Friday, September 29, 2006

The Brioche ATE The Charlotte Russe!!!

There are many many perks to being a pastry chefs husband. I'm talking hundreds thousands millions BILLIONS! One of the most awesome is that you get a phenomenal cake on your birthday. ALWAYS.

It was David's birthday today. I won't tell you how old he is but it's older than me. Heehee!!! I made him this Wednesday night:
Charlotte Russe
Lady fingers soaked in Sweet Luscious Blood Orange juice line the bottom & sides. It is filled with a Blood Orange Bavarian Cream (A DIVINE stabilized whipped airy fragrant melt-in-your-mouth taste of Pure & Total BLISS) & piped decos in Belgian Chocolate Ganache.

Somehow, I always manage to make him believe this is the year he won't get a cake. He falls for it EVERY time! So when I came out with this for breakfast he was pleasantly shocked:

I told him he got 3 wishes when he blew out the candles. But I've since taken them away as he wouldn't allow me to take his photo whilst he blew out the candles. :-P

The cake was 10" in diameter & roughly 4" tall. It would have easily served 24 people. I gave 2 slices to my Aunties & 2 slices to my Mum. Brioche had one piece minus the chocolate, of course. D & I had a tiny taste each.

*Insert Deep Echoing Evil Laughter Here*

This is what's left:

17 Responses to “The Brioche ATE The Charlotte Russe!!!”

Fuff said...

A popular cake! Looks fantastic. Hope he had a great day!

flatlander said...

Wow! The world has finally been indulged a rare, cross-sectional view of a Jintrinsique cake, giving us nigh-irrefutable evidence that not only are your cakes consumate works of art for the eye to behold, but they offer hitherto unbeknownst delights for the taste buds as well.

*Must now turn off computer to avoid almost irresistible urge to lick computer screen*

Happy Birthday Dave!

Anonymous said...

WOW that sounds and looks like my kind of cake. Happy Birthday D.

Gorgeous cake!! Too bad it wasn’t a spice cake - it is Fall again and I can talk about spice cake, yay!!

Best wishes to David on his birthday!

Cherry! said...

Happy birthday D!!

What were his 3 wishes?
And are you sure you only had a tiny taste each????

Papa Joe said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmI want some, I want wife showed me this page, now I'm going to get even MORE of a potbelli cause andrea is a GREAT cook, but the desserts...oh your desserts...yummie yummie yummie..woman you're killing me here......

Anonymous said...

lol oh, I apologize for my hubbie there girlie...for he has a sweettooth like no one I know, it's REALLY Good that you are so far away (but if it becomes available that we can order thru the mail, I'm going to have to restrain him, I take no responsibility....)......

I must say I watch alot of food network competions and you should ENTER in any of those cake contest, girl youd SURE get my vote!!!!

cheers, Andrea

All I can say is WOW.


jin said...

fuff: Thanks! How could he not have a great day with ALL THAT CAKE?!!? LOL! ;-)

flatlander: OOOooo....I LOVE that comment!!! :-D Can I use that in my advertising?! :-D

He says thanx for the b-day wishes...he knows which blogger you are, I talk about you all the time! I even got him to check out your 'snowman' post! He LOVED it!
(p.s. He thinks you have class because you collect vinyl! ;-)

katy: He says 'Thanks & Go Libra's!' :-)

phos: Yay! Spice Cake! LOL! I passed on the message! :-)

cherry: He said thanx! He knows which blogger you are, too. I affectionately refer to you as 'the cock slut'. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

(One wish was for a million dollars. He didn't tell me the rest. Is that bad?!!? :-O)

papa joe & andrea: Ok...all I need to know is whose name the credit cards are in, then I can properly kiss up!!! Heeheeeee!!! :-)

Re the competitions: it's practically impossible for small biz owners to enter them. We don't have the staff to cover for us. It's also VERY expensive (for travelling, etc.) as they are never in this area. You either have to be a bored housewife, or a rich famous chef!!! LMAO! How fair is that? Um...actually, I entered 1 many many years ago in WI...long ridiculous story. I may post about it sometime.

cp: That works for me! :-D

I did have some strawberry mousse cake. It was a little too over the top in the sweet department... Thought of you today -we went to the "Cheese House" only they had a bunch of deserts on display. Apparently until it gets cool enough to ship cheese they branch off into "Sweet Temptations" and make chocolate this and that. Looked good, though not as artistic (autistic?) as yours.

Cherry! said...

Aw! He's so sweet! Alot of peeps affectionately refer to me as Slut or Slutty but it's never been teamed with cock before! I like it! I wonder what the other two wishes were.....

You know what I hate? When you have candles on the cake and then they drip all over the cake making the top look like a bad Jackson Pollock Knock-off. Then you get to eat wax coated frosting. Blech. Sorry to have gone there, but I had to get it out. Much better now, thanks.

jin said...

phos: LMAO!!! Yes, I too HATE the melted wax, on a cake, in the frosting. YUCK! I won't put candles in unless they are on the little flowery stands that catch the drips. I hope we aren't the only 2 people in the world that this bothers.

cherry: LOL! I thought you might! :-)

Rich said...

Lady fingers soaked in Sweet Luscious Blood Orange juice, that is truly fantastic! Yum! Happy Birthday to your hub.

I finally managed to weedle my mum's cheesecake recipe out of her a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I made a cheese cake which had a nice biscuit base (including secret ingrediants, shhhh) had a chocolate mousse layer, then cherrys, then a chocolate cheesecake layer with Grand Marnier in it and then mums standard cheesecake over that. Mmmm, Black Forrest cheesecake thingy, Mmmm.

People seemed to enjoy it anyway.

jin said...

LOL! rich that cheesecake 'thingy' sounds INCREDIBLE!!!! Did you take pics?

I made my first Black Forest of the season the other day...won't get posted until the weekend, though. Too busy. But I thought of you when I took the pic!!! :-)

RIch said...

I did think of you and your blog after making it but unfortunately I didn't have time to take a photo. Too busy making other stuff for the BBQ. There wasn't even any left over for my to take a pic of a single slice.

Next time!

jin said...

Well, if there wasn't any left then it HAD TO BE GOOD!!! :-)