Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Saw

I saw a Pie to-day
was green & red & gray?
A hole in one
was not quite done
but oh my
Apple Pie!

I saw a plane to-day
was plastic & for play
grooms cake it was
caused quite a buzz
yummy to eat
Such a treat!

I saw some cats to-day
created from baked clay
the colours match
two cats scratch
cake looked cool
made YOU drool!


29 Responses to “I Saw”

Real said...

All of those are very very very nice. I am at work now, and for some reason I just got a craving for something sweet, I wonder why.

I like the airplane one the most, but as a typical guy, I am not really suprised by that. Please don't make any cakes though for the NRA, that would not be cool.

Real said...



Cherry! said...

Damn! Missed first comment. Congrats real!

They all look cool. I like apple pie (could that be the apples from the reading?!?!?! hahaha!) bu ti think the last one is the prettiest eventhough I hate / am scared of cats.

Polyman2 said...

Green apple pie- I'd love it.
Plane and cat cake...How creative.

Katy said...

the planes look like the one's taking off and landing around here. When I would go on base the runway was paralel to the street and less than 1/2 mile away so you had the planes taking of and landing next to you. Loved it and man those yummy pilots. I even saw Airforce One coming in one year. Langley is where they do its maintance.

Anonymous said...

Apple pie sounds good. Even when adorned with the scourge that is golf.

I thought the 19th hole was the bar? It's usually the only hole I play.

jin said...

real: Ugh! I have never put a gun on a cake! Never will!

Oh, my! Congrats on first's been a long long time!!! :-)

cherry: are you saying you don't like pussy?!!? Your poor female blogstalkers! What ever will they do when they find out?!!? Hahahahahaha!!!

poly: Hey! I can even do landscaping on a cake!!! Some hills, grass, trees, could eat it too, while you ignore annoying landscaping customers! ;-)

katy: I bet you tried to keep up with the planes from time to time! I can see you there...jamming on the accelerator & waving at the hunky pilots! LOL. :-)

andy: Yeah, 19th is the bar. I personally think it should be dessert, though.

You know what they say about golf: "A nice, long walk; spoiled by a small, white ball!"

Ace said...

I like the golf pie, though I'm not sure I want green food - I tend to keep stuff in the fridge until it leaves on its own, so I have a mistrust of all food green.

But I loved the jet planes. Yay!

flatlander said...

Is there anything you can't make out of cake? Nice work!

jin said...

ace: Hahaha!!!
I'm not normally one for over-the-top food colour when it's not necessary.
But, hey...they asked, they got, they ate. *Thumbs Up*

flatlander: *blush*
Yes. Actually...(I don't like to admit my short-comings)...real people. lol. I can do GREAT Picasso's! My decorating skills tend to skew perspective whilst piping people. Bummer.

Except I did a really cool Marilyn Manson once. Then again, he's more alien than human looking, maybe that's why it worked!!! ;-)

Cherry! said...

Yep, I'm saying I don't like what you said. I also hate that word!!! I can't stand hearing it or saying it!! I'm serious! Can you believe I'm such a prude liek that? I can say cock until the cows come home but I can't say THAT word!!!

Anonymous said...

They should serve pie at bars. Or alcohol at bakeries.

Anyone ever request that you bake a file into a cake? I wish I knew someone in prison right now.

Polyman2 said...

Had to come back one more time-
if just to kiss your sweet hands.

How does that pie actually taste. I seem to have an affinity for green. Might have something to do with once being a plant molecular biologist.

jin said...

cherry: Hahaha!!! I almost don't believe you! LMAO!

andy: Funny you should mention that.....I have actually had 2 of my customers go to prison! (That I know of! HA!) Both for embezzling. Uh-oh. Does that mean I should have given the banks back the $$$ they spent on pastries? Fuck NO! Hahahahahaha!!! ;-)

poly: Why, poly! Aren't you a 'sweetie' today! :-D
I never wear perfume, yuck! Then again, I do always smell of either chocolate or vanilla! I have already had people stand next to me in line at the bank & 'sniff me'. LOL! Upon getting caught they usually say the same thing, "My GAWD! YOU smell just like CHOCOLATE!!!"

turtle: Well, although chlorophyll would have done the was stricly green food colouring mixed with an egg white & brushed over the top of the pie. Taste not adversely affected what-so-ever.
Very interesting! A plant molecular biologist...I think I might like to know more about that. I guess, being a vegetarian, you could say I'm really INTO plants!!! LOL! :-)

Katy said...

I used to beg my ex to take me to the day where they can bring the wifes to work and they could go down the runway in a jet. Unfortunaltly I never got a chance to do it.

jin said...

katy: Aw, too bad. That's sounds like it'd be FUN!!! :-)

jin said...


Another day
another dollar

living the 'American Dream'
getting paid to do what I LOVE

sometimes getting $$$
sometimes loving it

Not when it keeps me
from my Blog Buddies

It's 11pm,
do u know where your pastry chef is?
"In the kitchen, boss!"

It's midnight,
do u know where your pastry chef is?
"Still in the kitchen, boss!"

It's 1AM
do u know where your pastry chef is?
"On her way home, boss!"

It's 5AM,
do u know where your pastry chef is?
"Back in the kitchen, boss!"

No post tonight
It's not right
Tomorrow Late Afternoon
Is coming very soon
With photos galore
And plenty of lore.

Be there
or be square!


Russian "Firefox" v. an F-18? It could happen. At first I though the top pastry was a cabbage pie. My Irish ancestors had to eat those when the taters ran out.

Indigo said...

wow, you are a very talented woman. I do the necessary bday cakes for all my kids and even did a wedding cake ( once .... never again... ugh !! ) but nothing i've ever done compares to what i see on your blog.

How many years of training did you take to get so good at what you do hun??

jin said...

phos: I must admit, all airplanes look alike to me. My Dad would be so upset if he heard me say that! In his spare time he builds WWII balsa wood models. He's where I get my perfectionism with detail. My Mom's where I get my brains...DAMN glad right now that my Dad is computer illiterate or he'd be pretty PISSED with me! HAhahaha!!!

I may be a grazer but I sure wouldn't eat a cabbage pie...sounds gross!

indigo: Well, WELCOME to my blog & thanks SO MUCH for all the praise! I LIKE praise, yay! :-)

I've had this shoppe for 13 years. Before that I did it out of my parents house/kitchen (yes, not really legal, but had to give it a shot!) for a year, before that I trained with a pastry chef in a French restaurant for about 6 months. That's the formal; for the informal-I come from a LONG line of great bakers/chefs! I guess it's in the blood! :-)

Hope to see you back here again! :-)

Gyrobo said...

I love the color green... and I love pie... combine the two, and the result is utter coolness.

jin said...

Welcome, Lord Gyrobo the Awesome! I had no idea robots could eat pie!??!
Neat. You come to my blog & use the phrase 'utter coolness'. Come back ANY time! :-)

jin said...

Ok, ok. So I promised a great post tonight. I've got it rattling around my brain but said brain accidentally fell asleep in my office for several hours in a very strange & awkward position. Will simply have to wait until tomorrow.

Until then, "Sweet Dreams"!

So have a cup of espresso and a slice of cabbage tart and get with it!!

Jewels said...

Yuck! Cabbage Tart? Eeewwwww!!!

Well, I'm agreeing with the cup or espresso tho.. Get with it! ;)

jin said...

phos: Ok, coffee & cookies seemed to do the trick!

jewels: Oh, & chocolate...I just ate LOTS of chocolate! ;-)

CC said...

oh my, the raspberry cheesecakes look real good... drool...

jin said...

Thanks cc! Good to see you again! Hope you are doing well. Your taste buds sure seem to be! :-)