Sunday, July 30, 2006

Planning a Shower?

Step ONE: Call jin!

I can show you examples of what some clients order for wedding or baby showers.
(My sincere apologies to all the guys who rushed over thinking I was referring to a different type of shower! You WISH!)

Mini Muffins bursting with lots of succulent tiny Maine Blueberries.

Devil's Food Cupcakes
glazed with Belgian Chocolate
& a Sweet Icing Flower.
(I am embarrassed to admit that I ate 6 of these. *BLUSH* It was an accident! I SWEAR! I was running to answer the phone when I tripped on a leprechaun & fell. My mouth happened to be open because I was singing an Aria for the newest version of Carmen, which the leprechaun was recording in my shoppe. As I cascaded to the floor, my head flew into the table where the cupcakes were displayed. Somehow, they ended up in my mouth. I nearly choked to death on them! I had to chew & swallow very quickly! It was SO traumatic!)

Tiny Cornbread Muffins
(FYI: Crows absolutely LOVE these! Go ahead, ask me how I know! ;-)

4 Layer White Butter Cake
filled with Swiss Raspberry Preserves
& Thick Lemon Curd
frosted with Vanilla French Buttercream
Sprinkled all over with Organic Coconut

These are one of my FAVES!!!
Mini Savory Scones
made with shredded cheese
organic pepper & garlic

Actually, I kind of think showers are BORING! (No, not THAT kind! Minds out of the gutter!) I mean the wedding & baby showers are boring, unless, of course, you have a huge table full of my pastries! That makes for a GREAT time!

Enjoy your Sunday & stay COOL!
Actually, you might want to eat a Sundae to keep cool!

25 Responses to “Planning a Shower?”

MeHereNow said...

Are you sure it wasn't a racoon that caused you to trip?! As a Friends fan I've knicked this one and use it when an excuse is required!!

Seriously though I think I'm going to have to stop "virtually" visiting you as its too depressing not being able to EAT ANY OF THEM!!

Andy! said...

Maybe you can open an erotic cake division for all your gutter-minded customers?

I want a naked woman silhouette cake, modeled after the one seen on truck mudflaps nationwide, or maybe the shower seen from "Psycho".

Real said...

I wasn't planning a shwoer before, but I might have to now.

Speaking of showers, I think I need to take a cold one to cool down from all of that foodpron.

Lesley said...

Yay! Food porn!

When I think of reasons to do girly things I don't necessarily want to do (like have a wedding shower someday) I think I will add "fabulous cakes" to the list of positives. But only if they're *your* cakes! :)

Random thought, butI had a dream last night about a pistacio cake with blackberry filling and buttercream frosting. Is there such a thing as pistacio cake? To satisfy my cravings, I had pistacios and blackberries mixed in my yogurt this morning. That helped.

btw, I like the idea of the erotic cake division. I am very much looking forward to ordering some marizpan penii. ;)

Your creativity seems do you keep on cooking up new ideas.

Warning! In late September I would like to order a german chocolate cake from you. Is it possible to send something like that to New York? Is better to order cookies/brownies through the mail instead?

It all looks great!

I think they call them bridal showers because in the old days when bathing was somewhat optional, they gave the bride and actual shower before the wedding so the guests wouldn’t pass out from the smell. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it makes for a good story.

Gyrobo said...

If you look closely at the Devil's Food Cupcakes while scrolling, it becomes a psychedelic optical illusion.

jin said...

meherenow: Hahaha!!! Well, a squirrel could work, those are always on the back porch!

Yeah, I keep telling everone I have to work on WonkaVision so I can beam out the goodies right to your desktop!!! :-)

andy: Hmmm...maybe it should be called the "erotic pie division"!!! Heeheehee....*blush* woops, I don't know WHERE that came from! Damn...does that make me a 'gutter-minded' person?!!?

I'll guarantee you I'd get caught if I put that naked woman silhouette on a cake. Copyright.
:-P $10,000 fine if I put any 'copyrighted' image on a cake. BASTARDS! Now...the shower scene from psycho...hey, I could top the cake with "raspberry sauce blood"!

real: Cool! My foodporn gets people hot n bothered, too!??!

I soooo wanted D to take some pics of me "Calendar Girls" style. (The film with Helen Mirren, she's one of my top 5 FAVE actresses!) You know, like behind a large wedding cake? Heeheehee!!! He's into creative photography, so, we'll see!

lesley: AHA! Pistachio cake is a delightful French dessert! You actually use pistachio 'flour' (Finely milled pistachios) in place of a portion of the reg. flour. YUMMY! I make an awesome blackberry French buttercream, too. Would you believe, in 13 years of biz, only 2 customers EVER ordered the blackberry filling?!!?

Just think, if I ever made the marzipan penii to order, you'd all know some extreme details about D!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ;-)

evi: New ideas come from everywhere! LOL. I actually have an email-commenter that sends me 'unique' ideas on a regular basis. I look thru magazines, books, etc. I look at a china pattern & I see cake design! LOL!

Yes, I can send a German choc cake in Sept. but then I'd highly recommend overnight shipping (which can run aprox. $25.00-35.00). Cookies & brownies can be shipped by 2-3 day air (usually less than $15.00 for shipping). I do send cookies, muffins, scones & brownies all summer long with great results. I have a .pdf brochure on the website available for download/viewing. You can email me with any questions you might have.

phos: HAHAHA! I LOVE that story! Hey, who knows? It may actually be true. :-)

gyrobo: Oh Wow! It does! LOL!
But, now I have a headache! :-P

Gyrobo said...

And those scones look just like the cheddar biscuits they give you at Red Lobster.

I bet they taste just as good.

jin said...

gyrobo: Hey! That is where my (not-so)original idea came from!!! I used to LOVE those at Red Lobster!
Know what?
I'll tell you a secret:
*Mine taste even better!*
Want to know another secret?
*I have a bag of them right next to my keyboard!*
Heeheehee!!!! YUM! ;-)

Katy said...

oh yum I could go for some scones right now, but I guess I'll settle for my Panera chocolate chip bagel Grumpy picked up for me this morning.

Mhh I like the cake Idea. I am going to have to pick a fav so you can send it to me for my b-day in October!!!!

Cherry! said...

I'll be needing something for a bridal shower soo, I was on Via Farini on Friday night and a bachelorette was about to throw a bouquet. Naturally, I stepped into the crowd and, naturally, I caught it like I knew I would.

So I think I'll take a bit of them all and extra of the blueberry ones and the savoury scones.

Ace said...

Devil's food cupcakes sound heavenly, pun intended.

And if it weren't for the lemon (ick), I could eat that entire cake.

Call Jin? What do you want me to call you??

jin said...

katy: OH! When in October? Sweets ship great in October!

cherry: AHA! Caught the bouquet? Forget the shower, I want to design your wedding cake! I have a feeling you'd let me have fun with that!!!

ace: Hahaha!!! I gotta agree with you on that one...I am not a fan of lemon myself. There's only one cookie I make that has lemon in that I like. But it's subtle. :-)

phos: Call me anything you want!!!
But I tend to only answer to:
gorgeous or
my darling perfect one.

Heeheehee!!! :-D

Cherry! said...

Okay I actually will let you design my wedding cake. We could have a fun one (read HUGE COCK) and a serious one. You know that elegant side that I have?

Katy said...

its october 4th.

Hey Cherry am I invited to the wedding? Have you seen a groom candidate yet?

Jewels said...

Throw me a few of those cupcakes will ya? I've got a hankering for Devil's Food cake, right now!

Mmmm. Just getting antsy here, waiting for my dental appointment, which is in an hour from now.... Waaaahhhh! I don't wanna go..............

MeHereNow said...

OK come on already - post some more I've eaten these ones!!

Fuff said...

I would happily take a shower with those, especially the cheese ones.

jin said...

cherry: OOOOO! 2 cakes! YES!!! 1 "FUN" one & one elegant one! YIPPEE!

QUICK! Go find a husband now!!!

katy:Oct. 4th. NOTED! :-)
Mines Sept. 12th. I don't normally get a cake *POUT*

LOL...actually, if I really want one D will make me a HaagenDazs ice cream cake! YUMMY!!!

jewels: By the time I am writing this your appointment is ALL over! YAY! I didn't feel a thing! :-)

meherenow: Hahaha!!! Ok, new post coming tonight!

fuff: Those would be great on a boat ride, I bet!!! Hey, if you're from England, isn't it your birthrite to be able to make scones?!

Dale said...

I'm about to take a shower, does that count. I would like everything from the cornbread on down. Thanks. You can have all this ready in about 25 minutes right?

jin said...

Sure thing dale! I can even be standing outside the shower door with your tray of goodies before you're finished.
Or is that too creepy?

Cherry! said...

I'm doing my best!! ho'ing around and embracing the cock!! hahahaha!

jin said...

*GASP* cherry! You're SO crude!!!

I LOVE it!