Thursday, June 29, 2006

Busy as a Bee

Sorry for lack of posting, again!
Here are several gratuitous pastry photos for your viewing pleasure.

I am SO busy I can't even describe them in my normally mouthwatering descriptions.

Creme Brulee



Truffle Tree

Gift Box Cakes

Birthday Cakes

Underwater Fun

I'll be back on Saturday evening with a super yummy post. Have a safe holiday weekend.....& DON'T drink & drive because it's STUPID! Thank you & goodnight *jin bows*.

25 Responses to “Busy as a Bee”

fairscape said...


You are an artiste !

Jewels said...

... A Truffle tree... A TRUFFLE TREE?!??????? omg! Are you trying to kill me???? I LOVE, nay ADORE truffles!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm, what filling? I could live on them! ;)

Cherry! said...

I'm loving the creme brulee. I tried that in Gay Paris the first night I was there looking like a skanky ho because my luggage was lost. I digress. It was divine. I'd really never had the inclination to try it before but I thought when in Gay Paris, do as the Gay Parisians do.

End of story. hahaha.

Cherry! said...

btw - Jewels I think she is trying to kill you. And me.....I think she's up to no good.

Katy said...

I love the giftbox ones so cool.

Jewels said...

Cherry, meethinks Jin might just want the whole EWD all to herself now... *wink*

Ace said...

Do you do monkey cakes? I saw a lady on the Food Network once do a monkey cake. I like monkeys. I eagerly await pictures of said monkey cake.

jin said...

fairscape: It takes one to know one! ;-)

jewels: Oh, dear...I probably shouldn't tell you that I honestly make some of the BEST truffles on this planet! I ship lots of them in December, too! Haha!!!

The white- white chocolate center with chopped crystallized ginger
The dark- espesso cream

cherry: LOL!!! Isn't it total bliss?!!? Lately I've been putting it in a chocolate shell...MMMmmm! :-)

katy: I've done SOOO many of those! LOL. Each one is a bit different. I try to keep them unique.

jewels & cherry: *looks innocent & sweet*
"Who, Me???"

ace: *jin racks her memory banks*
Um...I don't currently recall ever doing a monkey cake...BUT that doesn't mean I can't...I can do ANYTHING!!! (Just for you, I could even do a monkey in between two bikini'd girls)!!!

Ya know...I did a BIG sheep once...that's not a monkey, though is it?!!? :-D

fairscape said...


Super yummy post
Super yummy post
You Promised!

Those cupcakes and the underwater fun cake look scrumptious. Taking a quick inventory...yep, confirmed...I still pretty much hate you!!

OK...don't really hate you. Just hate that you and your pastry shop are so dang far away!

Toss some chocolate coins my way, and I might just be able to forgive you!

Hi Jin! Thought of you again yesterday as we toured the lower East side in Manhattan, an old neighborhood that has been rejuvenating itself for the past few years. There is a bakery about every 10 feet. Unfortunately no camera on me. But I did enjoy my favorite treat in the world, which is very hard to come by because not that many people like them: chocolate covered jelly graham cracker. Covered in a thick, thick layer of dark chocolate. George bought me four - I was allowed to eat two yesterday, and then he hid the other two. Once I find them, I will post a pic for you.

If you want to make CP happy, you can make these.

flatlander said...

I really like creme brulee!

Found a truffle tree
And ate it all himself
'Cause nobody could see
Except for Big Bird
Who knew no greed
Because all he likes to eat
Is bird seed.

; - )

Captain Canuck said...

Happy Canada Day, Jintrinsique!

(thanks for the Beaver Cake. It was swell)

Katy said...

OMG I can't believe that England lost to Portugal. I mean they did not play well at all but I'd thought they'd get at least lucky with the penalty shots. So sorry, please give D. my regards - you may have to bake him his favorite cake to cheer him up!!!!

jin said...

fairscape: LOL! I've just finished for the day...I need a few cups of tea (& my feet up for a bit!) before I sort through the pics I took this AM. Super yummy post...coming soon to a blog near you!

curious: Hmmm...Colorado, right? Yeah, that's a LONG drive!!! Here you go, for you & the grandkiddies:
That's a combo of white, dark & milk chocolate coins. Enjoy!!! :-)

CP: Would you believe that I have never heard of a 'chocolate covered jelly graham cracker'. I assume it is what it sounds like! Well, I'd make it but, I wouldn't use the 'store bought' graham crackers...I'll make my own then fill them with Swiss marmalade...what flavour? are onto something here! That looks really good ... *jin stares at the picture she's created in her head*
Tell George to let you have the other 2 tonight so I can see what they look like!!!

flatlander: You are SO AWESOME!!! :-D Heeheehee!!!
I have to admit, the first 2 minutes I had free today I checked my email, found your comment, giggled like crazy & had a GREAT burst of energy that I very much needed (after a mere 2.5 hours of restless sleep last night)! LOL
Hmmm...Sesame, that was a long time ago, wasn't it?!!? Funny story...when I turned 21 I'd go into this bar that was full of really old guys. I'd take in a tray full of cupcakes or cookies to share with them & in return they'd buy me beer. Whenever I walked in the bartender would yell, "Hey everybody 'The Cookie Monster' is here!" Hahaha!!!

cptn. c: Why thanks Captain!
LOL, you liked the beaver cake, hmmm? Heeheehee!!! *jin blushes* Does that have the same meaning in Canada as here? *giggle*
Ok. I DO know 'who' you are. I found you a mere 2 weeks ago, I know, I know...sometimes I'm slow...I've actually been trying to figure out how many of your blogs are, shall we say, 'entertwined'?!!? Amazing. :-)
I have 3 days off, officially! YAY! LOL...I intend to spend a good chunk of my time delving into your numerous personalities. I may need to clarify exactly who you are & who you aren't! LOL ;-)

katy: Oh...he's so UPSET!!! He said last night if they go to penalties England will lose. He HATES Portugal. He doesn't think France can pull it off but he'll root for them anyway in the next round. He says he hopes Germany wins it all! I still have yet to see a single game.....

Anonymous said...

I like anything with a cephelapod. That bottom cake reminded me of a bitchin' tattoo I seen recently.

Katy said...

It was an off day all around, I did not believe my eyes when I saw Brazil loosing to France. I hope Germany gets it together and beats Italy so far they have not played their best but got lucky a few times. Grumpy and I went to the restaurant (we took the night off for a party) for a late dinner and I just had to rub it into the cooks face that brazil lost.

flatlander said...

Just ignore Captain C. He's a bit of a national embarrassment.

The jelly sits on top of the graham and then the whole thing is covered in chocolate. It's that thick, firm jelly, the kind in a jelly filled chocolate, more firm than jelly out of a jar - do you know what I'm talking about? (I always liked the jelly filled chocolates in the assortment boxes - everyone else was always like "eeeewwwwww!" to those.

Anyway, George is being incredibly stubborn about giving me the other two, even after I told him about your request. As soon as I get my paws on them I WILL post a pic for you! :)

Great cakes! Have to tell my wife to check out the biscotti. She is a biscotti junkie, especially after my son-in-law perfected his. Now to soak them in some strong coffee, add a little marscapone, and do some tiramasu!

jin said...

andy: Was it a squid tattoo?
Um, get it?
You know...squid ... Ink. I'm tired, I thought it was funny.

katy: D didn't expect France to win either. He was really shocked! He always says he only likes 2 things about France, their countryside & their desserts! LOL

flatlander: Hahaha! Ok, I won't give him a second thought! You know, sometimes when they're all full of muscles like he is they tend to be a little short in the 'brains' department! ;-)

CP: AHA! Now I gotcha! Pate de Fruit! Yes, yes. I understand. MMmmm...trying to think of the name of the place...wonderful chocolates with a combo layer of Pate de Fruit & truffle, enrobed in chocolate. Out OF this world!!! Thinking....I've not had them in so long...used to be in NY but moved to Rhode Island, I think....*jins brain is on overtime...I KNOW I KNOW this!?*
Ok...I just did a search but I can't find them...maybe Harrison's? Something like that. I probably have an empty box lying around somewhere, I'm weird, I save all the emty boxes I've had from chocolates. *blush*

phos: You know how they invented biscotti? Sailors wanted to take something with them on voyages that didn't spoil or get 'wormy'. LOL

That's it! Pate de fruit! Maybe today will be the day George forks them over. If not, I will tear this house apart.

jin said...

CP: Just make sure George takes pics of you tearing the house apart...with an item included so we know the 'scale'. ;-)

galinusa said...

Hi may I ask what font you are using for your placecards that appears in some of your photos ie. the mini cupcakes with sweet butter frosting, etc. I really like how they appear! :)

jin said...

galin: LOL...Those cards are in my own handwriting, when I'm in a rush & don't have time to print any out!
Thanks for the compliment! :-)