Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Enrobe Me

almond, marshmallow, cherry too
bites of them for me & you
what makes them all SUPERHOT?
dipping them in choc-o-lat!

cream cheese filled chocolate cake
cut in squares will not break
even if the weather's hot
just dip them in choc-o-lat

candies, pralines, truffles too
you know what you have to do
serve them plain? I think not
cover them with choc-o-lat!

25 Responses to “Enrobe Me”

Cherry! said...

Oh yum! First the reference to CHERRY! Then the cheesecake squares!!! And then the praline and truffles..........YUM!!!!

I don't know which one I like the best. I'll take ten of everything please!

Cherry! said...

Oh yeah and the almond. It's all about nuts!

Jewels said...

I know MY fave: The ones covered in Cho-Co-Lat! ;) MMMMmmmm! You know your way to my heart now...


Hey, would you consider combining almond, marshmallow and cherry into one bite? (You know how I am with the mixed media...)

Cherry! said...

Coaster that sounds awesome!

Katy said...

mhhh anything that includes chocolate is just to yummy to pass up.*2 more days*

Fuff said...

Cor again. I like coming here. It bring a new meaning to the term 'eye candy'

jin said...

cherry: I thought of you when I posted the line about nuts! I wonder why? *giggles*

jewels: LOL! I thought you'd like that! The house next door to me is STILL for rent...sure you don't want to move??? ;-)

cp: Ok...I'm picturing a thin round shortbread on the bottom, a layer of almond sponge, a half cherry pressed into the sponge, made from scratch vanilla marshmallow piped over the cherry, then the ENTIRE thing dipped in chocolate. Would that do??? ;-)

katy: 2 more days!!! I'm excited! I'm going to have to do a special post about you being my first blogfan to visit in person!!! :-)

fuff: Thank you!!! *jin bows*
I hope this brightened your day a bit, especially after all that conduit business!

Jalapeño truffles? You can use peppers in about everything.

jin said...

phos: I've tasted them with Chili Pepper already!!!

They were actually pretty good!


Cherry! said...

Thanks jin! So basically you want me to fat by inspiring me to go out and buy chocolate and rub in the fact that it's been a while between nuts??? hahahahaha!!

Perfect! I'll buy them if you make them. Oh and Cherry, since you liked my idea here, what would you say to my FAVORITE treat which is a chocolate covered jelly graham cracker? (that thick kind of jelly like they use in chocolate assortments, what Jin refers to as "pate de fruit"....)???

jin said...

cherry: LMAO!!! Wow, is that what I said?!!?

cp: I'll have to give it a test run, I promise to post pics when I do.
Gee, too bad you aren't in the neighborhood, you could be my official tester!!!

jin said...

Crazy busy again.
You should get an AWESOME post tonight!

I am getting my first visit (LIVE & in person!) from a blogfan!!! YAY!! Katy will be in for a treat! Lots of yummy sweets & quiche too! She's driving quite a distance so I offered her lunch. Story & photos to come.....

Cherry! said...

Yep, that's what you said!


Polyman2 said...

I'm drooling...
and I'm shipping myself
UPS Overnight.

Andy! said...

Curses on me for living so close to your shop for a long time, but only finding out that it exists after I started dicking around Florida.

That's life.

jin said...

cherry: Hey...who knows? Maybe you'll be my next visitor?!!? (Although, I think you'd have an awfully LONG distance to travel!) Hahaha!!!

poly: Ok...I'll make sure to accept the delivery! (Pssst! Don't forget to punch airholes in the side!!! ;-)

andy: Doesn't that suck!??! LOL!
Are you stuck in Florida indefinitely, or is the end in sight?

Sugarfoot said...

Chocolate is one of the major food groups you know...

You have the only blog that causes cavities and high colesteral.

jin said...

sugar: WoooHooo!!! GREAT minds think alike! ;-)

phos: You mean you experience an empty cavity in your belly when you look at my blog?

I think I accidently renamed you on a post. I think I called you Jintastique. I've been having a hell of a time lately. Oh well, could have been worse...

jin said...

phos: Haha!!! Sounds like a play on words...jin + fantastic!!!

I Like it! :-)

MeHereNow said...

Four hours travelling - is that all?? If you promise I can try ALL your creations I'll fly all the way over the Atlantic! I will use a plane I'm keen not super-hero like!!

jin said...

Anyone who travels to visit me gets a free lunch or dinner & a lovely selection of sweets to taste.
You only pay for what you take back with you!
Ahhh...but I want to come to England!!! I've not been yet! My husband's from Manchester, he's been here 4 years now & hasn't been back there yet!

Thanks for the vrtual visit! :-)