Monday, July 03, 2006

Independence Day.....For Now

Here is what I will be eating today:
4 thin layers of sweet moist red velvet cake filled with cream cheese frosting. They actually stand about 3-1/2" tall & measure 2-1/2" x 3-1/2".

Here is what I will be reading today:

I'd like to give you both...unfortunately, I can only give you the latter, for free, directly on your pc/mac. Click on the slide for your copy, let me know how you feel after you've read it, or come visit me to discuss it over one of the flag cakes ;-)

Here is who I'll be kissing today:

What will you be doing?

21 Responses to “Independence Day.....For Now”

flatlander said...

Hmmm......looks tasty! Just don't burn them in the oven, or people will get pissed.

I'm too tired to read that book again, but maybe I'll listen to Annie Lennox's song of the same title.

oooh oooh ooh-ooh ooh ooh ooh
oooh oooh ooh-ooh ooh ooh ooh
*cue computer voice*
Nineteen eighty four

You've got a good dog there!

Captain Canuck said...

Happy Independence Day!

jin said...

flatlander: You NEVER cease to amaze me. I LOVE the Eurythmics & I can't BELIEVE I never heard that song!!! I've seen the film too, of course, but it was looong ago. I've got to go see if I can download it from my fave site.

You go & get some rest & let me know if I can get you anything! :-)

As for my pup, Yes, yes, I do. I love that furry little girl more than anything. She is pretty 'unique', too, just like her Mum! LOL! :-D

captain: Thank you!
You know, I have a cookie cutter in the same shape as the maple leaf on your helmet!

Katy said...

well I will be eating pasta salad with wanna be meatballs. I may make Kaiserschmarn for dessert. This is a Austrian dessert - so yummy. I wont have time to read as I need to mentally prepare myself for the game this afternoon and can not be distracted by literature.

Cherry! said...

I worked all day hungover like a dog and nearly threw up at the company I was teaching at. Such a hot look.

Those cakes look awesome! The cheesecake frosting!!! YUM!!

fairscape said...




Anonymous said...

I prefer Animal Farm. That talking pig was so cute!

Maybe I'm thinking of Babe: The Gallant Pig?

Quite a handsome puppy you have. She looks very happy.

jin said...

katy: Food sounds great...SO SORRY about Germany! :-(

cherry: Aw, sorry to hear that!

fairscape: Sending you virtual cake to cheer you up!

andy: Yeah...the talking pigs in Animal Farm weren't that cute! LOL! I liked that one too...depressing, though.
Can't say that I've seen Babe...can't say that I ever intend to.
I told Brioche you said that...her reply, "Tell him OF COURSE I'm handsome & happy! AND I smell nice, too!"
Um, sorry...she's a little spoiled...I'm trying to teach her some more manners! ;-)

What a face! Your dog is looks like a real lover.

Scary thing about 1984, we are living it now.

jin said...

phos: That she is! I don't know if she'd be into wearing goofy hats like your pups do! But maybe one day I'll give it a shot! LOL

Yeah...that IS the scary thing.
I have a bumper sticker on my car that says "READ 1984".
Last time I drove into Milwaukee I had a car pull up next to me with two kids in their late teens inside. One leaned out the window to ask me what that meant. I told him it was a book. He said, 'Is that the title? READ 1984?' .....
It doesn't amaze me when people know of it but haven't read it or seen the film. It amazes me when they've never even heard of it!??!

It was required reading when I went to school, Along wiht Brave New World and Animal Farm.

I think of the book every time I see the stoplight cameras at all the intersections or the cameras watching the parking lots at stores. I don't plan on committing any crimes (aside from not putting my shopping cart back in the cart corral) but it gives me the creeps to know someone is watching me.

jin said...

Amazing phos, they had printed books back then?!!?


I hate the 2 way mirrors in womens dressing just KNOW there's a total perv behind it! Like you said, I never want to steal anything...but it's that damn 'big brother' thing.

Cherry! said...

No, self inflicted. Don't be sorry!!! hahaha! I think next monday after the Italia V (insert winner of tonight's match here) Finale, I'll be a million times worse. hahaha!

Real said...

Sadly on July 4th I was saying goodbye to my CCG, however as for July 3rd. Well, there were fireworks.

jin said...

cherry: I'll bet you will be! *Grimace* Especially after Italy loses....heeheehee ;-)

real: Hey!!! Good to have you back!!! Sounds like you had a nice time then? *Nudge nudge wink wink*

CC said...

I'd like to smell Brioche :-)
What kind of dog is she?

jin said...

cc: LOL!!! :-)
She is a 7 month old Golden Retriever. Her Mum was a deep shade of red...I think that's how she'll turn out. That little sweetie is my EVERYTHING! :-)

rob said...

Wow Annie Lennox! cakes and beautiful dogs, what more could one ask for? :o))

jin said...

rob: Welcome! I like to think it's got everything too! LOL. I try, anyway! :-)

charlie said...

Got here via fuff. Ace doggy!

jin said...

Thanks charlie & welcome!
She is a cutie, isn't she?!