Monday, August 21, 2006


Anyone have a guess?
inspired this post.

Clue # 1

Clue #2

26 Responses to “125.....WHAT?”

Lesley said...

Is it 125 days until Christmas? Because that means it's 105 days until Lesleymas!

Or is it 125 days until the Solstice?

Cherry! said...

*125 days plus a few more until I may actually meet a Certain Someone

Fingers, toes (but not legs) crossed that it comes to fruition!!

Katy said...

okay let me count it is 9+30+31+30+24=124 days till xmas eve so I guess it was 125 since you wrote it yesterday.

Fuff said...

Hahahahaha! Christmas innit! Thanks Jin :) Made me laugh. Bah humbug (first of the year).

jin said...

Everyone is correct!!! :-D

lesley-WOO-HOO first comment!

cherry-I was looking for Xmas, but your answer works for you! ;-)

katy-100% accurate on both accounts! :-)

fuff-I thought you'd get a kick out of that!!! :-D

Jewels said...

I'm still alive (barely), Hey, no fair, you all guessed my guess!!! Wow, only 125 days 'til Lesleymas? I better gets to makin' my prezzies... ;)

jin said...

Hey jewels! When do you get back home? I NEED to know & I'm NOT telling you why!!! LOL ;-)

Jewels said...

Aug. 25th, and I already know why! LMAO!!!!!!
2 more sleepies, and I'm home! Funny, I really missed being here when I was there, now that I'm here, I miss it there... Isn't that how it always goes???? LOL!

jin said...

jewels: Ok! YAY! Will send out your stuff on Monday. Will email later today to double check your addy. :-)

Gyrobo said...

I had no idea you used Opera. It's a great browser, though.

And it's the only browser that supports the code to print Roboshrub Inc. the right way. Try looking at a print preview under Opera. Then try under all other browsers.

And I mean all! Every browser ever made! Browsers from the late 90s! The early 80s! The 22nd century! Bwa ha ha!

jin said...

gyrobo: I use Opera 98% of the time. Have for years! I tried to switch to Firefox but I just couldn't do it! LOL! There are a few sites I have to use Firefox for 'cuz they don't work in Opera (there's my other 2%).

I will have to try out the print preview thing. I notice that with a LOT of sites! Nothing print previews like my Opera. :-)

Hey! I wanna see a pumpkin on your avatars head for Halloween!

The snow came and all the smurfs died from the cold? What did I win?

fairscape said...


Please send PK a BIG box of chocolates . He seems a bit crankier than usual. I think he was really looking foward to the end of the world on the 22nd. I think he must have been planning to take pictures.

jin said...

phos: You win a BIG box of chocolates courtesy of fairscape. Are you cranky today? Maybe you just need some ex-lax?

fairscape: Taken care of! Hopefully he'll be back to normal within 24 hours! :-D

Gyrobo said...

I promise nothing.

Anyway, I find that almost all the extensions I use for Firefox are just to give it functionality Opera already has.

I even almost gave up Firefox two months ago, but then I got the Firefox 2 beta.

It has a built-in spell checker! All misspelled words are underlined. Genius!

jin said...

gyrobo: OMG!
A built-in spell checker?!!?
I think I may faint!

I don't know if I'm retarded or what...but the ONLY newsfeed program I can get to work for me is the built-in one in Opera. I tried SO many plug-ins for Firefox & I couldn't get them to work!??!
I get the most bizarre of computer quandaries....LOL! :-)

Gyrobo said...

In the Firefox 2 options panel, there's a big orange button that says "feeds."

It lets you choose which program you want to use when subscribing to feeds. Very useful.

I've seen Opera's handling of feeds, and it's very nice. Firefox does it very differently by default. When you click to save a feed, it saves it as a bookmark folder. Going to that folder opens the current feeds. The feeds reload when you make them or when the browser starts.

Opera has an optional spell checker.

Katy said...

oh so I need to be cranky to get some chocolates?

hey i get my wish for my b-day we are goign to W VA in a cabin with the doggies. No TV,or phones so all I have to do is relax and enjoy the nature for 3 days.

jin said...

gyrobo: I could always get the feeds live bookmarked, but when they opened I could never delete the posts that I already read.
Plus, with Opera, it tells me (within) 5 minutes after you've posted a new story! YAY! Then I can procrastinate my typing of brochures & business cards & go read!!!

Thank you for the spell checker!!! :-D

katy: You always get chocolates! LOL!

Hey, the bday thing sounds GREAT! I know how valuable 3 whole days is in your schedule!!!

Gyrobo said...

Opera's handling of feeds is very nice.

There's a Firefox extension, Sage, that provides similar functionality. To add feeds to it, you'd save them to the Sage Feeds folder.

jin said...

gyrobo: that I screwed up somehow?!!?
Installed sage but when trying to check feeds I receive an "XML Parse Error" for every bookmark I have?
(In the Sage sidebar)
(It automatically put all my blog bookmarks right into Sage)

jin said...

gyrobo- ok...DUH! *blush*
I have to go & type in the "atom.xml" after each didn't pick that up?

To get back to the original subject of your post, the pics make me kind of homesick for Christmas....

jin said...

cp: I miss Christmas's past...not Christmas's future. *sigh* Does that make sense?!

Someone actually goes to W. Virginia on purpose? I can almost hear the banjo twanging away in the background.

jin said...

phos: For katy's sake let's hope it's a little nicer than that!
Where did they proclaim Deliverance to have taken place anyway, was it there? I's been a while.