Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Let's Play "Top That CAKE!!!"

Ok, blogfans! Here's your chance to win BIG!!!

"What do I win, miss jin?"

Why, a chance to make me laugh, of course!!!
"How do I win, miss jin?"
All you have to do is tell me which cake topper you like BEST & WHY.

Let the games BEGIN!!!

#1 "Floral"

#2 "Traditional"

#3 "Lovable"

#4 "Beautiful"

#5 "Hysterical"

Oh, and I don't want any of you censoring your comments like I censored a few other very bizarro toppers. (I happened to think the mating elephants would have looked great!?)

27 Responses to “Let's Play "Top That CAKE!!!"”

Which is more disturbing - tough choice between the gnome ass and the Jin cake - just kidding!! The gnome isn’t that bad!!! Har, har…

jin said...

HAHAHA!!! phos, be nice, you were my inspiration on this post! I saw the phos mask-ed farmer & thought, "Oh! Cake TOPPERS!!!"

Katy said...

okay I have a really hard time deciding between #3 and #5. I think it would depend on the occasion :)

Cherry! said...

Well I'm not sure which one I like best but I'll tell you something for nothing. That traditional one is one massive gag fest. Peeps really put that crap on their cakes? Are they in the second grade?

Ever topped one with a cock, just out of interest? Could you do it for moi?

MeHereNow said...

oh oh oh new blog! *jumping for joy*

So excited forgot the question....! Oh yeah toppers ummmm if I win for sucking up then obviously it would be the ......doggy one! That would only work if

1.its your dog


2. you fall for sucking up!!!!

P.S. Nice cake BTW!

I usually inspire women to run the other way.

How 'bout another slab of that hinder cake??

jin said...

katy: Haha! GOOD answer! :-D

cherry: Yeah...I agree with you on #2. That one was a total joke!

I can honestly say, I have never topped a wedding cake with a cock. Yours will be my first!

fuff: :-D

meherenow: 1) It IS my dog! "Brioche" (French bread! LOL!)

2) Extra points for sucking up, ALWAYS!!! :-)

phos: You have NO IDEA what I had to endure to get that hinder topper pic!!!

I did a search for gnomes, I saw that one but wanted to make sure there wasn't any serious copyright on it so I clicked to the page it originated....

O.M.G. !!!

Nudist Colony!!!!
I shit you NOT! Large old naked people everywhere...photos upon photos of asses the likes of which I've never seen before!!!!!

I had nightmares, last night.

kiki said...

floral, cause the other's just look wierd

jin said...

kiki: Well, congratulations, you picked the actual wedding cake topper!
Welcome back...you've been gone for quite a while.....

Anonymous said...

Your head on a cake, I thought, was very nice. Like a self portrait in pastry. I would buy a cake with a head on top. It is my second choice though.

#2 wins because I think I actually said out loud, "Precious fucking moments!?"

None of the above. I choose the Medusa Face Cast!

Dabbler said...

You hqve no idea how damn good those pastries are looking to me right about now. Send me a care package? Flourless chocolate cake? I'll pay for it all, shipping expenses be damned! (Miss ya, Jin. Oh, and definitely #5.)

Ace said...

I vote for traditional, because to my bad eyes, it looks like the couple getting married already have two little kids at their feet.

And what could be more traditionally American than marrying your live-in after you've already knocked her up twice?

Or maybe the flowers, because they look like a loofah, and that reminds me that I need to exfoliate.

jin said...

andy: HAHAHA!!! Well you CERTAINLY did make me LOL!
I think I'll tell future brides, when they can't choose a topper, this: "Let's top it with a portrait of myself. I've been told that my head, on a cake, looks 'very nice'!" Heeheehee!!!

Yes, I do believe they ARE technically called "Precious fucking moments"!!! ;-)

cp: YAY!!! Medusa it is!!! So, you still didn't say if you like it or not? Am very curious as to your opinion!!! (George's too! Ask him!)

dabbler: AWww...miss you too! Terribly!!! :-( I still listen to your song! LOL! :-) Course, you aren't even going to get to read this are you? *sigh* I'll email you in the next week or two. Stay safe & healthy!!!

ace: HAHA!! LMAO!!! Except you've got one thing wrong...kids before marriage, oh YES...but unfortunately not 2....the number you are looking for is FOUR. I repeat 4. At least in this area. I swear to you I'm NOT kidding! All marrying couples with kids have 4. Sometimes they even bring them in my tiny shoppe with them. NOT FUN!

Now, go exfoliate!!! :-D

flatlander said...

It's a tossup!

Cake #1 somehow reminds me of Superman's homeworld of Krypton, but Cake #4 is very Botticelli.

You should call it,

"Venus of Cake"

jin said...

flatlander: I LOVE Botticelli!
Heeheeheee...Venus of Cake...I LIKE IT!!!

Krypton, hmmm? I don't remember what that looks like? I'll have to check it out!

Good to see you back around again!
(PLEASE don't give up Fakiegrind!??! I LOVE your posts!!!!!)

jin said...

Please be patient with me! 3 weddings this weekend...but there will be some AWESOME photos from them. VERY unique orders! YAY! Fun for jin!!! :-D

If you're nice you might even get a little preview Friday evening.

Sweet Dreams! ;-)

Tho I think your self-portrait cake is unique - I gotta go w/Brioche! Sowwy.

3 weddings eh? Those are gonna be some awesome photos...can't wait!

Who wouldn't love Medusa?

Anonymous said...

I have to learn to curb my language. It isn't so polite to swear on other's blogs.

I like number 4...because it is definitely the sweetest.

jin said...

ec: Thanks! LOL! That's ok...I think Brioche is pretty hard to beat, too!

Looks like you'll only get to see 2 weddings now...story to come...

cp: YAY! :-D

andy: You're right.
Damn I had a fucking awful day today! Story to come...

evi: Made me smile! Thanks...needed that today. Thought of you today, rather a nice previous comment you made. It will work in with the story to come...

Everyone: I know, I said preview pics tonight. Not gonna happen. But you will get a post about a nasty crazy bitch that I had to deal with this afternoon. Damn, I wanted to write it tonight! But, it's 3AM...& I've gotta be back in by 9AM...*sigh*...ok, you'll get pics too of 2 nice weddings along with todays rant.

Thought I heard something about some preview pics??

jin said...

I'm writing as you typed that comment phos! But I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open! SOOO TIRED! lol. Had a delivery late this evening 30 miles south of here. Didn't get back until after 9PM...BTW I'm usually finished on Saturdays by 4 or 5pm. Now I'm rambling...Hahaha! I may not finish my post now....*YAWN*....

I'd have to say number 4. There's nothing like a disembodied head to make you crave cake.

jin said...

Thanks turtle, I KNEW someone else would see it my way!!! ;-)