Tuesday, October 31, 2006


ANOTHER pleased SWEETBOX recipient!!!
Go check out the post at Ace's Life on the Rim.
He has foodporn for you, too.

He got some of these:
(Minty Oreo Type cookies)

He didn't get any of these:

Orange Cookies with Orange Icing
(He almost got some of these. Almost. But then I remembered he said "NO CITRUS!" LOL! Whew...close call!)

27 Responses to “CHECK IT OUT!”

Rich said...

Your stuff always looks so good! *insert cheeky comment about the cakes aren't bad either*

The Pedifors *ducks* below look absolutely delicious!

jin said...

HAHAHA!!!! :-D
YOU are in a playful mood tonight rich!!!
While visiting at jintrinsique always remember these 2 rules:
1. Flattery will get you everywhere
2. You'd better *duck* if you say 'pedifors' around here!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jin, I have just had the most divine few minutes coasting through all the lovely pix of your pastries. They are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

MeHereNow said...

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous :-(

I want a sweet box!!

*stamping of feet in VERY childlike way*

jin said...

mummified: You are very welcome & THANKS for visiting!!!

meherenow: LOL! I have shipped to England before but it's soooo expensive! Because of customs holding things I've had to ship the boxes global priority here which costs $50-$70 (roughly 30+ quid) & it still takes a week to get there!

If I ever get over there to visit I'll have to bring a super size suitcase FULL of sweets & let all my British Blogfans know where I'll be staying!!! :-D

Justmee said...

I went over to Ace's blog and seen what you made up for him. Those looked sooo good.

And the cookies on your site. All I can say is.I WANT THAT!! I think I might be ordering a few things from you for Christmas, if I can wait that long that is.

jin said...

Thanks justmee!!!

We ship out a LOT of orders in December all over the U.S.! Of course, if you can't wait, I ship them all November, too!!! :-)

I'm going to try to post some info on our Xmas cookie assortments soon, although I can't find any photos yet! :-S

Anonymous said...

Confession: I may not like citrus, but I did forget to mention the mild nut allergy. That's part of the reason I gave away the nut cookies.

But my God (or your Goddess), the brownies. If I hadn't given some away, I think I would've eaten them all (with some help from Stewie).

And the mint Oreos... and the crumble bars... and the peanut butter cookies... my tummy still hurts from eating so much.

And my co-workers got even by bringing in all their Halloween candy. I'm a sucker for Kit-Kats.

I swear, one of 'em called me a bastard under his breath about halfway through his third brownie/cookie.

Alexiev said...

mmm que hambre que me da...

I have hangree

jin said...

ace: OH! Now I remember you saying something in comments on unplugged! I'm sorry that I forgot. I only sent you 2 or 3 pieces with nuts I think, right?!!?

I KNEW you'd like the rasp. brownies!!! :-D YAY! Munkees like berries, you know! ;-)

Thanx for the post & this comment! You made my week!!! :-D

¡Recepción! ¡Visíteme otra vez!

Anonymous said...

Don't mind the nut cookies. It was only two. I'm sorry I didn't get to try them!

Berries yum!

Everyone at work loved the Oreos and the crumble bars.

Rich said...

3. Jin makes up the rules as she goes along.

jin said...

ace: I can make the chocolate chunk without nuts, too...just in case you're ever interested! Umm....after your tummyache goes away! LOL!

I do that for some Open House days....when we have soooo many different things available....I'll eat one of this and one of that and before I know it I've eaten like half a dozen different things & I feel all bloated! LOL!

rich: You'd better believe it BUSTER!!!
One thing I DON'T do though......is tease people by using words like 'c*ck video' to get them to come to my blog. :-P

real said...

I was apparently there in spirit but I didn't get to eat any Mint Oreos in spirit.

Rich said...

No, you use cake pictures instead. Half a dozen of one and six of the other to most girls!

You're just upset I didn't have some gymnastic adonis flashing his meat and two veg for you.

Ha! Word veri is Jinsx.

jin said...

real: Oh, sure you did! Ace told me that he ate one JUST FOR YOU! :-) Heeheeee....Look out everyone, I'm feeling vixenish tonight! LOL!

rich: Actually, I was just really curious what a cock's cock looks like. :-D

LOL...jinsx ???
Does that mean jin sex?
YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!
Someone best inform my husband he's REQUIRED to perform this evening!!!!

Rich said...

Obviously I just don't have a dirty mind. I just thought of Jinx as in a prank, but you had to take it somewhere else didn't you!.

Well, you'd better get off the computer then, the mouse clicking and LOLing might be distracting to your hubbie.

jin said...

Heeheeheeeee!!!! Rich!
After I typed the comment I saw the other option.


I DO have to get off the pc, though...I've actually got a wedding cake waiting to be finished. Pics will be up tomorrow night!

Rich said...

Don't drop it! *glint* *duck* *run* Shit, she has the bat! Someone call the cops! *crumples to the ground and gets beaten to death*




Anonymous said...

those oreos look really good.

jin said...

rich: I just HAD to wait to reply to your comment until AFTER the cake was safely delivered. :-P
I was also going to have my husband take a photo of me, next to the set-up cake flipping you the finger...but, alas...too many people around & much confusion at the country club.

Just know that you were there in spirit & I took the glint right out of your eye!!!!!! ;-)

Oh, damn...you can't read this can you? I forgot I beat you to death! LMAO!!!!

katy: They ARE good!!! :-D I like your new avatar! I always wanted to ask you what the 'dino' meant!?

Anonymous said...

way back when while I was an au pair a friend told me that I sound like Dino when I whine. So that's how Dino came about.

If he dropped the box could you say he tossed his cookies? Just wondering.

jin said...

Don't tell me.....say it's so!

Can I actually comment again on my own blog?!!? *sarcasm*

AMAZING! *more sarcasm*

Maybe I can post, too? *yet MORE sarcasm*

Obviously blogger has been having issues again.

jin said...

LOL katy!!! Well, now I know! LOL!

LMAO phos!!! GOOD one! :-)

"Bark like a dog..."
Carl Spackler
Caddy Shack

"Woof, woof - that's my other dog imitation"
Kelly's Heroes

jin said...

I've heard the Caddyshack line haven't heard the other though!