Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ingredient 101 "Biscotti"

Biscotti (bee-SKAWT-tee) - as it is commonly known is derived from the Italian word biscotto, bis meaning twice & cotto meaning cooked.

"jin's Gingerbread Biscotti"
What are you? Are you a Lover? ..... of Biscotti, that is. I believe you either love it or hate it, there's no in between. Then again, if you haven't tried my Biscotti ...... well, you simply MUST!

Step 1: Whipping the eggs & sugar.

These ‘twice baked’ biscuits can be traced back to 13th century Tuscany, in a city named Prato (about 15 miles from Florence). Their popularity, in part, is due to Christopher Columbus, who relied on these crispy baked delicacies for his sea excursions in the 15th century. It was a perfect food for the sailors because after being baked once, it was sliced & baked a second time to thoroughly dry out the biscuit. This made them unsusceptible to mold growth, a huge plus when you are in a boat for months!

Step 2: Adding the rest of the ingredients.

There are two main types of Biscotti. The first type is made without any butter & are the more common variety. These greatly benefit from a generous dunking in coffee, tea or a glass of wine as they have a very hard texture. The second type has butter mixed in the dough. Just enough is added to give the cookie a more tender texture; a bit like that of a shortbread cookie. With this variety dunking is only optional for they are gorgeous on their own!

Step 3: Forming rough 'logs' out of the sticky dough.

With my obviously biased descriptions I’m sure you’ve come to the conclusion that the Biscotti I make is of the ‘butter added’ variety.

Step 4: Smoothing the 'logs' by jinhand, then baking.

'Logs' after being baked the first time.

Step 5: Slicing each 'log' into individual cookies.

Step 6: Re panning them with space between, so they can evenly dry out. They are baked the second time from 1 to 2.5 hours, until firm.

Step 7: Some varieties are adorned with chocolate or white chocolate.

Step 8: They are stacked, one x one in our Jumbo Biscotti Jars for display.

Step 9: Labeled as to Awesome Flavour. These happen to be my FAVES!

This is how goofy I look after spending 2 days making just over 800 Biscotti.

Shall I tempt you with the flavours?
Of course I shall, said the Temptress.
Whimsical - Spicy Gingerbread w/Meringue Royal Icing
Classical - Dried Cranberries & Toasted Georgia Pecans
Phenomenal - Crystallized Ginger & Belgian White Chocolate
Traditional - Toasted Almond & Cracked Spanish Anise
Celestial - Melted Chocolate, Mini Chips & Belgian Chocolate
Angelical - Tiny Maine Dried Blueberries & Ceylon Cinnamon
Diabolical - Crushed Toasted Hazelnuts & Organic Black Pepper
Exceptional - Dried Cherries & Loads of Mini Chocolate Chips

38 Responses to “Ingredient 101 "Biscotti"”

Yum! And George will be glad to know you use KitchenAid. I think he'd marry his if it were legal.

Anonymous said...

The Ingredient 101 posts are my favorite. Who can deny a history lesson along with baking instructions?

I've been known to enjoy biscotti from time to time.

Jewels said...

I would like to place an order please.

Seriously. Expect a call. ;) The last batch we got from you was exquisite. And the resident Biscotti lover here would be pleased to taste more. Expecially those super-duper chocolaty ones!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

You totally freaked me out with those eyes!

I was all ready to call 911...


I'm glad it was just you Jin!

Cherry! said...

Yum! I'd take the hazelnut one and the cherry one!

jin said...

cp: LOL...I have 4 of them. One I have had for roughly 14 years...never been fixed (never been broken!) how's that for QUALITY!!! Plus, I beat the shit out of mine, seriously! Daily abuse, whipping, banging, grinding, you name it! HAhahahahaha!!! :-D

On a totally BIZARRE side note...about marrying them...ever watch real sex on HBO? LMAO! I think that's where I saw it...they turned a Kitchen Aid into aid?! OMG it was fucking hilarious!!!! (Pun so NOT intended! HEeeeeeeHeee!) :-D

andy: YAY! I'm glad you like them...I've got several nearly ready to go, just need to collect a few more facts. You are back in WI aren't you? For good or for temporary?

jewels: *jin dances around in a circle*
"I get to talk to jewwwwwelsssss,
I get to talk to jewwwwwelsssss...yay, yay, YAY!"
I think I LOVE when my blogfans call me! :-D

hippo: Why...did I look like a

So, do I have to bribe you with sweets to make me a star?!!?
*jin flutters eyelashes*

cherry: Cherry? Cherry???? It's not really, is it? COULD it be???
O M G ! ! !
She's ALIVE!
I thought a dingo ate you baby.

Rich said...

I think I've said before I'm not much of a biscuit person, unfortunately those dry log like things are high on my bleech meter when it comes to biscuits. I honeswtly don't understand why they're so popular, but popular they are. I'm sure the biscotti lovers would find them irresitable.

Are you sure that's you in the photo, you seem to look slightly different in every photo. I'm starting to think they're just random customers. I'm onto you!

jin said...

Hahahahaha!!!! rich...So you are proudly stating that you are not a lover?!

I do admit, it's an aquired texture. (I can't really say taste, as the taste is AWESOME! But it is that hard/dry texture, many people can't get past.)
Kind of like cottage cheese, for me. I think it's absolutely disgusting! :-P I don't care how it tastes, I can't stand all those little 'curdy' bits! EW!

As for the photo? Yes, yes it's me...I think you can't tell because my beautiful blue eyes are hidden!
Heeheeee! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jin covered in nothing but frosting...vanilla frosting...

yah that'll be the next movie ;)

jin said...

hippo: heeheeheehee! :-D
I think I could for sure handle a role like that! ;-)

You know...I do ALWAYS smell 'sweet'. ;-) LOL! Like vanilla, chocolate or gingerbread. People sniff me...I'll be standing in line at the bank or a store & the person behind me will keep 'sniffing' the air...they inch closer & closer & closer, before I know it they have their nose practically in my hair!

On one occasion I had a lady exclaim VERY LOUDLY to the entire bank...."O M G ! ! ! YOU smell like CHOCOLATE!!!"
I didn't even have a snappy comeback! If it would have been a guy...*ahem* then I'd have had a snappy comeback! LOL! :-D

Anonymous said...

For good. I'll come see the shop soon. I'm getting laid off in Jan/Feb.

jin said...

Yay! Wisconsin rocks!
(Ummm....well, ok....a little bit maybe?)

Laid off, that can mean...good thing, bad thing or indifferent thing.
If you do visit my shoppe, it can mean free pastry cos I'll feel bad for you thing.


jin said...

Brioche just posted MORE pics of her birthday!

What does this mean to you guys?

Well, several pics of MOI.


Go See!

Rich said...

Very perceptive Miss Jin, I've never disliked food on taste, it's always about texture.

Oh, and not a lover? Really? Is that because I don't seem to care for frosting only fashions or are you being presumptous? And while I'm being facetious, I'm intrigued by your high opinion of your "beautiful blue eyes", is this a self discovered impression or is it something you've been told?

Gyrobo said...

Seeing "diabolical" written on a jar in a bakery suddenly reminded me of a character I drew a year ago, Danger the Chef.

Wow, the memory-enhancing powers of biscotti have done it again!

I just don't understand why, in this day and age, they must be baked twice. Have you ever just eaten one after the first baking? What's the real difference?

Anonymous said...

The character Yosemite Sam was based upon Jin's biscotti (Hippo, 2006:1).

I know, I know...I was surprised as well...but you just can't argue with a business citation!

Works Cited:
Hippo, B., 2006. How Jin equates sex with food. Utah: Hippo Books Inc.

jin said...

rich: LMAO!!! Actually, I have never considered my eyes one of my best features...I have been told that on several occasions by! Were they just trying to get in my pants?!!? BASTARDS! They should know better...they need to compliment my pastry! (...and it doesn't hurt if they tell me I have a nice rack, too! ;-)

Heeheeeheeeeee!!!!!! :-D

gyrobo: Oh! I've not been through your archives yet! I will have a good 2 weeks free in January (the bakery closes) & I intend to spend it all on the INTERNET! Oooo...does that make me sound boring?!!?

I do eat them after the first baking. They are soft, almost like a dry brownie in texture. They would only have about a weeks shelf-life, whereas if you twice bake them they last up to 5 months. (Mine will be gone by the end of December, though.) Funny, they don't taste as good after the first baking? They taste BEST after sitting for a week in those glass jars...the flavour comes through then.

I like the ones with the pepper! SPICY HOT!!! :-)

hippo: What do you mean "How Jin equates sex with food"?

...doesn't EVERYONE think that way??????
(Ok, ok...MOST people???)

I always intend to write a post explaining my thoughts on the commonality of the two. Really, what do you spend MORE time doing in one lifetime? Eating or having sex? (Unless you're a pornstar I suppose...or a super model-they don't eat at all!!! ;-)

So, why shouldn't your eating experience be as sensual & pleasing as possible?
I "MMMMmmmm" a LOT when I'm eating something really GOOD! LOL! I mean A LOT!!! I never knew I did that until someone called my attention to it! Heeheee!!! caught on to that with the cheesecake post! LOL! You were 100% correct hippo! ;-)

Looks like you are wearing "X-ray Specs".

I'll have to keep Mrs. Phos away from your shop, she'd wreck the place trying to get at the biscotti. She is a biscotti junkie.

Rafael Arjona said...

This is really porn! Show this photos is legal in Wisconsin?
Seriously, you are really artist!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a h8r, unfortunately.

But I don't like refried beans, either. Guess, as I think it was Al Bundy said, I don't trust anything they can't cook right the first time.

how's them bitchscotties coming?

jin said...

phos: Let her in! Just make sure she has your credit card!!!

rafael: Welcome! :-)
¡Gracias por comentar! ¡Sus ilustraciones son maravillosas!

ace: Well, Al Bundy was the king.
Of the throne, anyway. ;-)
I <3 that show!

jin said...

I have 2 20 hour days coming up...
oh, fuck.
They're here already.
You probably will not see or hear from me until Thursday.

I miss you ALL already!
Don't forget to write...

Save a turkey...come to my house for tofurkey! (Homemade...not that crappy store bought stuff!) Can't guarantee there'll be dessert though...depends if I sell out or not!!!

fairscape said...

I can't eat this morning. What am I doing here? I'm sooo hungry. Just stopped by to say hi and thank you. Today's my big day. KEEPING ALL MY FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED.

Anonymous said...

I have never tried Biscotti. If I ever do, the chocolate sounds very yummy. Hope you're having a great day!

Anonymous said...

Okay I want to try Celestial - Melted Chocolate, Mini Chips & Belgian Chocolate and Exceptional - Dried Cherries & Loads of Mini Chocolate Chips.

they sound sooooo good. I love biscotti. The dry kind to dunk in my coffee/coco or the one with butter to eat with my coffee and coco

FS: Good luck to you. I will keep you in my thoughts throughout the day!!

Jewels said...

Miss Jin? May I please get some:
1- Angelical
2- Diabolical (hey, why not, I'M a little bit of BOTH!!!)
3- Celestial, and
4- Traditional.

Please, and thank you! ;) Those are the ones C and I would like please!
Talk with you soon!

Middle Child said...

You are the food goddess and I am straight as a die...but mmmm...ifn I was a fella I'd be wrapt.

Anonymous said...

Jin, I see a new profile photo for you in this post ... you know which one I'm talking about. ;)

Are you bold enough to take the dive? It is so you!

Rich said...

Oh my God, I heard a rumour...

Jin has been crushed to death under a mountain of Biscotti!

Hahahah, WV: fembot, if that's that's the case then I think she may survive the Biscotti incedent.

flatlander said...

When Jin made 10 000 biscotti
Her vision began to go spotty
The order she filled
People's hunger she killed
With her potent baking karate


jin said...


*jin waves tiredly....*

I am SOOOOO exhausted right now.
1.5 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours.

*jin thinks about that for a minute...that can't be right, can it? Damn...yeah....that's about right.*

I can't keep my baby blues open...& the words are all melding together on the pages...but, I had one KILLER Open House sale! YAY! Got a few pics...not many, it was sooo crazy all day!

Right now I am going to go take a long steaming hot bath, with essential oil 'Energizing' bath salts, then make myself a triple (maybe quadruple?) shot of espresso & hopefully I'll be awake enough after to enjoy a few hours of blogging.

I will reply to all your awesome comments too!

Be back soon! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Giving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving - have fun "stuffing the turkey!"

jin said...

fairscape: Ohhhhh....I DO hope all is relaxed at your home this weekend?! ONE day at a time! (Or, ONE HOUR at a time, if that's what it takes to get through a day. :-)

justmee: The chocolate IS yummy! LOL! :-)
I had 2 very BUSY days! :-S

katy: I didn't know you like Biscotti. Wait, did I know you like biscotti?!!? LOL...I dunno my name right now! *yawn*

jewels: Ok...I wrote it down! LOL....AND brownies.

I was tempted to offer you the stuff for free in trade of a footrub like you were getting. But I decided against it cos a footrub with me is only the start & it leads directly to something else.
:-D ;-)

middle child: Hahahahahahaha!!!! OH! That's one of the NICEST things anyone's ever said to me! :-D It gave me a good laugh midway through my hectic day! :-D

dan: LMAO! I think NOT! I don't look sexy enough in that pic. Heeheeheeeeee!!! ;-)

Anyway, I cut my hair tonight so now I look totally different. Yeah, I know...1.5 hours of sleep & I go & do something like that! LOL! That's just me!
(It looks GOOOOD! ;-)

rich: I'm a super-duper biscotti trooper! YAY! I'm ALIVE! ALIVE I TELL YOU!!!

...and crazy as ever...

flatlander: *GRIN*
All the ovens have overheated
They've been sorely mistreated
Fakiegrind Central is callin'
But I'm so tired I'm fallin'
Think I'll just crawl into bed.

hippo: Happy Sleep Late & Eat Cake Day!!! :-D
(I almost said pie...but then I thought I ought not. ;-)

phos: You shouldn't talk about mrs. phos that way! :-S

Gyrobo said...

Right now, I'm wondering if there's some kind of Thanksgiving-related baked good that would be blogworthy.

Also, I always wondered what a biscotti would taste like after only one baking. Now I know.

And knowing is half the battle.

jin said...

*jin starts to type her reply to gyrobo when she realizes her keyboard is FULL of cappuccino brownie crumbs.*

Sorry about the wait, I had to clean those off. :-) Heeheeee...I swear I have the most dessert encrusted keyboard in the universe!!!

Now I have to go back & read your comment again, I forgot what it was...just a sec...

Oh, yeah...


Um...don't think I got a pic of any, lol, they sold really fast! I may do a teensy weensy mini post shortly...I'm still tired. LOL.

"knowing is half the battle"
Hey, they always said that after the GIJoe cartoons!!! (I was SUCH a tomboy! LMAO!)