Sunday, July 02, 2006

Disco Diva Jin

Ok, I may not be too impressive underneath that glittering ball but I move in a different way. I dance in the kitchen, with pastry & I don't miss a beat!

Example: YOU walk in the front door. I twirl around & graciously hand you a cup of steaming hot Tazo green ginger tea & a Dreamy Berry Cloud without spilling a drop.

A Cream Puff base filled with Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream. In the center a handful of fresh Blackberries, Red Raspberries & Golden Raspberries. Topped with a rosette of Turbinado Sugar sweetened whipped cream & a cream puff 'crown' dusted with powdered sugar.

First time I've tried this combination so, I had to sample it, of course, just to be sure it was up to my standards. I finished it slowly.....MMmmmming & AHHHhhhing but I wasn't positive it was PERFECT. BLAST! I needed another sample. I really can't sell them if they aren't over-the-top fantabulous. So, I had another one, it IS in my job description, you know, Quality Control they call it. After this one I decided that, yes indeed, they were absolutely phenomenal. One hour later I had a third, just to be sure they didn't taste different after standing.

They didn't taste different after standing. *GRINS*

Here's where I don't admit how many more I ate. (I fear if I inserted a photo of myself right now one of those descriptive balloons would be announcing "GLUTTON".) I am so sorry to tempt you like this, but I have to say that these were one of the 5 best pastries I've ever created. Seriously. In fact, as I was trying to snap the photo you see above, I hadn't noticed that my not-so-little Brioche had snuck up behind me, creeping, plotting, spying, until the exact perfect moment when she leapt into the air & CHOMPED that cloud right out of my hand! But never fear dear blogfans! I may be tired, but I am still fast, especially when it comes to pastry cream. I flew off my chair & wrestled her to the ground, growling, hair flying everywhere, nails scratching on the hardwood floor (she fought a little, too!) until she dropped the drool covered cloud at my feet. I had won! Yet, a fleeting victory it became, as the pastry was sopping wet with doggie drool & really squishy so I gave it back to her anyway! :-P

Where was I.....

Ahh...Abba playing in the background.....

"You can dance, you can jive, having the pie of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, jin is the dancing queen."

I glide as if on roller blades.....from the kitchen to the pastry counter with:

Frosted Star Cookies

Pineapple Cupcakes

Devil's Food Cupcakes

Lemon Curd filled Butter Cookies

German's Sweet Chocolate Tarts
Key Lime Tarts in Cinnamon Graham Cracker Crust
& Chocolate Brownie Tarts

All the while my hair softly sways with every pedestal plate placement & if you're lucky enough you may catch a glimmer of glitter, a flash of panache or "Just the ghost, the ghost of a smile

Don't wait too long
Don't wait too long
Don't wait too long
Or I'll be gone."

29 Responses to “Disco Diva Jin”

Yummm! I gladly and humbly accept the proffered cup (please, if you would, make mine a rich and robust cup of coffee with nothing else in it), as well as that scrumptious looking Berry Cloud (although...not Brioche's please! He deserves his own!)

fairscape said...

thank you
thank you
thank you

in my whole life I have not baked up what you bake each day - and nothing anywhere near as yummy or beautiful

Anonymous said...

HAHA! If I ever make it back to Wisconsin I'll have to visit your shop.

Tea and live dog wrestling are events I try to never miss. A combination of the two will probably be overwhelmingly exciting!

Jewels said...

Okay, you win. EWD is Yours and yours alone... The Cake Mistress is not only a Disco Diva, she is a dog-wrestling-pastry-baking-superstar, LOL!

Thank you once again, for making me gain 3 pounds just for dropping by your photo blog... I'll just go sit in my corner with my own cup of dark roast accompanied by a lowly little Fig Newton (low fat, of course...).... Bummer.

jin said...

curious: I make a great cup of coffee as well. You will only find fair trade organic freshly roasted beans here! I tend to make it a little on the strong side....

fairscape: You're welcome & thank you! :-D
Seems to me you do a LOT more IMPORTANT things each & every day then I'll ever do in my lifetime.
Also, consider yourself linked the next time I update my side bar.

andy: LOL!!!
You don't get out much, do you?
As for the dog...She's 7 months old (maybe 35-40 pounds) & I've had people tell me she's stronger than 150 pound dogs they've handled. They ask what the secret is. They don't believe me when I tell them she's a vegetarian! HAhaha!!! It's true...they can't give me shit about 'where does she get her protein' after they have been subjected to her strength!

jewels: *giggles*
So, I have to change my wrestling name?
"Mistress Jintrinsique -- the Food Porn Goddess Extrordinaire, EWD"
BTW, how was the fig newton?
*Evil Grin*

Now there's something I really miss - Cream Puffs at the Wisconsin Sate Fair. I am sure yours are delicious, but I am jonesing for the state fair models, sans berries.

crullers, there's another Wisconsin delicacy lacking out here. The markets peddle "buttermilk bars" kind of a cruller wannabe, but they bite wind.

jin said...

phos: I make that kind too. In fact, my Dad was so upset I didn't make the plain ones...he grumbled, "Don't you have ANY without berries? YUCK."

Thanks Dad! :-P

I used to like cruellers when I was a kid. Frankly, they taste like shit now. LOL. They use mixes or they just buy them already made & unthaw them. They don't taste like they used to.

Nothing tastes like it used to - killed off to many taste buds between the hot peppers and the chewing tobbacco (gave that up some time ago).

My daughter figures my tongue is pretty well fried because the hot stuff doesn't phase me. I have to have Ms. Phos taste things to make sure I haven't gotten carried away with the cayanne.

Cherry! said...

Hmmmm! It's been a long time between food porn for me!

They all look fantastic!

flatlander said...

Well, I missed Disco Sunday, but it looks as though the party is still going on strong!

BTW, what's the white powder on the creme puff?

Got that disco disco feva
disco disco feva
like a funky beava
disco disco feva

Fancy Laces said...

ooh God, i'm hungry~

Anonymous said...

No I don't get out much. The other day I had Earl Grey tea because I couldn't find Lady Grey like I usually drink and the extra bergamot almost had me in a faint.

Mercy. I've heard that those with Scandinavian ancestry are low-impact people who consider fishing to be an extreme sport. I will agree.

jin said...

phos: UG! Chewing tobacco??? That's SO GROSS!!! YUCKY YUCK YUCK! Shame on you! I'm glad now that you're older you know better, pops. *Giggles*

I, too, tend to be heavy on the cayenne when cooking. I like it HOT!

cherry: Thanks! Welcome back...briefly it seems! LOL. Always off to here n there n everywhere.....

flatlander: Better late than never! Anyway, it's not a party until YOU arrive!!! ;-)

'Tis a light dusting of powdered sugar, strictly for aesthetic reasons!

Nice tune! *giggles* & those moves! *gasp* Looks like you got those from a Danish Disco Master! ;-)

flora: Welcome! Sorry, I tend to do that to people! :-)

andy: Hahaha!!! Sounds like Twinings? I've had both...lady gray is nice...I've tried soooo many times to enjoy the can do. It tastes really good ground up & added to shortbread, though!
Scandanavian ancestry, hmm? Those are some SERIOUS bakers! Not very good at keeping a clean house from what I've seen....although...I don't think I should point the finger about that. LOL. Not really one for the housekeeping duties myself.....another 'extreme sport' I believe.

Ace said...

Munkees like berries!

How much are those? Can you ship me 20?

They look and sound absolutely divine.

And your dog sounds like the spiritual relative of my (late, lamented) dachshund, who never met an inanimate object (or animate one for that matter) he wouldn't try to eat.

Fuff said...


jin said...

ace: LOL! So, if you ate one would that make you a 'berry happy munkee'? Heeheehee!
I sold them for a mere 2.50 but, alas, I don't think they would travel all that well.
Never fear, I ate 3 in honor of you! ;-)

Aw...sorry about your dog. :-( I know how hard that is. But I still can't be without one. Have you found yourself another yet?

fuff: brain is on vacation so you'll have to forgive me for being a tad slow that a reference to the 70's comic book series?
*jin really hopes it's not a common internet abbreviation that passed her by.....*
I also missed something on seb's blog & I have no IDEA what it was!??! LOL

Sugarfoot said...

Oh Jin, you have the power to break the most strictest of diets...

jin said...

sugarfoot: Hahaha!!! They don't call me the 'Food Porn Goddess' for nothing!!! :-) (and you've got a new profile pic!)

Anonymous said...

I bounce between Tazo and Twinings. Twinings changed their package design and it pissed me off. I have boycotted things for less.

I am Finnish, 2nd generation American, and I choose not to represent the rest of great Northern contries everywhere in the category of housekeeping.

jin said...

andy: LOL! Ok,
new package=bad tea
I'll remember that!

Am drinking a Tazo Green Ginger as I type this.

MMmm...your background sounds better than mine.

My Dad's as Polish as they come...eek, especially his 'diet'...gross gross food...:-P
My Mom's I just tell people that I come from a band of roving Gypsys...Ha!

Fuff said...

Jin, cor is a bit like wow, but nicer in my humble opinion.

Katy said...

oh that rasberry tort looks sooooo good. Mhh I need to go find a rental car so I can have one next week Thurday. *starting to look through the previous pictures to catalog all her favorites*

Cherry! said...

Hey I forgot to tell you. I almost entitled my last post 'Dancing Queen'. So eerily spooking. We are so on the same wavelength.


EWD Founder & Meditteranean Delegate

jin said...

fuff: OH! I LIKE that! YAY! I love new words! (New to me, anyway! LOL!:-)

katy: LOL! Those were good, unfortunately I think the golden raspberries may not be available again...I'll have to check on that. Let me know a few faves & I'll try to have them!

cherry: Great minds! your the founder? Well, I suppose you are. ALL of the Meditteranean? Maybe I need to be Britian & the US. Or maybe just ALL the Brits in the US...this thought makes me :-D Hahaha!!!

Hey, chewning tobbacco is vegetarian, sort of...

jin said...

Who's the smartass tonight phos? LOL!

Cherry! said...

No! I'm taking the US. Or maybe just NYC and the surrounding area within a 1000km radius. (There is a Certain Someone near NYC).

And yes, you know I'm The Founder!! hahahaha!!! I'm a historical figure.

jin said...

cherry: AHA! Who's near NY??? C'mon, you know you want to tell me!!!
That's ok, cuz I don't like american men much anyway :-P
I sure do like those Brits, tho *giggle*

Cherry! said...

It's a fellow blogger. Thats all I can say right now......hehehehe!

don't forget my recipes when you get a chance!! PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!