Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Holiday at the Pastry Shoppe

Just a quick post for all of my diehard blogfans! I snapped a few pics yesterday (Wednesday) but it was SO CRAZY I didn't get many! Sorry!

The cake on the right was left-over, so that will be our Thanksgiving dessert tonight. I'll try to post pics this weekend of our dinner & the yummy inside of the cake!

In the food service industry holidays are spent differently than the average family spends them. We work so hard making food for you, that we are usually much too tired to celebrate on the day of [the holiday], our day off.

It's nearly 9.30PM, Thanksgiving Day, & I've yet to start our dinner (Home-made Tofurkey stuffed with Brioche (the bread NOT the dog ;-) Dressing, Home-made roasted vegetable Gravy, Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms & Organic Sweet Potatoes thinly sliced & layered with secret ingredients & baked until crisp). We will probably eat around midnight. You see, this is me last night at around 8PM:
After finishing everything here, I was even too exhausted to blog! I started to fall asleep at my pc. I finally got home around 3AM (Thursday) went to sleep at 5AM & slept straight through until 4PM today (Thursday). I'm still tired right now. LOL! Oh! I know how to wake up...I'll have a left-over Cappuccino Brownie w/ Belgian Chocolate White & Dark Coins folded into the batter & topped w/Cream Cheese Frosting! MMMMmmmmm.....
Does the brownie go well with my new haircut? I did it last night...I do incredibly impulsive (sometimes silly) things when I get over-tired. I don't think I'll tell you about the others. *DEVILISH GRIN*

Alright, I'm off to make dinner, hope you ALL had a fantabulous day! I'll be back tomorrow (Friday) to read, comment & maybe even go Beta if I'm feeling DARING! *GASP!*

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Cooked a couple turkey roasts, ate too much, the whole shebang. Hope you get some rest!!

Tofurkey - think of the slaughter of all those poor beans just so you could feast on mock turkey. The shame of it all!! I am mounting an anti-veggicide campaign or the society for the prevention of cruelty to plant life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phosgene Kid, what the heck do you think turkeys, cows, pigs and chickens eat?

Plants of course! And for one pound of beef, a cow has to eat 18 pounds of plants. So if you're concerned about cruelty to veggies, eat less plants ... by eating plants. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jin, so that's why you look different! You cut your hair (I just read your comment in the othe post). I have to say, you look great. For sure! I like your new look. Short hair is the best. Laura has short hair, which I love.

For a while I thought you looked better because you looked a bit tired in your photos! But that didn't quite make sense, did it? ;)

Gyrobo said...

Every time I think of Thanksgiving, I'm brought back to the sad story of Mike the Headless Chicken.

Odd, since it doesn't involve turkey.

jin said...

phos: LOL mr. veggie smart arse!

I think I am now officially caught up on sleep. I feel almost normal. (My normal, NOT the norm. Haha!!)

dan: LOL...short in the front only, still longer in back. More one length, though. I'll post another pic on unplugged soon.

gyrobo: I never heard that story before. POOR chicken!!! OMG!!! I think it only lived so it could make the farmer dude feel like shit for doing that to him! LOL!

Are you going Beta?
Why haven't you gone Beta?
Is it going to fuck up my new template?
Please enlighten me oh master of the web-design *jin bows to Lord Gyrobo the Awesome*

Fuff said...

You have a fringe! Suits you :)
Gorgeous pics as usual. I thort you'd stuffed your tofurkey with the dog, thanks for the clarification!

jin said...

LOL fuff!!! I always have to say that now...Brioche (the bread) will NEVER be the same again! LMAO! What have I done???? :-D

Yes...LOTS of fringe! Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sex, sex, sex...


Sorry..I just had to throw that in.

jin said...

Now I'm confused hippo.
You are:
having Sex, sex, sex...
wanting Sex, sex, sex...
my post made you think of
Sex, sex, sex...

WoW! After all that I think I need another brownie!!!

Anonymous said...

funny I got a haircut too! check out my blog for pictures. I hope you got some rest. love the pictures

Happy Thanksgiving! One day you'll have to explain how you keep up all that energy. I lived with a chef for many years and know how hard you work.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to finish my stinking novel.

And still be sociable with the parental types and family friends.

Happy Tofurkey day. You're way too granola for me, sometimes! :)

When I went Beta I didn't have a custom template, but the HTML is different, because of the widgets.

No, I don't know what a widget is. I'm a writer, not a computer guy.

jin said...

katy: OOOoooh...I'll be RIGHT over!!!

evi: Thank you!!! The adrenaline sometimes! Other times bee pollen chewables! LOL!

ace: Damn...beta has widgets? Some are cool...but I hear they really mess with certain browsers & need to be updated constantly...hmmm....I'm still debating. LOL.

Glad to hear the novel is going....not much time left! So, you really wrote that film? What's the story there? It's coming out soon, right???

LMAO!!! should taste my's the stuff dreams are made's orgasmic*! Heeheeeee!

*this term may only apply if I'm feeding said granola to said person. Restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. Tax & tip not included.

Yep, going to blow the whole veggie abuse thing wide open. Think of that next time you drop our firend Mr. Boccoli into a pot of boiling water!!

I saw DAN was thinking - always comment on a woman's hair when she has just done somethibg to it or there will be hell to pay -for the rest of yourlife. I know!!! You do look nice, BTW.

Anyway, hope you had a nice T-Day and got to kick back a bit. Sorry gotta go work on "Save the Wild Tofu" T-shirts.

DAN: Understand the food chain, but I just like to needle the grazers a bit. I am omnivorous, myself.

jin said...

Hahaha! phos...thanks for the compliment & the comedy relief. I always know where I stand with you!!!

You should use that last picture of you just having bitten into the pastry as an ad - you look like you are in ecstasy. Not sure what you are eating, but from the look on your face I'll take a case of that stuff!!

Rich said...

Hey cupcake! Fringe!

jin said...

phos: Cappuccino brownies...basically just a fudgy brownie w/ cinnamon, freshly brewed espresso & lots of chocolate chunks. MMmmm....

I was tempted to joke that there was a chippendale hiding under my desk but decided that was too 'off colour'!!!
Hahahaha!!! ;-)

rich: Teeheeee! :-D Yessirree! Well...what d'ya think?

Rich said...

My word verification said it for me :) Nice, very knoycz.

I think the longer hair in the first photo softens your face a little more but I can imagine it would bug the crap out of you while you were working. But you seem top have knoycz nails for someone who uses their hands a lot :)

jin said...

LMAO rich!!!
That is an AWESOME word veri!!!

My hair is tied up/back ALL the one really even knows how long it is! LOL! A couple years ago it was down to my ass for the LONGEST time. I cut off about 12" and nobody noticed! LOL. I figured with the fringe, some one would notice!?

Those are my very own nails, as well.
Good eating habits
shiny hair, strong nails, good complexion

...or so I can crawl out of bed & be to work in 9 minutes (if I HAVE to be!) & look just like those pics!
(Actually...those 2 pics were taken on the day I got to work in 9 minutes....umm....alarm didn't go off...:-D)

Middle Child said...

I have just had a fair swig of Bailey's left here by my daughter's intended (intended what?)..he left me two bottles...but didn't give Don anything...HMMM sweeten up the mother in law because there is no way on god's earth Don can be sweetened up but I think your cooking would do it Jin... what can we is art.

jin said...

middle child: Isn't life funny? I'd love to sweeten up my in laws...but they want nothing to do with me!? Can I adopt the 2 of you? LOL

(My husband's from England...I believe they did NOT want him to move here...ah well...their loss I always tell myself!)

jin said...

Thanks for the compliment, but, sorry to disappoint, I am already someone's 'jane'.
I also hate censoring comments at my next time please ease up on the language?