Monday, November 27, 2006

What A Pastry Chef Eats For Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner, that is.

Left Top: Yam & Organic Potatoes Anna
Left Bottom: Stuffed Baby Portabella Mushrooms
Right: Home-Made Tofu Turkey

As Served.

With Candlelight.

(No Pecan Pie left. Sold Out. :-( Had to make do with Cake.)

Alternating Layers of Red Velvet & Devil's Food Cake
Filled W/ Cream Cheese Frosting
Glazed in Belgian Chocolate

Did you know non-alcoholic champagne can catch on fire?


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15 Responses to “What A Pastry Chef Eats For Dinner”

flatlander said...

I love yams! I also love movies starring them, like Yamityvill Horror and Yambo (I & II).

Happy Thanksgiving (southern version)!

I just about gnawed off my arm looking at that cake.

Looks good! The cake reminded me suspiciously of a Pretty Baby.

Love the recipe blog. Are you going to post any of your UYP secrets??

Rich said...

And that is healthy eating?

Where'd I put that bacon? Sorry.

jin said...

COOL! 3 of my FAVE guys all together! :-D

flatlander: Heeheee!!! I too, love Yamityville Horror. I also like jumping on Yampolines, riding the Yamtrak up to Canada & playing Yamopoly.

Thank You! I'm not used to having time I'm tired! HA! ;-)

I had a piece of cake today in your let go of that arm! :-S

cp: LOL...that's where pretty babies come from! ;-)

I will post a few recipes when I get a chance to...unfortunately that might mean January! *I usually get 2 weeks off, we close the shoppe. YAY!*

rich: HAHA!!! I can take a joke!

Ewww...& when I think of all the bacon I ate before I went veg I shudder. I ate it constantly. But, I looked like I ate it constantly! :-S I was huge...yes, yours truly was fat. No, you cannot see a picture. I've burned them all!!!

Rich said...

Burned them all? What, over the bright plaid flame of a non alcoholic champagne? What's the point Jin, Turkey with no turkey, alcohol with no alcohol, what's the point of it all? Live fast, die young, and make sure the planet is as fucked up as possible for the next generation!

Middle Child said...

Yams yummy... the food all looks so good...oh well... somes got it somes hasn't...somes like to look and taste but better at washing up... : (

jin said...

rich: OMG, you're RIGHT!!!
*jin runs off to eat a huge steak, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, do drugs & have an unprotected sex orgy......
10 minutes later she keels over DEAD.*

The narrator steps in in jins absence, he speaks in a Hitchcockian voice: "There, now wasn't that fun?"

middle child: Don't worry bout me, there's plenty I CAN'T do! LOL! Yes, I'm good with food...but my laundry skills, my cleaning skills & some of my technological skills are lacking (to put it nicely! LOL!).

Anonymous said...

Jin, you made your own tofurkey? Good for you. I was too busy with family illnesses to do that this year, but I have done so in the past -- they rock, don't they?

I ocne again did all of the cooking this year, for all the ladies. ;)

Anonymous said...

The cake sounds heavenly.

I'm not sold on the Tofurkey, though.

If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did He make them out of something as tasty as meat?

Anonymous said...


but where's the REAL dessert?

-wink- -wink-


Yeah I really should get this eye checked out.

jin said...

Double COOL! 3 MORE of my fave guys all together!!!

dan: Aw, with all that chasing back & forth I DO wish we lived closer...I'd have sent over dinner for all of you!!!
I actually think the tofu turkey is super easy, and, yes...SUPER GOOD!!! I know you can do it with the pie crust over the top & make it look like an actual turkey...but I'm NOT into that! LOL.

ace: In all honesty...if you cook a man just perfectly...served with the right sauce & wine...they taste divine. ;-)
*very evil grin*

hippo: Hahaha!!!! Don't I wish!!! Why do you think I eat so much chocolate?!!?

-wink- -wink-


Damn! It's catchy!

Anonymous said...

ace: In all honesty...if you cook a man just perfectly...served with the right sauce & wine...they taste divine. ;-)
*very evil grin*

Darlin', you can eat me anytime. :P

(Come on, I had too! It was so easy!)

jin said...






I mean...






*jin tries to act shocked instead of giggling* ;-)

Johnny Menace said...

did anyone else get a hard on from those pictures?

jin said...

Welcome johnny!!!
I do believe many of my readers find that happening whilst at my blog. At least, I hope so anyway!