Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Let's Get Married ..... Everyone's Doing It!

Young Girl to the Young Boy:
Know what'd fill me full of Joy?
Boy replies: your own car or a fake ID?
Girl retorts: NO SILLY! Marry Me!

Boy: You want us to get engaged?!!?
Your parents would be ENRAGED!
We're too young or so I'm told
Should be sowing my oats 'fore I'm too old!

Girl:You marry me now, or I'll raise HELL!
(Then all she did was yell & yell.....)
That poor boy, why he started quivering
Yet it was 100 degrees, why was he shivering?

He saw his life flash before his eyes:
Beautiful skinny wife with gorgeous thighs
They'd buy a house with a nice yard
Hmmm...sounds kinda nice, not too hard.

Soon she'd want kids, not one but FOUR!
They weren't all his, she turned into a WHORE!
Divorce ensues; she gets it all
He ends up selling shoes in a mini mall

Back to reality and he says NO WAY!
I won't marry you ANY day!
She peels off her shirt; reveals a lacy bra
Then boy you ain't gettin' these...HAHAHA!

Boy suddenly reconsiders, he thinks what the hell?
I'm young & good-looking, everything'll be swell!
As they get to it, Goddess watches from a distance
Maybe I should have given the males a bit more resistance?

30 Responses to “Let's Get Married ..... Everyone's Doing It!”

Middle Child said...

wonderful Jin...and did you make all those speciality is lamb cutlets, spuds, sweet potato, beans, carrots etc etc... but they taste yummy... but don't look like your cooking.... :)

fairscape said...


what is it with men and ta-tas anyway?

I had a cool idea for a cake decoration... How about a wheel of the year with all the seasons represented... might go over well at yule... er xmas/new years

Anonymous said...

I leave for a few days and everything goes to the gutter!!!

Haha. I liked the poem very much! Very nice cakes. Are those purplish blue thingies on the second to last cake edible?

I'm sure you could make everything edible Jin. Haha.

Anonymous said...

I love the poem and the pictures. And I agree with the last one.

Justmee said...

The lacy bra always seems to do the trick! Love the cakes! Hope you're having a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

I have cake porn for you Jen.


Jewels said...

Goddess You're clever!

Rich said...


Great poem.

WV: optizbm; why yes my bum is optimum.

jin said...

m c: Thank You! :-) Yes, I made all the cakes...I only post pics of things I've made. I'd LOVE some spuds n' sweet potatoes! YUMMM! I never take the time to make those...course, it's not very often that I can get organic potatoes...I don't really like to eat the chemically sprayed 'alternative'. :-S LOL. I think you know what I mean.

fairscape: LOL!:-D They are obsessed with them, aren't they?!!?

OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! I LIKE the 'Wheel of the Year' idea!!! *jin's brain starts running a mile a minute* OH! OH! OH! I could do them year round...they would be shippable...I could have a special page in my brochure just for that...
Thank You! :-)
*Pssssst! FairsCaPe, you know that offer is still good...December might be a nice time?* ;-)

hippo: You should talk mister-paint-in-the-balls-flasher.
(BTW, that's short for flash designer ;-)

Those certainly are edible! Vanilla French Buttercream flowers....MMMMmmmmm. ;-) (There are silver leaves sticking out of them...those can be made edible although these particular ones are not.)

Yes, yes I can...chocolate bikinis anyone?!!? ;-) Heeheee...
Did you happen to see my edible placesetting? It was a while ago...

p.s. I am SO linking you next time I update them...I've been meaning to...LOVE your movies!

jin said...

katy: LOL...thanks! I thought you'd like that! ;-)

justmee: Busy couple of days...Biscotti, Biscotti & MORE Biscotti! I'll post about it soon.

gnat: OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!
I'm SO there!!!!!

jin said...

jewels: *jin bows* As are YOU dear friend! :-D
*Pssssst! You think we should tell the guys we're considering doing an artsy nude pose for our blogs? Or should we keep it a secret yet? ;-)*

rich: LOL! How come you always get those types of WV? What makes you so special? I want those types, tooooo!

Anonymous said...

At least you didn't quote Meat Loaf on a cake site.

He pretty much loses the same argument, but with a different food group.

Middle Child said...

We must be lucky...our Coles supermarket has a lot of organic veges...most things basic anyway...and we go to the one independent butcher shop in the main street and he tells you where everything comes from and he is proud of being truthful. Veges even organic are always better bought from farmers amrkets...but I am limited in time as ours is a few miles away. In the big cities in australia you can find the odd all organic supermarket and home is expensive but...

Rich said...

Oh, and in answer to your blog title, NO! Not even if you show me your lacey bra! Well, you could test that theory, you know, just to make sure but I'm pretty certain the answer would still be no.

PS. there not many full organic fruit and veg markets in Sydney but the prices at the few I know are getting much better. It's much better quality though.

G3T Films said...

And the WV this time is poxjuz. Ewwwwww, I don't think I'm drinking any of that juice.

jin said...

ace: don't think I've heard much of his stuff, at all, really *blush*.
I DO know who he is though, does that count for something???

Actually, this poem was inspired by a very true story of a relative of mine...I might write a bit about that on unplugged tonight, it's funny in a not funny sort of way! LOL!!!

m c: We can get LOTS of organic veg...but not potatoes! EVER! I really LOVE potatoes, too...
I have a customer that has a HUGE organic garden. I trade baked goods for his fruits/veg & on occasion free-range eggs. In 2 years I've only received a dozen potatoes...& that's only cos I bribed him with a bag full of Belgian dark chocolate coins. They were the BEST potatoes I've ever tasted! He said they don't grow well here, I guess they get infested with some type of potato bug (which, of course, he doesn't spray with pesticides or anything) so the few they get each year are just for he & his wife.

As for the cost...I'd rather have a few bites of something tasty & chemical free than a plate full of yuck! LOL!

rich: Haha!!! Even black lacy?!!? ;-)
Have you seen the film Calendar Girls? I want my husband to take pics of me like that with things like cupcakes & a wedding cake, etc. Heeheee!!! I think the idea is growing on him...his very into photography, so we'll see...wait...or you'll see!!! HAHAHA!!!

WV=qqzfgxk see? what the hell can I make out of that?!!?

G3T Films said...

HA! Yes, I've seen Calender Girls. I'm sure your hubbie would love to take photos of you like that but I bet he's afraid you'll put them on your blog. I'm sure you'd open up whole new readerships though.

qqzfgxk: Hmmmm, OK... quick quiz, fag times (x) kitchen = pixpfys (my wv) poofy pictures. (yeah, OK, it's a long shot)

Anonymous said...

Jin, I oughta do a cooking segment with you and Ticharu. The odd-couple!

I'll try and add you tonight.

Anonymous said...

Meat Loaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" is pretty much an 8-minute opus on high-schoolers fighting about whether the girl will give it up without being married.

jin said...

Ok,'s official...I'm fucking obsessed with blogging! I RUN downstairs, put cookies, cakes, etc. in the ovens...RUN back upstairs to check my email/blog comments, try to comment back...RUN back downstairs cos the oven timers are going back upstairs to finish the comment I was only half-way through typing...
Who needs a gym membership? I can say blogging keeps me slim! ;-) Plus it helps that I have totally COOL commenters!!! :-D

jin said...

rich: LMAO! He KNOWS I'd want to put them on my blog! LOL! Think "Tasteful" NOT "Tacky"...oops, I just took all the fun out of it, didn't I?!!?
:-D Heehee!

Good shot at the

I got a great (DIRTY!) WV ONCE...I was so upset cos the blog I was on I KNEW there was NO WAY I could say it after my comment! HAHAHA!!! What a waste! :-D

hippo: YAY!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!! I'd love for you to use me sometime (um...that didn't come out right?! ;-) one of your films...LOL.
I need to visit ticharu's blog (I like the music you use of his)...he was here once to ask if I made vegan stuff. I do! But nobody in this area buys it! LOL. don't happen to be the guy that did that colors-expo flash thing, are you? Just curious.

ace: "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"
??? LOL! Doesn't quite sound like paradise to me! Hmmm...I never did it in high school (or with a high-schooler, for that matter! Haha!)...I can't image it'd be any good.

It was inspired by my younger cousin...I WILL write about it on unplugged, probably shortly. I may be the girl here, but I DO feel sorry for those guys that get rooked into it like that!!!

Oh...BTW...the shoe salesman reference was in honour of Al Bundy. The ULTIMATE in shoesalesmen! LOL!

Anonymous said...

lol...that was hilarious.

lacy bras have an irristable charm...any guy (or even I) can tell u that!

jin said...

Don't you know it mizfit! LOL!
I admit to being a wearer of those same lacy bras.
I think the rule is: If you've got it, flaunt it, right?!!?

jin said...

If I have time tonight you may get a detailed post, with multiple pictures, about Biscotti.
That's what Ive been doing for 2 FULL days...making Biscotti.

I Do NOT like making Biscotti...because it takes 2 FULL days...LOL...

Ok, gotta go, need some ZZZ's, have to run into Walmart on the way home (I need ANOTHER Biscotti jar! HA!)...Walmart at 4AM...FULL of fucking wackos!
*Myself most certainly excluded! ;-)

Nighty night everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hah "excluded"

You're just as f-ing wacko as the rest of us Four-AM Walmartians.

Oh and I like the makes you look very attractive...bold people rule!

Fuff said...

LOL!!! That was funny. Lovely cakes :)

Jewels said...

Jin, I believe the artsy nudes should remain a secret until we decide to post them. Incidently, mine's already been shot... How 'bout yours? Did you Get D to photograph some skin? ;)

jin said...

hippo: LMFAO! "Walmartians" I am going to use that term FOREVER! :-D
I guess I am a wacko 'martian'...more the "Barbarella" type, tho! ;-)

The bold makes me look attractive? Hmmm...I thought it was ME that makes me look attractive?!!?

fuff: Thanks fuff! :-D

jewels: Oh, ok...I won't say anything then. ;-)

...not yet...weekend after Thanxgiving, am too busy until then! :-S (Incidentally, I TOLD him I wanted hin to do it. I think he will cos then he wants to do a painting of me from the photo.)

ALL: Sooooo tired today! :-P Going home now, need some sleep, hopefully will be back with a post tomorrow night.

Will try to catch up with your blogs then. G'Night!

flatlander said...

I like the idea of marriage, despite the odds stacked against it. You might say the odds are stacked like your cakes...

There were rumours of some bathroom humour on my site, but the allegedly offending post has vanished. It's just like the proctologist said, "I'm my own worst enema."

So what's this business about artsy nudes? I bet this is bakeblog code for "un-iced cakes".

jin said...

flatlander: "You might say the odds are stacked like your cakes..." have a way with words! That just about sums it up.

*GASP* The post is GONE! I liked that one! I hope it wasn't something I said? I'm thinking you reconsidered your secret agent identity vulnerability?

The "un-iced cakes" are TOP SECRET, for now. I'll give you a "debriefing" ASAP! ;-)