Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wedded Bliss

I just HAD to share this one!
Today's only wedding cake delivery.
But how COOL is that?!!?
Do you love it as much as I do???

It was all Devil's Food Cake
(Extra tall tiers!)
Toasted Almond French Buttercream Filling
Enrobed in Belgian Dark Chocolate Glaze

The flowers were made of fondant, royal icing & gumpaste.

An 8" round tier atop a 10" round tier.

The two tier cake stood roughly 15" tall.

30 Responses to “Wedded Bliss”

That is a work of art! The sheen on the flowers remind me of flowers one woman I knew made out of gemstones.

Cherry! said...

WOW!! That cake is awesome!! And it sounds like it would taste pretty damn fine too!!

What's this about the disappearing blogs? I don't know how to back anything up, except maybe a car....

fairscape said...


seb is there and has a new post
I will be gone for a while
laptop wire went pfft
sparks and all
desktop is ok but I can't leave sonnyboy alone
cake yummy
save me a slice

Jin: scrumptious cake - I still hate you! :))

Quite a scare reading about Seb's blog, but it is indeed back. Thank heavens - we can't loose both of our royalty now can we?

I don't have either of the tools you mention, only IE - and the concept of backing up a blog is (I admit ashamedly) foreign to me. Do you know how I'd do it via IE? Email me if you do, and I'll forgive you for being such a wonderful pastry chef living so dastardly far from me!

Jewels said...

Hey Cherry, I have a feeling you're also quite good at "backing up a story", LOL!!!

Jin, you already know I'm in love with this cake (I got a sneek peak people, 'cause I'm special!!!) ;) Just kidding!!!!!

Lesley said...

That's a fabulous cake! And I'm guessing that there was no Pwecious Moments anywhere near it, right? :)

Disappearing blogs? Scary! I'm going to back mine up right now!

Real said...

Sorry did I mention Wow.

I want some cake now.

Gnat said...

That is GA1 as my favorite Japanize sushi maker would say "Grade A number One"...but he actually says GA1(JayOne).


Watched a cake competition on Food TV - they were making a birthday cake for Elvis (no fluffer-nutter or fat, bloated, dead on the toilet Elvis cakes, though) and I didn't see you in the contest.

The cake that won was nice, but nowhere near as nice as any of yours.

Fuff said...

Gorgeous cake, too lovely to cut. I've just backed my bloog up, thanks.

jin said...

phos: Thanks! :-)
Aha! Cake competitions...let you in on a little trade secret...the MAJORITY of entrants in these things are just house wives with too much time on their hands! Us professionals rarely enter them because:
1. We usually can't leave our biz for that long.
2. They usually end up costing lots of $$$ between travel, hotels, etc.
3. The prize never seems to be enough $$$ for the time involved.
4. They tend to judge on 'the cuteness factor'. Not taste. Some of those cakes are sooo full of marzipan & fondant they would be impossible to eat! YUCK!

I've done a couple really small competitions that were within an hour of my shoppe; one was years ago...I got 3rd place out of 5...the judges took me on the side & explained that I would have received first place except I had served my dessert in an "untraditional" way. Yeah...I was being creative...went all out with funky silverware, a slice of flourless cake, a variety of fancy truffles served on a really neat small butchers block painted with sauces. Evidently, the judges wanted it on China to qualify for first place! :-P So, it's really about what THEY want...not what is best. BTW: the first & second place entries were REALLY bad!!! The judges even came up to me after the show to ask if I had any extra truffles they could have!!! AARRGGHhhh!!!

cherry: LOL...poor cherry...always out partying & not studying blog back up! You have to let me know what browser you use, you do KNOW what a browser is, right??? Tee hee! ;-)

fairscape: Oh, no!!! So sorry to hear that! Hope it's fixed soon. Sending you happy thoughts of virtual cake! Be well! :-)

curious: Ok, ok...just for you I'll open up the internet explorer & get instructions to you.

jewels: Well, it was kinda a fair got a pic of the cake & I got a pic of your gigantic broken finger! Hmm...ok, maybe not THAT fair! LMAO!!!

lesley: No way...
Pwecious Moments far away!!!

real: LOL! Thanks! D actually asked could we crash the wedding, cuz he wanted a piece sooo bad! LOL!

gnat: Haha!! GA1...I like it!!! Thank you! :-)

fuff: Thank you!!! :-)
Back up is good! LOL. I try to do do mine every other week.

There's no pleasing some people. Takes some major testicular fortitude for the judges to disrespect your cake and then come begging for more candy, though.

jin said...

phos: No kidding!!!
You do know where I'm going to say they were from...right?
3 guesses & your first 2 don't count!

They were FIBS!!!

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in IL, where at a young age we are taught to hate delicious cake.

Cherry! said...

I think it's that internet explorer. Si o no?

Ace said...

Munkee want cake! Munkee like cake!

And I don't have a clue how to back up my blog. I use Safari, too. Oy. But I have Firefox.

Am I doomed? I'll need some serious cake, then.

(Sorry if this is a repost. Just as an omen, blogger ate my first comment.)

Katy said...

okay I too do no know how to back up my blog using IE. I do have some of my posts in myspace. Maybe I'll copy all of them over there,

Love the cake to bad it wasn't this weekend I would have begged to lick the spatula (*looking around and then mumbles* and the bowl)

jin said...

andy: Heeheehee!!! Ah...I see you caught the 'FIBS comment'. Joke...all the way! Well, for me, I think phos is pretty serious about that! LOL! I have many relatives there & I happen to love Chicago (not that I ever get there anymore).

It's ok if you hate the cake...just don't shoot the pastry chef!??! ;-)

cherry: LOL...I'll send you instructions. :-)

ace: LOL! Munkee shall have his cake & back it up, too. (Er, the blog I mean!) David uses Safari so I'll beg him to tell me how to do it. :-)

katy: LOL...I'd have let you lick the bowl if I could take pics of you doing it! :-D

Will send the instructions to you, too.

Everybody: The 2 disappearing blogs I mentioned have been restored! YAY! But I still think it's a wake-up call to ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WRITING!!!
(One blogger posted a 'test post', after doing so his entire blog reappeared. Keep this in mind!)

Amy said...

Hey Jin -
I'm so glad I took a moment to jump from your comment on Charlie's blog ... Seriously - your work here is just amazing - I love it... I've been scrolling down the blog and I think they're all beautiful. I thought long and hard about going to culinary school and focusing on pastry / baking - wish I had of done it!! Great Blog!!

Sugarfoot said...

Your passion shows in your work. Truly amazing!

jin said...

amy: Thanks so much! :-)
I'm glad you found your way over here. There are TONS more pictures in the archives. ENJOY! :-)

sugar: Thank you! I was extremely pleased with this one...& I had FUN doing it! :-)

Mummy has returned...

jin said...

phos: I saw!
But now another blogger I know has the white screen of death!??!

Maybe it's just an uploading blip with blogger?

Cherry! said...

Oh goody! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

No offense taken. I prefer to tell people I live South of Milwaukee (even though I've met some that claim to have never heard of Milwaukee) over saying I live North of Chicago. I've lived in Wisconsin my entire adult life.(All 5 years of it. 4 if you discount for this Florida nonsense.)

jin said...

cherry: No problem!

andy: Never heard of Milwaukee?
NEVER HEARD OF Milwaukee???
Even British people have heard of Milwaukee...'course, sometimes you have to say 'Harley Davidson' in the same phrase! ;-)

It is the grassy knoll of Blogger!! A conspiracy I tell you!!!

I really hate frikkin' FIBs. Good news, they are tired of infesting WI and have started slithering their way out here. Arizona is guarding the wrong border as far as I am concerned.

jin said...

LOL! Damn grassy knoll!!!

We still get plenty of FIBS here in the summer. They park their stupid boats in our marina. BTW: they call them yachts, too. You KNOW how they like to exaggerate!!!

flatlander said...

That's a lucsious looking cake!

I try to back up Fakiegrind, by saving all the posts as Word files, but it takes FOREVER, and I'm not even half way through the archives.

I wonder who could be nabbing all the blogs...

jin said...

Thanks flatlander! :-D

I've sent you instructions on how to back it up quickly.

Could it be Mr. Fluke trying to exact revenge on all of us?!!?