Saturday, April 01, 2006

Impermanent Paramour

Pick-up Line #1

Hey there sexy lady...I've got something for you...just the way you like it...what do you say...let's go back to my place & have some

Ginger Rhubarb Jam filled Sweet Ravioli Cookies?

Pick-up Line #2

Honey, you are the sexiest creature on this planet! How would you like to wrap your luscious lips around my

Egg Nog Shortbread Snowman Cookies dipped in White Chocolate?

Pick-up Line #3

You are absolute perfection. Your blue eyes shine like

Chocolate Glazed, Cream Cheese filled Red Velvet Xmas Tree Petit Fours.

Isn't love grand?????????????

3 Responses to “Impermanent Paramour”

Polyman2 said...

How funny,
I guess in your business,
you've heard it all...
ha, ha.
Now my mouth
is watering, slurp.

jerry-is-stoke said...

Yes,what can I say now. Looks like you have it going on. But i'd still like you to stop over!

jin said...

Hey Poly! Glad to see you again. I really do have to figure out how to get the sweets to go through the monitor- Willy Wonka style!

jerry, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the compliment!