Thursday, July 13, 2006

There's A BlogFan at My Door!

Some of you may have already heard, I had my very FIRST visit from a fellow blogger today! Katy (for pronunciation: Katy rhymes with hottie) had to fly into Chicago for a few days. She drove ALL the way up to visit me, over 4 hours I believe (She mentioned a 50 mile accidental 'detour'. Pop on over to Okay, fine! Whatever?!?!? for her version of the story.)

Katy brought with her, Erin (I do hope I have the correct spelling of her name, I forgot to ask!) the girl she took care of many years ago as an Au Pair. We all sat down & had cheese & vidalia onion quiche for lunch. It was a GREAT time! Then onto the desserts...picture this: they each got a plate & free reign to help themselves to anything they wanted! Aren't you all SO jealous now?!!? Heeheehee!!! I'm a good hostess, right Katy?

Ok, I know you want to see the photos, just remember that Katy has different ones, so check hers out, too!

Here we are just after they arrived.
From the left: Erin, Katy, Tom (my Dad) & Moi.

Katy & Erin both love doggies so we brought our little Brioche to
meet them. Here she is trying desperately to eat Katy's hair twistie!

Then onto dessert! Here are a few of the selections they could choose from:

Lemon Berry Dream Squares

Petit Fours

Peanut Butter Jewels

Strawberry & White Chocolate Mousse Cake

Now, a VERY rare treat. A picture of David...yes, you read that right. He abhors having his photo taken, but he was an absolute sweetie & posed with Katy for one picture. That's all, ONE. So, unfortunately, his eyes are nearly closed, but this is all I've got (He is smiling, though!). David happened to be making a batch of French buttercream &, well, my regular comment readers will already know that Katy has offered to lick the spatula once or twice! This is how we accommodate our blogfans:

From the left: Audrey (my Mom), Tom, Me, Katy, Erin &
in the center, Brioche. My pup embarrassed me.....she stuck
her nose inside Katy's bag & before we knew it out she came
with a 10 dollar bill! I had a hard time proving that I didn't
intentionally teach her to do that! Although, it could prove
quite interesting to encourage her behaviour!!! :-D

Just before they left: a blog buddy shot.
(With me in my goofy apron!)

Maybe I should make this a new feature on my blog.
Something like: "Who's at the door today?"
But I'd need more visitors. Anyone game?
(Of course, Katy can come back ANYTIME!!! :-)

24 Responses to “There's A BlogFan at My Door!”

Katy said...

Yeah first comment. Thank you so much for putting up with Erin and me today. We had a awsome day and I will post details and pics on my blog tomorrow (when I can use my computer vs someone elses)

Jin - I forgot to try the eclair?!!?!? It hit me about 60 miles down the road and I was so upset. Erin said to turn around but I did not want to look like a piggy. So I will have to wait till next time. "Most" of our goodies made it back okay (yes we did take things with us for the way - are you jelous yet?) we had to snack on a couple.

Uh oh, she's going to try an eclair... what does that mean, Jin????

That's cool that you got to meet! So what was it like meeting in real live person? Was it what you both expected?

If I ever met anyone they'd be like "god, that CP is really boring in person!" God knows, I'm boring enough in print.

Cool pics. David = kind of a hottie even with his eyes closed. Looks like a rock star. Is he a rock star?

jin said...

katy: It is only fitting that you should get first comment today!!! :-)

'Putting up with'? NO WAY!!! I had just as much fun & I can't wait to read about it from your end!

Funny, after dinner David & I each had an eclair & he asked if you tried them. I explained that you had tried so many bad ones in the US that I thought you were just turned off of them! LOL. Now I wish I would have put some in your take-out bag!!! (p.s. I left a comment on coasters blog describing eclair origin...go check it out if you get a chance!)

cp: LMAO!!! How funny is it to hear that after I just left the eclair comment on CPW!!! For the record, David told me I have a dirty mind! Hahaha!!!

I was surprised to hear Katy's voice...I expected a thick German accent where there was none! LOL. She's just as nice as I expected, though, & she's even prettier than the photos convey! It felt like we were old friends, we even hugged before she left.

I hardly think you'd be boring in person cp! I think we'd have a blast!

I told David that you called him a hottie. He grinned & didn't tell me to take the pic down. lol. (Yeah...he IS a hottie...he's got these skin tight red, orange & white striped jeans that have a leather lace up fly...he looks SOOO SEXY in those! LOL!!! He's about 6'2" & he has one of those metabolisms that doesn't quit! Never gains an ounce & he eats TONS of pastry & chocolate...3 spoons of sugar in a cup of coffee, too! LMAO!) I told him you asked if he was a rock star...he said, 'Did you tell him I'm trying?' He is teaching himself to play the guitar. He's quite good actually, as long as he doesn't sing!!! :-D

Lesley said...

How fun!!!!! That is so cool! And I am quite jealous too, of course. One of these roadtrips, Real and I *will* make it to Wisconsin -- I'm not sure when, but we will! :)

Tiffanie said...

oh, oh, oh, that is so awesome! Cool. Can't believe David let you take his pic. Wow!

Real said...

Hopefully that road trip will be sooner rather than later. Although, as an official Noogian, I officially invite you to the dynamo of the south anytime you feel like you have to get out of Wisconsin.

Cherry! said...

Oh that is SOOOOO cool! I'm green with envy!

Love the apron and the trick you taught the dog.

Katy was licking the spatuala???

You're both HAWT!

Hey Jin, not to change the subject of the general discussion here, but I just had to let you & your fans see this guy's blog - he made a cake replacing the eggs with Cadbury Cream eggs! A brilliant experiment! Apparently there is a cake mix involved which I know will offend you, but still.

Katy said...

Jin - I fully intended to try the Eclairs after you told me they where the real kind. I will have tp do it next time. (Erin just finished breakfast guess what she ate??? *Lemon squares*

I tried to find your comment about eclais on CP's blog but was not able to. Which post did you add it too?

Katy, it's in the post entitled "I want this to be Mindy's boyfriend" (Yes, we got off on several tangents....)

flatlander said...

Nice to get real life visitors to the shoppe.

And finally a picture of the man behind the marzipan!

Someday I'll make it to [mystery shoppe location north of Chicago] and actually eat one of your creations!

Looks as though fun was had by all. Ms. Phos could never post any pictures of me, I always flip the camera off - I think that is hysterical.

Jewels said...

I'm next! I wanna be the next Blog fan to visit!!! And I want to lick the spatula too, right after you spank me with it... ;) Hee! Hee! Hee!
(Oh you KNOW we'd have to post pics of THAT!!!)
I'm so jealous, I wish I was there.

Oh, and I'm so glad you managed to teach Brioche that old french trick I told you about... You know, the one where doggy innocently sticks her head in friend's purse and pulls out money? Yeah, that one.... ;) :P!!!!

I showed your blog to my friend Maria today, and she's up for a road trip. LOL! She wouldn't mind visiting Cherry as well, seeing as she has a cousin in Parma. Wow, this blogging thing might allow me some world travels. Me likey!

Jewels said...

Oh, and D IS a hottie! A rock star hottie at that! ;)

Anonymous said...

I miss the homeland.

jin said...

lesley: Hey, still a house next to me for rent. It'd be a great 'starter' home, nudge nudge wink wink!

tiff: I thought you'd enjoy that!!! Glad you made it over.

real: I'll remember the invite...we have sooo many except I think that would entail us actually 'leaving' the shoppe...oh the horror! Hahaha!

cherry: I like the apron (it's called "Surreal Gourmet") but I hate how baggy it is...makes my legs look like sticks! LMAO! Well, guess you'll just have to come for a visit so you can see me in person! ;-)

cp: Ok, it's very interesting, I'll give you that. But...but...but...A BOX MIX?!!?!!?!!? That was very very hard for me to look at. I nearly threw up. Ew. I'm going to go eat an eclair now.

katy: Am sooo looking forward to reading your end of the story! Am glad you had a nice breakfast, too. So, who got the strawberry mousse cake?

flatlander: Hahaha!!! 'man behind the marzipane' that's TOO funny! Yeah, I guess you could say he's the inspiration!
Well, we would LOVE to have you! All the free pastry you can eat if you show me the now infamous 'fakiegrind'!!! :-)

phos: I'm not telling David you said that because than he'll start doing it! Oh...but I thought Mrs. phos said it's 'half of the peace sign'? ;-)

jewels: Hey you can be next!!! That'd be GREAT!!!! We'd have to wear your handmade beaded bikinis while I'm spanking you with the spatula for the pictures!!! My blog would go OFF THE CHARTS!!! LMAO!!!
(Pssst! *jin whispers* Yeah, thanks for the French doggie trick! It works! ;-)
D blushed when I told him what you said! LOL. :-D

andy: You know, if you hightailed it back to Wisconsin where you belong, you might beat jewels as the second blogfan visitor!??!

What an awesome experience! I'm on my way...

I have no idea how that guy in the pic stays so good with all that stuff around. Thank god I don't know how to cook.

The wrong half...

Gotta go, baking bread on the sidewalk and it should be about done.

jin said...

curious: Sounds great! :-)

turtle: LOL! He has the metabolism of a bird! Eats twice his weight every day in food! Hahaha!

phos: Ok you know I'm going to ask...did you ever try to bake anything in that sun you have there? Like an experiment...fry an egg on the driveway???

I would love to make it to your door one day with husband and son in tow.
Lucky Katy! And how gracious you are.

jin said...

evi: That would be wonderful! I hope you do! :-)

Never really baked anything on the sidewalk. Yukon digs a lot and throws dirt up on the walk which would stick to the dough giving the finished bread a gritty texture. I could always give it to my neighbor...

jin said...

phos: I think you should experiment on that dirt & take it to your next homeowners meeting! I do recall you being a bit unhappy with them! ;-)