Thursday, November 09, 2006

Quality Control

Raspberry Cheesecake.....simply the name elicits tingles from your spine, does it not? Oh, but this isn't any ordinary Raspberry Cheesecake (oops! I said it again, sorry ;-) .....

.....the crust is made out of ground Devil's Food Cake.....the filling is real Cream Cheesecake with heaps of fresh Raspberries pureed & folded in.....MMmmmm.....fresh vanilla whipped cream tops it all off. I made a single mistake. I accidentally baked an extra one, in addition to the clients cake. I know, I'm a very bad pastry chef. Shame on me. Guess I'll have to be the one to do away with the extra cake. *Evil Grin w/ twinkling eyes*

But I don't want to leave my dear blogfans out! NO NO NO! Come a little closer, yesssss....that's better. Now, watch me.....


But, I think I need a second opinion. Just to be SURE. Let me change my shirt first though, I wouldn't want you to think I'm squeezing 2 separate days into one blogpost. ;-)

What do you know, I nearly forgot! It's my babies FIRST Birthday today! YAY! Maybe we should have a party & let Brioche decide if the Raspberry Cheesecake is suitable for our clientèle. MINUS the chocolate crust, certainly!

HAha! Is that a promo shot or WHAT?!!?

The verdict is in
By Brioche & jin
Cheesecake's a winner
More after dinner.

23 Responses to “Quality Control”

Middle Child said...

Just wonderful...and you looked good too as well as your lovely diggie...your dog is wonderful I can tell...and he / she loves your cooking mmmmm so do I!

jin said...

Hi m c! Thank you! :-) My pup is a she & she is my BABY! LOL! Can you tell? I am not of the child-bearing type so that's why the big 'to-do' over her first b-day.

I haven't finished updating my links yet, you WILL be up there soon! (& the fluoride blog link, too...oh, & I bet I didn't thank you for the email you sent!? Thank you for the email you sent! LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

I am engrossed with the shirt with the dots on it. I could go for one of those. Did it have plain or western-style yokes on it? I couldn't tell.

fairscape said...


we had a pet store in our town that had fresh baked pet yummies

not that you need anything extra to do...

people might be interested in fresh baked pet xmas yummies

Dan said...

YUMMMM. I make a vegan cheesecake that's very good (in fact, even my father-in-law loved it and he loved cheesecakes). What a great photo of the doggie licking her chops!

Terrific photo of you and the little girl as well!

Anonymous said...

owwww I love the last photo its too cute.

I bet I would love that cake since I love raspberries. Mhh I need to order another sweetbox soon I am having withdrawl symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Dude! This post has like sex written all over it!

Okay so maybe I rented the wrong movie last night...but I stand by my statement!

JLee said...

Hello fellow Virgo also named Jennifer (sssshhh) Love your blog but it makes me want to eat! damn you Jin!! lol

Rich said...

Oh My, um, he he, yes, Raspberry... Raspberry! Yummmmmmm! Cheesecake, Raspberry CHEESECAKE! Drooool! Goodness, THAT is a cheesecake!

I'm jealous, I don't care of who, you or Brioche, it doesn't matter. It looks light, and rich, and the base looks evvvvvil!

Well Done! I shall attempt to post a picture of mine soon. I'm not sure I could compete with that though :)

Anonymous said...

I used to go to a pet store that made baked pet treats. Back when I had a pet.

And another subtle cleavage shot. Wonder if that subliminally influenced hippo.

jin said...

andy: LOL...plain yokes, but slightly longer than the norm. Kinda like 70's Retro guys shirts. I believe I got it at JCPenny, but don't you dare tell anyone that!!!

fairscape: I did make K-9 Cookies for years...healty vegetarin doggie treats. My Bella loved them. I quit making them when she died & just haven't been able to bring myself to make them since.

I may try again this holiday season...

dan: Do you use tofu blocks or the 'fake' cream cheese? I did a vegan lime cheesecake type pie w/ tofu for an Open House Sale a while back, I was AMAZED! It sold before I got to taste it! Course, I didn't label it 'Vegan'...unfortunately it would not have sold then. :-P LOL...damn psychology!

jin said...

katy: I think you'd love this cake, too! During the winter I can ship chocolate dipped cheesecakes! *tease* lol!

hippo:, er...I suppose I may have intended (slightly, really, only slightly ;-) to have it come out that way. :-D
LMAO...I deleted 1 entire line just before hitting publish....oh, my...that was some'd have LOVED it! ;-)

jlee: WELCOME! Wow! A Jennifer that's a Virgo? Those are the BEST! Trust me, I know! ;-)

jin said...

rich: Heeheeheeeee!!! Now that's how I like to leave my men! Blathering & drooling with that crazed look in their eyes!!! :-D

Oh, the foodporn doesn't have to look like mine, I enjoy looking at other people's!
Um...foodporn, I meant...

ace: Oh, you so need another pet. You are lucky I don't live near you cos I'd leave one on your doorstep in a basket! :-)

Heeheeeeeee...I didn't stand like that on purpose, either! LOL. Just turned out that way.
I am jin & I personally approved this ad. ;-)

Brioche is as cute as ever - happy birthday. 'Strella Dog's birthday is coming up, she is a Christmas puppy.

Anonymous said...

Raspberry Cheesecake or Brioche...which do i really like? i'll take one of both plz. :)

Brioche is beautiful! one tight hug and a kiss from me to the lovely baby.

Justmee said...

That was so not right, teasing us like that. lol I loveeeeee cheesecake. Happy Birthday to Brioche! Your presentation of all your cakes and cookies are so beautiful. Great pictures Jin. The one with you and Brioche is adorable.

Fuff said...

LOL. Brioche's expression says it all! Like the new template.

Damn! Why'd I come here? Huh? Answer me that. Why do I (continually) do this to myself? I'm sick. Sick I tell you!!

That's it. There's nothing else to do. I'm saving up right this very minute to order me a sweetbox. Soon. Real soon.

But not soon enough, dammit!!!

Oh. And I'll probably have to share, too.


Brioche is beautiful. Happy birfday Brioche!!

Anonymous said...

hi jin,

*drool* *lick* *drool*.... it looks amazing!! cheesecake is my fav dessert. i think i've only had homemade cheesecake 3 times in my life. i'm deprived.. i love ur doggie's tongue comin out for that picture :p


jin said...

phos: Give Strella a kiss from me n brioche on her birthday, I bet she gets a peanut butter 'ice cream', right?!!? :-)

mizfit: LOL...I gave her a big tight hug n showered her face with kisses n said, 'This is from mizfit'!!! :-D

justmee: Thanks so much! Sorry about teasing like that! LOL!

jin said...

fuff: LOL...I KNOW! Isn't that a GREAT shot! Haha!!
Thanks, I like the template, too! :-)

e c: LOL! Hmmm...if you got a sweetbox in the mail you could just pretend it was 'junk mail' so you don't have to share?!!? (Or wouldn't they fall for that?! LOL!)

henry: Welcome back! Isn't there anyplace in Cali that does homemade cheesecakes?!!?
Oh, you need to do a video on chocolates & ice cream, too. lol!
I can still see the look on your face when you drank the sour tea!!! LOL!!! :-D

Poor George says a) I like her shirt (the one where you're eating the cheesecake); b) I like Brioche; and c) does she know I make a killer marble cheesecake?

You know you're good when George starts comparing his cooking to yours!

jin said...

jin says:
a) me too! I wish I had it in a size smaller, this one is from a while ago.
b) me too! Wait, the dog or the bread?!!? lol
c) oooohh! I hope I get to taste it someday!!!

I bet you ate more petit fours today, didn't you! :-)