Saturday, November 04, 2006


I've been DYING to upload these since early yeterday afternoon!!! Alas, Blogger would NOT have it, wouldn't even let me comment ALL night on my very own BLOG!!! ARGGGHHHHhhh!!!! Anyway, here we have a cake I was INCREDIBLY pleased with!
The entire cake is frosted in 'Tiffany Blue' Vanilla French Buttercream as opposed to "Yucky Tasting Rolled Fondant'. The jin has this knack for frosting cakes smooth as can be! That way, they look nice AND taste good!!! YAY!!! I only used fondant on the white accent swags. Normally they will be removed before the cutting & serving of the cake.

Before you ask, yes, I did make ALL those tiny little bows by hand! Aren't they CUTE?!!?
Well, what do you think?!!?

32 Responses to “PORCELAIN or CAKE ? ? ?”

Cherry! said...

Love it! Very pretty, indeed!


jin said...

Wow...that's just weird!
Simultaneous First Comments!!!

I've never done that with a chick before!??!

Just came from FS's site. You have got be one of the nicest people I have ever come across. All that and you can bake too!!

jin said...

Aw, shucks phos...
*jin doesn't know what to say*


Gravymaster said...

Porcelain or silk? Velvet or kidskin? I want to sleep on that. Unreal. Much too soft to be cunsummed.

Gravymaster said...

Or even consumed.

Anonymous said...

Ooh. Pretty.

MeHereNow said...

Speechless....once again!

O.M.G. Jin!!!!
Errr...I'm awight, really I am. Better I just stay down here, tho, if you're gonna keep baking like that! Could you hand me a super-sized drool rag, please?

WOW! Cool. ...EC's son!!!

Rich said...

OMG! It's beautiful! *glint*

jin said...

gravy: You wouldn't say that if you knew what was inside!

White Chocolate cake layers filled with White chocolate mousse & fresh sliced strawberries!
YUM! ;-)

ace: Thank You! :-D

meherenow: Heeheee! Thanks! :-D

E C: LOL! Well, if your bumped head sends you delirious just make sure you come to my shoppe in your delusions!!! :-)

E C's Son: LOL! Thanks! :-D

rich: Haha!!! Smartass! :-)

Fuff said...

So pretty. I knew it looked and tasted good.

Anonymous said...

White Chocolate cake layers filled with White chocolate mousse & fresh sliced strawberries!
YUM! ;-)

Ooh. Tasty.

Rich said...

Sooo, did you pick the tray? Classy! If not, did they give you the dimensions and you made the cake to suit? Classier!

Middle Child said...

My goodness you have a'd just crack up anf all about laughing at my cake icing... if it stays on the cake its a good job...

just beautiful

jin said...

fuff: Thank You!! :-D
That cake flavour is one of my personal faves!

ace: MMMmmm-Hmmmm. YUMMY, even! LOL!

rich: OH! GOOD question! The tray (17.5" in diameter)was theirs. I just made the cake fit! LOL! I DO think it went perfectly with the cake design!

middle child: LOL...I've been doing this a LONG time! My first few cakes looked awful, luckily they were made just for family (they didn't taste too good either! :-S).

I made my first 'professional style' wedding cakes when I was 19. Those were very nice, although NOTHING like what I make now! LOL!

Anonymous said...

wow how pretty and the filling sounds so yummy. How long did it take to make this?

jin said...

katy: Ummm...maybe 4-5 hours to bake & fill & frost it (there was an additional 2 layer 12"x18" cake)...It did take a LONG time, by my standards anyway, to do the swags & the bows. I'd say that took between 2 & 3 hours just for the decos. That's a LOT for a wedding cake, usually 1.5 hours is tops.
I do charge extra for my time though, on details like that, so it was worth it.

I had a customer that was in today who attended the reception. She said the cake was gorgeous & awesome...everyone loved it! YAY! :-)

Rich said...

Classier! Good one!

Another quick but unrelated question?

What in your range would you suggest for some very nice Vegans at Xmas? They're in Minnesota, can you deliver?

jin said...

rich: Thanks! :-)

I can make practically anything you have seen here vegan, I just use:
-a vegan egg substitute for the 'eggs'
-vegan Earth Balance Spread for the 'butter'
-Turbinado sugar for the 'sugar' (vegans don't normally eat granulated sugar as it is filtered through animal bone sieves)
-soy or rice milk for the 'dairy'

Minnesota is a good 4+ hour drive each way from here, but I ship SWEETBOXES there all the time with great results! Best items for shipping: muffins, cookies, bars, quick-breads (these are all easily made vegan as well).

Any more questions, feel free to ask!

Soylent Green cake mix for vegans??

jin said...


I LOVE that FILM!!!

*shhhh...don't tell anyone that I own a copy!*

(It's only a matter of time, KNOW it! LOL!)

Rich said...

Well, it has to be christmasy, even though they aren't christians. So closer to the date I'll drill you on what you recommend, what's popular and good.

What could be better than sending bloggers the beautiful wholesome creations of other bloggers.

Soylent Green, good movie, brilliant book!

jin said...

Sounds good rich!
I make things look nice & Xmasy, without the crosses & baby Jesus'.
Heehee. ;-)

I LOVE Bloggers & Blogging & sending sweets to blogger's blogger friends!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

awesome bows!!!

jin said...

Thanks henry & WELCOME to my blog!!!

Come back anytime!

Jewels said...

Are you KIDDING ME???? How in the heck do you manage to make bows and ribbons out of icing?!?

jin said...

LOL...took me a LONG time!!!
But, I feel I got a fair price for doing it, so, why not?!

I could imagine it being on the order of you making a "Beaded Bead'. Maybe? Am I close? LOL!

Justmee said...

wow the detail work is amazing. How long did that take you to do? Love it!

jin said...

justmee: Thank You!! :-D
I'd say that it took between 2 & 3 hours just for the decos. That's a LOT for a wedding cake, usually 1.5 hours is tops.
I do charge extra for my time though, on details like that, so it was worth it. Plus, I knida had FUN! LOL! :-)

Jewels said...

Hmmmm. lemme see... I think it would be closer to making one of those Sabrina Cuffs. It's ALL embellishment! ;)