Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Touch of Red

Red means:








Red says:
I Love You
I Hate You

I Want You
Stay Away

It's too Hot
Start a Fire

Innocent Blushing
Sexual Flushing

Living Pumping Veins
Deadly Gunshot Wound

A Natural Redhead
Chemically Dyed Locks

Sweet & Juicy
Sour & Poisonous

Natural Juices
Toxic Alcohol

What is the first thing you think of when YOU see the colour red?

26 Responses to “A Touch of Red”

Cherry! said...

I think of LOVE!!! Oh to be in love! *sigh*

I love the first cake the best!! Very nice!! And I thought your writing was VERY cool too!

Cherry! said...


Katy said...

Blood - but thats an occupational hazard

Anonymous said...

Red is positive.

It took me a couple to get to that. After reading all your red examples the question at the end wiped my mind. Talk about failure under pressure. Curses.

fairscape said...


Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Am I crazy?

jin said...

cherry: Thank you first commenter!!! LOL! Give it time...your prince will come! :-)

katy: LOL! I had a feeling you might say that! :-D

andy: Hahaha...that's ok...there are no right or wrong answers, you get virtual cake & tea just for commenting! ;-)

fairscape: LOL! Good one! Not crazy, just a creative thinker!!! :-)

You've been hitting Seb's Blog to often, it's color not colour.

I liked the cake with the twining flowers, it looks like that took a lot of work. I would feel guilty cutting into the cake, that would be just like tagging the Mona Lisa.

Try visine - I hear that washes the red out...

Tillerman said...

Red Right Returning. Useless mnemonic to aid in sailing the correct side of navigation buoys. Useless because it only works in some countries and I can never rememeber which ones. The other countries have the opposite rule.

Captain Canuck said...

Red also means "maple leaf"

jin said...

phos: actually, it's
too often
to often
*GIGGLES* Heeheehee!!! :-D

OOooo...that's half the fun for me, watching them destroy the cake & lick their fingers & MMMmmm & AHHhhh! LOL!

Red did I miss that one?!!?

tillerman: Welcome!
That's very funny...well, funny if you have the biggest boat & go the wrong way...not so funny if you've the smaller one......LOL! :-)

captain c: AHA! I didn't think of that one either!

Red means Superhero's too
Just Like Y O U !

fairscape said...


Surprised PK didn't say Commies.

Cherry! said...

I could die waiting.

Fuff said...

Raspberries and port (side/light on a boat, not the tipple wot promotes gout).

Polyman2 said...

I just happen to be wearing red
boxers today. What a cowinkie dink.
nice cakes and prose.

Right, two often. Hey, red - as a baboon's ass!!! Monkeys are so funny!!!

jin said...

fairscape: LOL! Ahhh...he likes both of us too much, I think!

cherry: No...I'll bet you find him before you hit 30! I didn't meet D until I was ...thinking...27ish?

fuff: Well, then, next time you eat rasperries on your port side you'll have to think of me!!! :-)

poly: *giggles* I don't believe in was fate, I tell you, FATE! Good to see you as always! :-)

phos: Hahaha!!! You crack me up! :-)
OOooo...another good one! No one else thought of a babboon's ass, or they just didn't admit to it!!!

Cherry! said...

So what you're saying is that I'll meet him before 22nd September this year?????

I think the chances of getting struck by lightening are better than that. hahaha!!

I think of lipstick and Paris.

Monte said...

I think of sex, cars, and McDonald's french fries.

Not in that order. Nor with any association to each other.

BTW, I was at the beach for the past week, internet-less, so I've missed a few of your posts it seems. Plus, I haven't posted, but that'll change later tonight.

jin said...

cherry: O M G ! ! !
You're going to be 30 this year!??! I had no idea!!!! The way you party all the time I was sure you weren't a day past 24!!! LMAO!!!

Now, had I known that little fact I certianly would have rephrased my original comment to say:

"No...I'll bet you find him before you hit 35!"

Um, hope that makes you feel better?!!? :-)

evi: AH! I was waiting for someone to say lipstick!
Paris...I want to see it someday...

monte: LMAO! Ok...I'm SO trying not to picture that! LOL!

The beach....? For a week....? I'm SOOOO jealous! :-P

Um, don't feel bad about catching up...I still have 1 post of yours from well over a week ago...*blush*

Cherry! said...

Nope. It doesn't make me feel any better. In fact, pardon me while I throw myself out the window. Might catch the attention of a well hung handsome stranger with girth, so it could actually be worth a shot.

This partying I do now pales in comparison to my hey day. Whoa! Out of control and completely out of my mind!

jin said...

Awww...don't throw yourself out a could try throwing yourself in front of a cute guy tho? Just a thought! If you want someone nice I would steer clear of the Italians...bad news from what I hear...are you still going to France? How about a nice Frenchman???

Frenchman - good luck! I hear you can keep Fenchmen away by wearing a bar of soap around your neck - scares the hell out of 'em, the little surrender monkeys!! Cherry would be better off picking up sailors or transients.

jin said...

Hahaha!!! phos you are incorrigible!!!

Hmmm...sailors...that might be the way to go Cherry!!! As long as they come into your port!!!


Cherry! said...

The Italians are bad news. They all need therapy as far as I'm concerned. I have a Parisian lover in waiting over in France, but I'm not going anymore. The French men are FABULOUS though!!!

jin said...

cherry: You've got a Parisian lover???
W T F are you doing in Italy then??????
Run to Paris, hurry!!!