Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Classy Cut Cookies

They are NOT just for kids anymore! In fact, the majority of my delectable cut-out cookies are purchased by adults for other adults (including themselves ;-). The dough is mixed in my trusty Kitchen-Aid in small batches to insure complete awesomeness. Butter, sugar, eggs, leavening, vanilla & flour--that's all, nothing else. Then I roll them by hand & cut out various shapes.

The pumpkins bake in the oven until they pouf slightly & are light & crisp!

As they came out of the oven they magically transformed into ghosts. You see, I goofed when I made the pumpkins. I forgot the order was for ghosts. So, maybe they didn't just magically change...I actually had to will them into morphing with a little extra nose twitch. ;-)

This is how they look after being decorated with our very own sweet butter frosting. Go on, take one! You KNOW you want to!

I make an estimated 100 dozen + in the month of December alone. The cookies are always completely gone, with people actually fighting over the last tray. They do not just order 2, 4 or even 6 cookies. We're talking 5-6 dozen per customer.

I do ALL the rolling myself. It's really good exercise for 2 parts of your body. No, not those!!! (Well, ok...maybe those, too. ;-) But I really meant arms. Good exercise for the arms.

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jin said...

Ok everyone, I widened the template about an inch & darkened the text in the center column. Let me know if that's better.

I sure hope so cos I ended up having to redesign the damn header image & recoding the template for another 2 hours. Grrrr...

I need you people to tell me how it looks tho, cos it's nearly to the edges of my screen (dinky old Compaq monitor).

Can you see the text alright?
Is everything working?
Did I forget anyone's links?
Anyone want to trade a nice flat panel for naked pics of me?

Ummm...yeah, I think that about covers it.

Happy HumpDay!

OH! Hey...I got FIRSTS!!! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

jin, the templete is fantastic and the cake (one post down) looks absolutely gorgeous. u r so brilliant and talented!

could you please forget about my UCB friend (the one i wished to sell to u in exchange of ur cakes and pastries) and Marry Me instead? pretty please?

fairscape said...


i'm away for a couple a days and i don't recognize the place

you've been busy as usual

at least i think it will let me post?

Jewels said...

Yes it is good exercise: Rolling in is awesome for the deltoids, and rolling away will work out the pectorals, deltoids, and biceps. Sort of like rowing. Good Girl! ;)
Now, if we could only figure out a way to roll pastry dough out with our FEET! LOL!!!!

BTW: the template looks awesome here on my wide screen. Just awesome!

Jewels said...

Oh, in the header, where it says "Late Latin- intrnsecus, inward. Latin, inwardly.", is there an "I" missing in 'intrInsecus'?

Caroline said...

wow - those cookies look so good, and that tiffany-blue cake is absolutely gorgeous!
do you ever make vegan treats? if you do, i think i may have to order one of those sweetboxes:)

Anonymous said...

I may have to try and make some of those bad-actors. I don't have any cookie cutters, but I can always use an empty soup can(as long as it isn't too rusty).

I think your new design looks pretty good. It fits well on my monitor(HP laptop 14" widescreen)

And I've tried to trade naked pictures of myself before for things. It just doesn't work. I think I might give away too many for free...

Anonymous said...

Those are my favorite kind!

Two parts of the body? Arms and what else?!?

Rich said...

You know Jin, You really shouldn't listening to a drunk Aussie. It looked better before... HA! Kidding! That little extra space in the centre column makes all the difference :)

These cookies look fabo! I don't eat cookies but if I did I'd go for bakery cookies (preferably yours of course) everytime.

PS. There's photo's of the cake I''ve been animating so I haven't had much time for the web is all.

flatlander said...

Ok, that's the real deal! I should have realized something was up when the photos failed to load.

Now that's a swank looking blog! Love the pin stripes. Banner looking very luscious with pics.

I am now sniffing my screen, and it Wait! Is that a hint of pumpkin icing? Yes. And the unmistakable scent of edible ghosties too!

Jin, you truly are amazing with the HTML!!

Anonymous said...

That's better.

I think. I can't really tell, but it instinctively seems better.

jin said...

mizfit: Thank You Thank You!
*jin takes a bow*

A wedding proposal?!!? LOL!!! Well, gee...we hardly even know each other! Hmmm...yesterday I DID vote for same sex marriages to be legal here, so if I get tired of the male species I'll be sure n call you FIRST!!! :-D

fairscape: YAY! It let you comment! Things have been working better around here, don't know if it was my change or if Bloggers been fixin' the pipes?!!?
Good to see you! :-D

jewels: Ok...I KNEW you'd find a nice technical description for my 'exercise'! :-)

Am still glad you like the new look! :-D

On the Latin...funny, but I cut n pasted from & it doesn't show an 'i' there, but it does show some sort of odd raised symbol? (Like a 1 with a line on top.) I'm wondering if that's a typo & it's supposed to be an 'i'? Now you had me searching for the truth lady! LMAO! I searched 4 different Latin sites & they didn't even have the word at ALL! The last one I found did have an 'i' there. Now I have a dilema...add the i, try to add the symbol, or leave it??? LOL!!! I'll prob. just add the 'i' now! HAHAHAHA!!!! :-D *Good spot jewels!*

jin said...

caroline: Thank You & WELCOME to my blog! :-)

I sure do bake vegan!
Replacements include:
Organic egg replacers, turbinado sugar, earth balance & soy or rice milks. Each SWEETBOX is made to order so you can request exactly what you do/don't want to go in it! I do hope to have a link soon just for 'sweetbox info', until then, let me know if you have any more questions! :-)

andy: You can use a pizza roller, too, if you have one. Then you'll have diamonds or squares! ;-)

Thanks & I'm GLAD to know it works on the 14" laptop! YAY!

LOL...hmmm...I didn't get any offers either. :-( *pout*

hippo: Heeeheeeeeeee!!!
You just want to hear me say the word boobs, dontcha?!!? Well I'm NOT going to & that's FINAL, so THERE!!! HA!

jin said...

rich: Oh, I KNEW you were right...I just didn't know if I wanted to go through the hassle! LOL. I'm glad I did & if I ever end up with a widescreen myself it'll probably get expanded a bit more!

OOOhhh!!! An animation for your blog or for work?
*jin secretly hopes it's for the blog*

flatlander: YAY! You came back! I'm so glad...I happened to see it when blogger pics were down & I thought ewwwww.....LOL!!!

Be CAREFUL! Don't get so close to your screen...they'll steal your retinal photo!!!!

ace: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! :-D
Have I ever told you that I LIKE the way you think?!!?

Keshi said...

wow ur a professional at this ha! Lovely yummy cookies.


Rich said...

Check out my Blaaaaarrrrggggg!

jin said...

Thank You & WELCOME to my blog! I recognize you from Phos' place!

rich: I did, I did...but, I don't see anything different? Unless our comments crossed in the mail?
I'm confused....

Rich said...

NO, I just liked the idea of you checking out my 'blaaaarrrrg', wait, no, um, I'm sure it had updated. Refresh, refresh like crazy... and check out my blaaaarrrg.

jin said...

LMAO rich!!!!!

EXCELLENT!!! Heeheeehee!
Yes, yes...I saw the monkey movie...OH! We should tell ace, he LOURVES munkees!

You sound like an Aussie pirate!
It suits you!!! ;-)

P.S. Am working on a post, don't know if I'll get it done tonight...we had a BIRTHDAY party here today!!! It was my 'lil Brioche's 1st BDAY! YAY! We had hats, n cake, n balloons....

Anonymous said...

okay much better

the cookies look yummy

jin said...

Thanks katy! Those ship really well, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

yay!!!! there's hope.

*keeps fingers crossed*