime" creations. It doesn't matter how/who/why... anymore... but there are no pictures for me to post. It has happened so many times since then, that I take it to be a given, it's simply a matter of when. I don't let it eat at me anymore. *jin shrugs her shoulders* Que Sera Sera. Whatever will be, will be.....

"Lemon Butter Cake w/ Fluffy Lemon Frosting"

Basically, all this means is that I have an incredibly large collection of pics that are taken with no regards as to background or the usual accoutrements. I also have many a photo of just the top of a cake, already in it's take-away box, mere seconds from leaving my shoppe to travel home with its proud new owner.

Which is what you have here today. Harried pictures of things ready to go out our front door. Enjoy. I know the people that left with them sure did! ;-)

"Cream Cheese Frosted Carrot Cake"

34 Responses to “Portmanteau? Not Exactly.....”

real said...

Oh, my that German's Sweet Chocolate cake looks amazing.

Right now I am resisting the urge to find out what it would cost to book a flight to go get some of that cake.

Sorry about the mess, I couldn't stop myself from drooling. Don't worry I will get a mop and clean it up.

real said...

Of course the Black Forest looks delicious also.

jin said...



Bet you wish it was dessert seconds, doncha?!!?

That had BETTER be mopped up before I come in tomorrow!!!

Dan said...

Amazing! The first photo looks like the orchestra section of Carnegie Hall. You can fill the "seats" with Pillsbury Doughboys and girls. It would rule!

I second real's comment re: the GSC cake. Also the carrot cake... ok, need to make breakfast...


Anonymous said...

Nothing finer than a piece of carrot cake. Unless you put nuts in the cake, I don't like that.

real said...

I agree with Neil about not liking the nuts. General rule of thumb for real: Don't put nuts in your mouth.

Jewels said...

I especially like nuts in cake. Gives it more texture, gives me something to chew on. ;)

Mmmmm nuts....

Anonymous said...

What's a gateau?

I love black forest cake.

Don't forget my order next week!

Rich said...

Black Forest Gateau - I think I love you...

yuh, maybe not. Looks good though for a hurried shot.

Fuff said...

Anything fluffy is devine :)

Fuff said...

Your creations must bring out the devil in me, as I meant to say divine!!! :))

jin said...

dan: LMAO!!! They are packed in tight there, aren't they?!!? You could make them wear fancy hats that resemble the chocolate decos!!!

cp: LOL! They made me hungry, too, if it makes you feel any better! In fact, I have to make carrot cupcakes tonight, I might just make a few extra for tasting! :-)

neil: I can make them without, no problem. The cake you salivated over was CHOCK FULL of nuts, though. I hope you don't have nightmares now. ;-)

real: *jin giggles*

jewels: *jin giggles MORE*

ace: cake = gateau
I just like to say the word 'gateau' more than the word 'cake'.

I won't forget your order! One bushell of bananas, right?!!?

rich: I posted that one just for you! :-)
I meant to get a nice shot of the inside...but, no luck that time. Next time!

fuff: LOL! I thought of you when I typed that!
Know why?
Every night when D & I get home he asks me 'what did FLUFF blog about today?'

Fuff said...

Heeeheeee! Tell him, mint matchsticks! LOL :)

real said...

Did I inadvertantly say something humorous?

jin said...

fuff: I WILL tell him that tonight! HAHA!!! I'll let you know what he says! :-)

real: Ahhh...very sneaky indeed. Trying to make ME sound like the perv.

Get a security camera inside your shop then you can have tapes of you making the cakes.

jin said...

But, phos, then people would see all the stuff I drop on the floor that I still sell them!
I gotta keep that stuff secret!

real said...

You don't have to show your customers the tapes, just your devoted blog stalkers. Of course you probably have more than a couple of blogstalkers who would rather the camera be somewhere in your house rather than the shop.

jin said...

See, that I'd have to charge for!!!

(I think I would have a few customers that'd be into that, too!!!)

Hmmmm....wanna be my manager?
I'll give you 10%, but you gotta do the books, too!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to try the black forrest cake. I have to say mine is to die for so yours has to be heavenly. Do you use the dark cherries?

jin said...

katy: Yes, I use the dark sweet cherries, & there's a funny story behind that.

In our first few years of biz I made this cake maybe a dozen times, & would you believe that EVERY customer called to complain they didn't like it?!!? I always make it with a dark chocolate cake, sliced in 3 or 4 layers, brushed with sugar syrup & Kirschwasser, filled with fresly whipped REAL cream & dark sweet cherries, topped with whipped cream & chocolate. It IS an awesome cake! It took us about 3 years to find out why those customers complained. Would you fucking believe, they were upset because we used REAL cherries & REAL whipped cream!??! You know what they wanted??? They were used to the the cakes from a "German" (I use the term loosely, here) bakery that had closed in this area. This so called German bakery used whipped topping & FAKE CANNED TART CHERRY PIE FILLING!!!!

We have since lost 'that type' of customer, our current ones LOVE the black forest now!

You said you use Sherry? Is that the traditional way?

Sarah Letnes said...

Your Chocolate Brownie Tarts look like poofy French chairs. Can you make a giant one for my livingroom?

Yeah stuff the public doesn’t see. I worked in a large bakery when I was young and we referred to the chocolate chips as rat turds. We called them that because the rats would get into the bags in the warehouse and their shit would get mixed in with the chocolate.

jin said...

sarah: Heeheeeee!!!! You are correct! They do! LOL.
I could make you one, but, too hot in Arizona, it'd melt. ;-)


I think bakeries are allowed so many parts-per-million of rodent hairs and excrement so it was ok. I know your bakery is fresh and wholesome, you can tell by the amount of time you obviously put into each piece. A little Phos trivia - my wife studied to be a baker when she went to technical college.

jin said...

So, when Mrs. Phos makes you a yummy spice cake do you call her a masturbaker?????

I am Too busy eating spice cake to call her anything!!

Rich said...


THAT is freak'n disgusting! Those... why... pie filling... arrrrggghhh...

Too disgusted to speak! *shudder*

jin said...

LOL! Thank You for your support rich!!! I agree....
Some people just have NO TASTE!!!

jin said...

phos: Do you get one in November or do you have to wait until Xmas?

jin said...

New post coming Monday night sometime. Sorry I didn't get to it this weekend, I was stuck in the kitchen AGAIN!!! That's a GOOD thing, tho, right?!!?.

Anonymous said...

I hope some of that baking was for my package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jin said...

ace: You're such a perv! ALWAYS talking about your 'package'!!! SHEESH!