Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Xmas in October?

It sure feels like it.
I apologize for my lack of posting & slow comment reply.
I can assure you I have been taking hundreds of new photos.

You see, I've been busy baking pastries.
I KNOW! I KNOW! I've got a blog to run here.
Sometimes, I do get stuck in that kitchen for days at a time
with nary a step out of doors
nor a peek at my pc.

Alright, without further ado...here are your Gratuitous Pastry Shots for the week!



Meringue Stocking Caps for Elves

I may not be back until the weekend, although I will try to keep up with my comment replies.
I miss you ALL!!!

29 Responses to “Xmas in October?”

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooooh. I've just got to your blog from Rich's rejigged blogroll.

I am sitting here in my pj's - I've not had breakfast yet - and I can see all your fantabulistic cakes. I'm drooling.

BANG! Goes the diet .......... I'm off for some porridge with whipped cream and piped melted chocolate mmmmmmmmmmmmm :-)

fairscape said...


You have a life outside the blogosphere? I never knew...

Yep X-mas here is comes. Got to stock up on humbugs...

Fuff said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yes! new sweets for old Poly.
Scones & pfefferneusse? how nice.

Miss you dear girl.

Anonymous said...

I want to order food!

What do I do?

Call, e-mail, post a comment?

Help! Jin! Munkeehungry!

Cherry! said...

Yum. Scones.

PS I miss you too!

real said...

Food Pron!

jin said...

pal: LOL!!! Welcome! :-)
EVERYTHING tastes better with whipped cream & chocolate on! Hope you enjoyed your breakfast! :-)

fairscape: Heeheeeee! :-)

phos: & spice cake! ;-)

fuff: Thank YOU! I need it!!! :-S

poly: Miss you, too! Will be around as soon as I can! :-)

ace: LOL!!! Hungry Munkees can feel free to email anytime
call toll free: 1-877-860-4350
anytime (but if you want to talk to me it's gotta be after 2PM my time...I think that's your 3PM???)
If you want me to snailmail you the brochures just let me know!

If you're hungry right this minute, all I can say is: too bad you don't live closer!!! Cos I've got lots of sweets here, now! *tease* ;-)

cherry: I know...you're just soooo busy!

real: "Food Pron"
What's food pron?

Gyrobo said...

Scones! My ancient arch-foe... returned in pastry form!

Mmmmm... frosting...

jin said...

LOL gyrobo! You gave me the needed laugh to keep going for another few hours!!!
THANKS!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay! E-mail sent! Munkeetreats!

Cherry! said...

Oh I know! It's bloody hectic!

flatlander said...

Ha ha. Pfefferneuse. I thought the art of making those was lost when the Last Pastry Ninja fell beneath the bloated hoof of the rampaging Pilsbury Dough Boy (see "Pastry Ninja and the Batter of Doom" 1992).

I'm glad to see you are keeping this ancient tradition. May your Shortbread Shuriken remain ever sharp and tasty!

Yes...I'm thrilled to see someone still makes Pfefferneuse. But I'm confused (nothing new there!)?? The Pfefferneuse I remember from childhood used to be shaped into small balls and covered in white powdered sugar?? Don't get me wrong...I'm loving the chocolate, but, well.... just what was it I ate all those many years ago? [Hmmmm...on second thought maybe best we just not go there, eh? Mwahahaha!]

Rich said...

Scones are pretty good but Pfefferneusse (with the thin white icing - Sorry) are some of my absolute favs! Must be that Germanic lineage.

Good to hear from you. Keep up the good pastry work. I hope my new friend the Norwegian chef pays you a visit (I told him to.)


Jewels said...

The Pfefferneusse look yummy! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

okey first off it is spelled Pfeffernuesse!!!!!!!!

second yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it looks so good. try not to work to hard. Oh and if you make to many of those vanilla bliss cookies - I'll be happy to eat them they are my new favorite!!!!! I mean we wouldn't want any of those to go to waste and all.

pfeffernutter? Isn't that some kind of dish made out of bunnies?

jin said...

ace: Munkeetreats you say?
Maybe I should send a bushel of bananas?!!?

cherry: Shut up & go style your hair.

flatlander: *jin giggles*
Shhhh...I practice lots of ancient secret pastry stuff...if you only knew. (But then you'd need to be eliminated. Death by Chocolate.)

e c: HAHA!!! You are correct. They are normally round balls in powdered sugar. I had to omit the sugar as these were for a black tie function & powdered sugar is a no-no with this type of crowd. It can end up on fancy black dresses & suits! (and we can't have that, can we?! ;-)

rich: Here they put the thin icing on Lebkuchen.
Personally, I'm not too into cookies.
I do happen to be into a Lindt Raspberry Chocolate Bar in between keystrokes.

cp: OH!!! Who's the new Norwegian chef??? Tell me, tell me!!! A Blog visit or a real life one?

jewels: Thanks! Miss you toooo!!! Back to normal in a day or 2 now...I hope?!

katy: lol....typo's abound when I am overworked &, unfortunately, blogger does NOT know food spelling AT ALL!!!
Technically, isn't it just that u with the 2 dots over the top or is that a different region's spelling?

Vanilla Bliss, hmmmm? Does it surprise you to know those are one of my personal absolute FAVES?!!? If I have extra of those, NOBODY gets ANY! LMAO! Not even D! Heeheheheheeee!!!! I eat them ALL! You have great taste! :-)

phos: I am totally ashamed that I did, in fact, eat hassenpfeffer on ONE occasion many many years ago...*jin hangs her head in shame*
Here's a distraction: SPICE CAKE!

Nothing like hot peppery bunny cookies!!! Please pass another pfeffernutter cookie... If you say pfeffernutter a bunch of times in a row it stops sounding like a real word. Oh wait, it isn't a real word, but it is a lot of fun to say it a bunch of times in a row!!

Where's this spice cake you keep on about? Caramel frosting, right??

jin said...

Sounds like you'll be driving mrs. phos crazy tonight!!! LOL!

Damn right, caramel frosting!!!

Anonymous said...

No bananas! Berries!

Gyrobo said...

I'll take the bananas.

In the form of banana crunch cake.

Or maybe banana muffins.

Mmmmm... naners!

jin said...

ace: Ha! Ha! Ha! :-) Ok! OK!
No Bananas.....but,
I could have sworn Munkees eat bananas...hmmm...don't munkees have those shiny red bums, too or are those only on the kind that eat bananas???

gyrobo: MMmmm...how's about a moist delicious banana cake topped with cruncy buttery oatmeal streusel & served with a dollop of vanilla bean pastry cream on the side.....?
Damn! Now I made myself hungry for that!??! :-)

I have organic bananas here ALL the time. When I have a week like this where I work insane hours I tend to be too tired to cook proper meals. I snack on bananas, hummus & pomegranite juice constantly! (Not mixed together though...ew...LOL!)

mizfit said...

thanx to the lovely pix on ur blog, nobody in office is ready to work. we all are going to gain a million pounds by ordering cakes n pastries from our local bakery....u left us hungry....AGAIN!

Jin, the Norwegian chef is a blogger. I haven't read his blog extensively yet, so if I find good food there I will send you to him. (First I have to remember where I bookmarked him.)


jin said...

mizfit: LOL! Aw, so sorry! Too bad you aren't closer!
Stick around, I've got a super-post coming tonight!
p.s. Keep thinking how beautiful that picture was of you!!! Especially with the rose next to you...you should consider using that as your avatar! :-)

cp: LOL...OK! Let me know!! BTW, anytime you find someone you want me to 'partner-up n cyberstalk' with you, just shout. LOL!!!