Wednesday, July 26, 2006


A pale pink petit four here
A pale pink petit four there
Pretty pink petit fours EVERYWHERE!

An apple a day
Keeps the doctor away!

Delicate yellow sweet buttermint
For a happy lover I'll give you a hint
Eat one of these before you deliver a kiss
You'll both be in absolute bliss!

19 Responses to “EXHORTATION!”

Fuff said...

Do people eat them or just gaze? I wish you lived in the UK!

Cherry! said...

I like the apples the best! Got any cherries?

MeHereNow said...

I was going to say exactly the same as comment 1!!!

Instead I'll say "I really think you should be a better daughter-in-law and visit your husbands family" (bring some yummy stuff with you and I'll pick you up from the airport!!!)LOL

Polyman2 said...

Yum, yum, eat em up!

jin said...

fuff: Haha! Around here they do NOT gaze for long! They dive right in! LOL! Like little piggies sometimes! :-D

:-( I wish I lived in the UK, too. My husband says I wouldn't have even half the business I have here because my prices are off the charts compared to the UK unless I was in London. He says he doesn't like London. But I still want to visit, soon!!!

cherry: LOL! I have never done cut-out cherries. I have, however, taken a whole stem-on cherry, rolled a rich chocolate dough around it, baked a few minutes so it's still soft, then dipped the entire thing in chocolate!!! How does that sound? ;-)

meherenow: LOL! I do NEED to visit there soon! I have an aunt in Bromley that said we could use her guestroom like a free hotel! LOL! Now I just need to get some time off & enough $$$ so we can stay a couple weeks! I want to see so many things!

poly: That's why they call it
"Comfort Food"! :-)

Katy said...

so cute. I'll have to go back for another look.

Cookies rule. Ms. Phos made some Chocolate chip the other night - I like them burned a bit on the bottom and really crunchy.

jin said...

katy: Thanks! :-D
Look all you want, I'll make more!

phos: I made some cheesy garlic toast the other night to go with dinner. I was in a hurry so I popped it under the broiler for 2 minutes too long! The edges were BLACK! HAhahaha!!! So, I just cut them off, scraped the black off the bottom, & D said they were soooo good! LMAO!!! He wondered what type of bread I used because it was such an odd shape!!! HAHAHA!!! ;-)

Was it a 'baking accident' that you started liking the cookies a little burnt?

Sarah Letnes said...

Those Buttermints are gorgeous.

jin said...

Thanks sarah! They are a personal fave of mine! :-)

W got a little distracted one evening when we were first married and the some cookies went a bit longer then they should have. I really like the taste and texture of the burned part for some reason.

jin said...

HAHAHA! phos that explains it!!! It's the memory of you & the mrs., 'distracted', while the cookies burnt!

So, is that your code phrase now?
"Hey, honey, let's go burn some cookies."
*Nudge Nudge Wink Wink!*

Anonymous said...

Recently, reading this site has been making me hungry. I believe I'll go find some cookies now.

I don't know if there is a bakery in town. I might be in trouble.

jin said...

andy: When in doubt:
Buy Paul Newman's cookies,
they are REALLY good!

Gyrobo said...

Strange... I wasn't hungry before I got here...

jin said...

gyrobo: I seem to hold that power over that I know it works on robots too, I can conquer the WORLD!!!!

Those yellow cookies look great. Great stuff there was actually a shower today I could have gone to but I don't know what to bring! Timely post Jin.

jin said...

Hey turtle, glad to hear it helped!
One of these days, when I get some free time, I'm going to figure out a Cadbury egg recipe for you!

No now we have to "work on our taxes"