Friday, July 07, 2006

Fresh or Dead?

For the past decade 9 out of every 10 wedding cakes I made were finished with real flowers.
The trend is decreasing.
I breathe a sigh of relief.

Yes, they can be beautiful, but that depends on:
1. which florist you get them from
2. who adorns your cake with them
3. overkill

The cost to dress your cake with roses & daisies has escalated beyond belief. Simply to be viewed briefly, before they are removed & tossed in a trash bin. Poor... dead flowers, did they ever have a chance? I have received wilted roses with brown spots on occasion, the bride having paid good money for a pretty pink tea rose...then what do I do? I want the cake to look fabulous, sometimes it's not as easy as you'd think. I have already replaced flowers at my own cost to avoid finishing a perfect cake with un-perfect flowers. But, you learn from your mistakes. I charge an additional rate for dealing with 'live' flowers. The cost depends on which area florist the bride has chosen. I don't tell them this, of course. Because, to be blunt, some florists are bad & some are good, one is EXCEPTIONAL, while others are just ok.

Then there are also the flowers you have to stay away from, because they are poisonous, even with the tiniest brush against frosting. Ideally any flowers coming in contact with the cake should be grown pesticide free. Then again, this will cost you twice the amount of $$$. Bummer.

I have nothing against a few roses/rose petals here & there. On one occasion I was given enough loose flowers to cover at least 3 cakes. I felt obligated to use them all, as they were already paid for, yet there was no way I could fit them all on the cake. I made a separate arrangement & set it on the table next to the cake. Gotta think fast sometimes! Especially if you're setting it up in a hotel...people everywhere, some just watching me. A rare occurrence, but it does happen, heckling. Mostly by men who think they will somehow gain my attention by shouting, "Don't trip! Don't drop the cake!" Really, how dumb is that?!!?

If you have ever seen me deliver a cake, odds are I haven't noticed you. In fact, to glance at me, whilst delivering, you might even think to yourself, "Gee, that one looks like a right bitch!" I have to tune out everyone & everything. Set my eye on the goal [cake]. There aren't any distractions if I don't allow them. So, when the flowers are already at the reception waiting, I have set up the cake, I open the package to find dead horrible wilting flowers, with many people around watching me, instead of loudly exclaiming, 'Now what the fuck do I do?' I graciously salvage what I can, then decorate the rest of the cake with the 'emergency kit' I brought along, just in case.

What's your opinion?

29 Responses to “Fresh or Dead?”

Monte said...

I'm the first to comment... booya. I know you're all jealous.

I'd say I love the most recent display of cakes, but that'd be redundant at this point.

Oh well. Those cakes look delicious, flowers and all.

Monte said...

PS. As good as a cake looks, it's the taste that wins me over. I like icing flowers.

Less classy, I'm sure, but they sure taste good.

Cherry! said...

My opinion? I've often thought upon seeing pics of you 'she looks like a right bitch' HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I think full flowers make it look cheap. Pink rose petals are okay but anything else is a huge no go. And, being an expert, I think my opinion counts for EVERYTHING!

monte - step off bitach! First comment is my job!!! I don't live in a different time zone for nothing!!!

fairscape said...


I have invited everyone over from seb's since he has already eaten up what you sent over there. Put the kettle on please.

I am opposed to killing in general and flowers in particular. Yes, they are beautiful...but they die so quickly anyway it seems unfair. I have no problem with floral representations (silk, etc.) or live plants for decoration.
Certainly, it has been proven right here in this blog that edible flowers or flowers made from foodstuffs are as, if not more beautiful on a cake and do not go to waste (only to waist).

Let the slurping and urping begin.

Anonymous said...

Poison flowers on a cake? I can imagine a soon-to-be-mother-in-law giving up her momma's-boy, requesting poisonous flora to give the bride a small taste of the seething animosity that is she is planning to plague the marriage with. "Can you put eye-drops in the frosting as well? I would like an uncomfortable mess for the reception."

I'll take 1 hemlock cake, please. And don't trip or drop it! HAHAHA!

My opinion? That your job would be too stressful for me. With all the Bridezillas out there, I'd be terrified to "ruin" someone's wedding forever!

jin said...

monte: Hey, guess what? You are no longer a jintrinsique first comment virgin! How's it feel?!!? Hahaha!!!

Thank you & my icing flowers ROCK!!! (As long as they're not turquoise! :-P) LOL!

First 2 comments! Oh my!

cherry: Yes, yes I'm sure you HAVE...I've even been called 'stern looking' from one of my dear commenters (andy, you know who you are! LMAO!) but, truth be told, sometimes I LIKE to 'appear' unapproachable. I'm not much of a people person, & I don't appreciate boring idle chit-chat. You know...the typical: how's the weather, have you ever dropped a cake, are you single...all questions I'd much rather avoid even hearing in the first place!

fairscape: You are welcome here anytime! Cake, tea, coffee, choclate....I suppose seb didn't share either? I recommended that he share.

I prefer the handmade flowers as well, I have plenty in the garden, but that's where they stay! (Oh, except last week, I have to admit, as I was walking past the 5' tall pink tea rose bush I picked one tiny rose to put in my hair. ;-)

I buy plants. For myself & as gifts in place of flowers, or silk floral arrangements.

Oh...I've got a BEAUTY coming up tonight or tomorrow! A wedding cake I delivered today! *GASP* I was totally pleased...It will be my next post...all edible flowers that I made.

andy: ROTFLMAO!!!!! That is good, very, very good!!! You have no idea how many of those mother-in-law type people we deal with!!!'s probably only a matter of time before I get one to ask me to do that!

*jin shoots andy an evil death look*
Me, drop a cake?!!?
Are you talkin' to me?
Are you talkin' to me?
To me?

CP: Around here I never have to worry about 'ruining' their wedding...that's up to the banquet hall! Ohh...the horrors I have heard, all reception/food related catastrophies!

As far as the cake goes, I've NEVER had a bride displeased with how it looks. I've had many a bride unhappy that they didn't get ANY of the cake, or the hall cut the cake BEFORE the bride & groom got to the reception!??!

One story: There was a bride who I was POSITIVE would complain about her cake. This was a few years ago, she came in with 2 other people, she phoned several times (planning it long distance) & she was just INCREDIBLY difficult to deal with (dare I say a 'bitch'? No, I best not! haha!). Her cake was gorgeous, I knew it tasted awesome, yet I was sure she would complain just to complain (like she did about everything else). The following week I see her drive up with the rented equipment & I we go. She walks in, looking bitchy, & proceeds to complain about the entire wedding, ceremony, dinner, hotel, everything...EXCEPT: "The only good thing about my whole wedding was YOUR cake. It was perfect!"

Real said...

I would think that you being the cake artist that they would come to you to pick the florist for the wedding cake, and to pike the appropriate flowers.

You however, make them all look good.

jin said...

real: Oh, I WISH!!! They usually have the florist booked months before the cake! I grimace every time they say 'The Flower Gallery'...I think, oh, no, not again! (They are the most expensive in town also the most uncaring & unreliable.)

Thank you!! :-) I do try my best, that's all I can do.

Fuff said...

Icing flowers are lovely and part of the cake. Why use real ones when talented people like you can make beautiful, yummy, last forever ones?

jin said...

fuff: Why thank you!! :-D
Here: @@@ have 3 icing roses, on me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Is being stern so bad? I would say not. I would compare it to people who don't like to be called "high-maintenence". Would anyone actually prefer to be the opposite?

To get your just retribution against all the tired jokes you hear, I think you should question every professional you ever have preform a service for you.

At jiffy-lube reccomend that they not spill the oil.

At the grocery store ask that they don't drop your parcels.

At the post office ask that they don't tear your letters in half.

Ask a fireman to not play with matches.

It's an easy formula: Whatever they do every day, ask them to do it right.

I'll bet someone has tried to eat the flowers form time to time, especially if the couple are grazers.

I saw a slice of cake decorated with real mold once...

Katy said...

Oh god they are so gorgous. I will have to get married again just so you can make me a cake :). I don't know if I would want real flowers on it as the pesticide and bug thing would be a total turn off for me.

Katy said...

okay I just read through the comments and Jin I agree about the looking unapproachable. I use that method to avoid dealing with people. I come across as a total bitch to adults - kids and animals somehow seem to look past the smoke screen and love me. I had this table the other day with the cutest little boy. I'd say he was about 1. He kept waiving me and playing pickabo. His parents could not believe that he was so taken by me. I haven't met a kid or animal that didn't like me.

jin said...

andy: LOL...I'm going to use that you know...then I'm going to tell them andy said I should! LMAO!

I was teasing about the 'stern' comment. After all, no one really knows it was could have been a different andy commenter *giggles*...hopefully they won't read this, either! ;-)

phos: 'grazers', huh? As opposed to cannibals. ;-)
I too have seen those mold encrusted cakes...the other local bakershop tries to pass them off as edible! HA!

katy: 3 words:
Renewal of Vows!!!
Wedding Cake

LOL...OMG! You are so right about the kids & animals! That makes sense...they see the real you...I'm not a real 'kid' person...I mean, you won't EVER see me holding a baby...but they always smile at me! LOL...& animals, yup! Always come after me...& my leg! HAhahaha!!!

Hi Jin! How's the weather? You single? Ever drop a cake?????

Well I'm glad you were able to make that Bridezilla in your story happy about one thing. That's quite an accomplishment. I hope you don't have to try to please her again, though.

You are right, send out an APB on Mummy and Seb.

Coaster reminded me - I like watching the Pastry competitions where the bakers have to move their giant ornate sugar sculpture from their work space to the display table. I keep hoping to see a huge crash. Have to indulge my cruel streak from time to time.

jin said...

CP: LMAO!!! You are the only one I'll let get away with that kind of talk around here!!!

phos: Do you think it's blogger or a virus???
Sebs was there fact he posted about Germany's win today & I was first comment. I checked back about 2 hours later & it was gone!!!

*GASP* Shame on you! I watch those too, I *GASP* out loud when they shatter one. LOL. Sometimes the piece is actually off balance to begin with. Touchy, sugar sculpture. I don't work with it myself! I've get way too many burn scars on your hands & arms no matter how GOOD you are!!!

I'm too busy laughing to gasp!!

I am thinking maybe the Royals or the Parliment decided to shut Seb down for mocking them. In Mummy's case I don't think Australia has a government so I am not sure what happened. Maybe the dingos ate her Blog!

My aren't we up late!!!

Cherry! said...

Yeah I'm not really into chitchat either. Just straight into 'Your house or mine?' hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I assumed you were teasing. My feelings weren't hurt.

...I just got something in my eye. I'm fine, really.

jin said...

phos: Hahaha!!!
You're up late too!
My most productive times of the day are 11PM-4AM.
Beware.....I'm the OWL!

cherry: If you weren't my blogfriend you know I'd call you a tramp, right?!!? Hahahaha!!!! ;-)

andy: LOL!!! Ok, just had to be sure...sometimes one can't tell with written word. Now that I know you can take it, this stern looking bitch is really going to dish it out!!! ;-)

flatlander said...

You are a true Zen Master of Cakes!

jin said...

flatlander, if that is true, then YOU are the Zen Master of creative blog posts!!! :-)

Ace said...

The icing's the best part. Lots of icing flowers. Yummy!

jin said...

ace: YAY! Now that's what I like to hear!!!!

I think you'd make a fine customer! LOL :-)