Sunday, November 12, 2006

Who ... Me?

Bloggers are VERY COOL people!

This intelligent guy wrote a post about MOI & here's part of what he said:

"Jin, I think it's official. Your food has magical powers."

CLICK HERE to read the rest.

*NOTE: It's NOT too late to play mad libs, below! I'm really having FUN reading all your answers!!!

10 Responses to “Who ... Me?”

Anonymous said...

hey cool I get to be the first comment

World class baking there Jin. You can tell by the detail work these aren’t ordinary cakes and treats. Nice to come across someone that takes so much pride in their work. That and I enjoy the pictures!!!

What’s with the "first post” thing? Like is there a trip to Hawaii involved or just bragging rights over one’s mouse skills??

Gyrobo said...

Ooooh! Nice new template!

I doubt anyone doubted your magical powers.

Tonight we had friends over for dinner and for dessert we finished off the Pretty Babies. Now our friends want to order from you too! If they do they will mention my name. I hope you will end up with more NYC customers!


S. said...

Holy Heaven, Jin! I just looked at your wedding cakes and they are incredible. Quite the artist, you are! I wondered why MT was asking you about I know! And now I'm salivating...

jin said...

katy: WOO-HOO!!!

phos: Thanks! :-) I try phos, I sure do try! :-)

Katy gets bragging rights...she also gets to tell all the locals that she's faster than the old dude in the number 2 position! ;-)

gyrobo: Thank You! I'm glad you like it! (Psssst! I swear I'm not changing to beta until you do. I need someone like you *master programmer* to tell me this first: 'it's ok jin, it's easy, go ahead.'

cp: YAY!!!
I don't know if I should tell you this or not.....
The pretty babies...I make those in Xmas tree shapes during layers of cake (1 is 'red velvet' one is 'green velvet') filled the same & dipped in white or dark & decorated with a tiny star on top & piped 'garland'. They are AWESOME & only about 1" wide at the base & 2.5" tall.
Oh, I found a pic HERE!

s.: WELCOME & thank you!!! :-) I'm glad you made your way over, come back anytime! :-)

Oh no, you're tempting me.....

jin said...


Who, me?


No trip, eh? I'll have you know I have always been pretty fast. Wound up getting slapped a lot, but nothing ventured nothing gained I always say.

jin said...

HAHAHA!!! Phos! I BELIEVE it!!!