Sunday, October 15, 2006

Delicious Duo

A very 'unique' cake went out this weekend. Right, like they aren't ALL unique! HAHAHAHA!!! Ok, I guess I'll say this one had a 'unique' theme. How about that? It was for a renewal of vows. I believe, if memory serves, this couple has been married for 20 years. OH MY! That's a LONG VERY long time! What say you on that subject dear blogfans?

Solid Belgian White Chocolate Seashells adorn each tier. I made them!
I ate 10 chocolate shells.
I sampled one to be sure they were worth selling.

Remember that game we played a while back where you had to guess what the close-up was a photo of? Wanna play again? Oh, c'mon! Of course you do!!! LAZY, the lot of you!!! Play ANYWAY, it amuses me! ;-)

What is this?
Now, I want LOTS of guesses in the comment section before I will reveal the answer! You can guess more than once. The winner didn't think that far ahead yet....wait....ok, got it! If you are a guy & you win I will give you 3 cyber kisses. If you are a chick I will give you 3 blog kudos. If you fall somewhere in between I may require photographic evidence.


23 Responses to “Delicious Duo”

Dan said...

Jin, could this be that fabled variation of the pastry known as "lady fingers"? Could it be ... "lady nipples"?

By the way, if a woman guesses this, please give her three cyber-kisses as well. I would enjoy that. ;) (Yes, I know, I'm bad.)

Anonymous said...

mhh looks kind of like the collor of your pup. so is it Brioche (you know the bread)?

Ps. still sick in bed. Cleo is loving it she is's been cuddled up wit me from the getgo.

MeHereNow said...

Its a scone up close with another scone in the distance?

Well I had to think of something, someone (obviously a bloke) said the nipple one!! LOL

MeHereNow said...

P.S. 20 years? WOW did a medal come with the cake?

Jewels said...


Jewels said...


Jewels said...


jin said...

dan: HAHAHA!!! Hey, I thought vegans were all serious; I didn't know you could be so ... so ... so ... DIRTY! :-D

Your answer is noted: lady nipples(fingers)

katy: Oh, hope you feel better soon! Take care! :-)

Your answer is noted: brioche

meherenow: LOL! I know...20 years...I'm at 4. I can't see that far ahead yet! LOL!!!
I did figure it would be a bloke to answer that way! LOL!

Your answer is noted: scones

jewels: OOOooo....sure hope you weren't drinking coffee or tea when you first saw that!!! LOL! I hope I gave you a pleasant start to your Sunday!

Rich said...

In a few months I will be celebrating my tenth anniversary. A twentieth would be twice as good!

I think we all know that is a close up of the Gingerbread Mans girlfriend. She's such a hussy!

jin said...

LMAO rich!!! (At your answer, not the 10 year anniversary! :-S)

Your answer is noted: gingerbread hussy

My guess on the photo - a roll with a tumor.

Mrs. Phos and I are going on 30 years together come December. I can still remember exactly how she looked on our first date. She is still just a beautiful today.

jin said...

Awwww....phos, you are too sweet! LOL! Can I hire you to give David some lessons?!!? WOW...30 know, you could technically make it to a 60 or 70 year anniversary considering your age!!! Heeheeeee! I DARE you to tell mrs. phos that I said that! LMAO!

Your answer is noted: a roll (w/ tumor)

jin said...


Someone may or may not have guessed the correct answer already.

I may or may not reveal the answer tonight.

You may or may not keep guessing.

Look OUT! I'm in a playful mood!!!

Looks like part of a brioche or a cream puff to me.


fairscape said...


It's one of those creamed filled baked whatsit thingies. Do I win?

The cake is really pretty. Is there any chocolate inside?

Due to our advanced age at marriage Mr. fairsCaPe and I celebrate monthly.This month will be our 55th. Its more fun ( and more cake).

Anonymous said...

Tit shaped croussant?

Anonymous said...

The testicles of a corpse?


real said...

It is a large cannibal role eating a smaller baby role.

jin said...

cp: Your answers are noted: brioche or cream puff

fairscape: The cake inside was a bit plain as far as cakes go. All marble with Vanilla French buttercream filling.

Your answer is noted: a baked whatsit

poly: Heehee... *giggle*

Your answer is noted: croissant

steven: Welcome! Good try...& a reminder why I DON'T work in a morgue

Your answer is noted: corpse testicles

real: LOL...good guess! :-D

Your answer is noted: Donner rolls

Jewels said...

I just figured out what it is: Instead of a nude portrait, D decided to make a "Dough Jin", in honor of your fabulousnous! Is that it? Did I get it?

So like did I win and when can I expect my prize??

Anonymous said...

I vote with anybody who said anything that remotely resembles "booby!"

jin said...

jewels: OOOOOhhhhhh!!!

Your answer is noted: a bread boob inspired by MOI

phos: SO impatient!!! LOL! Actually, at 9.00pm my time I tried to upload the expanded photos & accompanying post; but, alas, the Blogger would simply NOT have it! So I went home & watched 3 episodes of Law & Order. YAY they got the bad guys!

ace: I bet you were giggling like a little boy as you typed that!!!
HaHA! BUSTED! Did you run your mouse arrow over the pic too?!!? LMAO! ;-)

Your answer is noted: booby