Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Unique New Gift Nook!

What is more complimentary than oodles of "Unique" gifts along side of our "Unique" pastries?

But not just any gifts, mind you. They have to pass jins strict quality testing!

Come on over for the private tour or stay glued to your screen for the virtual one. The choice is up to you. I look better in person, though.....I mean the 'gifts' look better, yeah, that's it.

The one thing I never have enough of (besides money & compliments) is space, so do keep this in mind while browsing. If you turn around too fast you'll step on my toes & then I'll have to get angry!

Everyone else seems to have a "Gift Corner"... & I don't like to be like everyone. That's why I've called it a "Gift Nook". Now that we have the formalities out of the way, peruse & enjoy!

On the top shelf we have some of Jewels Gorgeous Creations!
Underneath is a selection of Tarots.

The sign she sent me for display. How CUTE are those earrings!

BTW, that glittery little bag is what your purchase is wrapped in.
another reason to buy some!

A close-up of a matching pearl bracelet & necklace.
I LOVE this set! I didn't try it on, either & you can't prove it!

OOooo...AAhhh...shiny & glimmery. Another matching set.
It has earrings, too. Tempting, isn't it!

29 Responses to “A Unique New Gift Nook!”

Jewels said...

He! He! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! They all look so good!!!! Everything looks so cozy in there, I love the way you've displayed it all. (And I'm digging those Tarot cards lady! No way those aren't 'moving'...)
Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for posting these pics. Just another little glimpse inside Uniquely Yours, your unique pastry shoppe! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I heard "Dancing Queen" on some store's PA earlier today and immediately thought of you and dog wrestling.

Snazzy nook. I don't play tarot or wear jewelry, so I guess I'm out of luck. Good for Jewels, though. Hopefully handcrafted jewelry goes over well in dairylaind.

jin said...

jewels: AND you got first comment, quite fitting, I'd say!!!
LOL! :-D

I'm SOOO glad you like how it looks!

Now you have to come see it in PERSON 'girly'!!!


andy: LMAO! I LOVE that you thought about me wrestling dogs when you heard "Dancing Queen"! I remember your comment from that post, too! LOL! YAY! I'm shaping the minds of tomorrow.....

You can't wear jewelery when you make the ring too small for your finger!

Jewels said...

Hey that's right, FIRTST COMMENT!!! WOOT!

Oooh, I'd love to come down for a visit. It's a long way though, an 8 hour train ride... Well, I'll start saving now!!!

*Hey Andy, I hope handcrafted jewellery goes over well in dairyland too!!!*

jin said...

jewels: Meant to tell you I have to reinstall my msn messenger (in case you were looking for me!). That trojan ate it or something! I've got the printer working again...mostly. argggh.

Yes, visit!!! We can do girl things together!!! YAY! :-D

Anonymous said...

I think it might be in violation of a couple different OSHA rules for me to wear jewelry. It's just a cop out; I'm also supposed to always wear a hard-hat that I don't even own.

jin said...

OOOooo....andy that just gave me a brilliant idea! LOL...I'll let you know after it's finished! ;-)

Dale said...

Cool nook, when will you start carrying dvds so I can shop there?

jin said...


not enough?


fairscape said...


It all looks very crunchy. Where's the edible underwear?

jin said...

Maybe I would get
more male customers
like dale then?

I promise, next post,
back to the norm

Damn, even get ads in the blogsphere. Good luck on the new venture, though you may not want to hide any gifts in the cake.

jin said...

phos: I had to make a cake once for a guy in prison. His wife ordered it! Unfortunately, my story here is boring because I wasn't asked to bake anything into the cake. *yawn*

Fuff said...

Oooooh, I particularly like the bracelets.

Good idea jin, some of that stuff looks really nice. Although I'm ashamed to admit it I sold jewllery for 5 years to put my way through undergrad and you seem to have really good taste.

jin said...

fuff: I KNOW! Aren't they cute?!!?

turtle: Why thank you! :-D
You sure know how to cheer a girl up on a Sunday night!

Cherry! said...

ooooooooooooh! Those earrings ARE so cute!!!

I have a couple of those glittery bags. I keep tarot cards in one and my Gucci bracelet in the other! Fabulous!

Fancy Laces said...

I wanna go jewelry shopping, and it's your fault..!


Nice post, keep up the good work~

Katy said...

wow that looks so cool. I may have to ask for more photos in case I want to get myself a b-day present in a month or so

Ace said...

Ooh... Tarot!


jin said...

cherry: I have some PERFECT material to sew my own tarot cloths...HA! I bought a sewing machine over a year ago & I've never even turned it on. No time, no time!!!

I think some of those earrings would suit you for sure!

flora: It's more expensive to go jewelry shopping, but less calories than pastry shopping!!! LOL! :-)

katy: Hey, that I can do! I'll have to take shots & number them with prices. I can ship them!

ace: AHA! So, you are the knight of swords that keeps popping up in my readings! LOL. That's are only the 3rd guy I've met that knows of Tarot! I married the first one! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Get some sleep already. Baggy eyes will make your profile picture seem less stern and more worn. Much like the really old high school teachers who are no more than soul-less husks of their former beings.

jin said...

andy: LOL!!! I will...soon. Now I think I have a bit of 'posting fever'. After that I shall sleep the sleep of the dead, hopefully for at least 8 hours without any interruptions this time.
...and thanks for your concern, I certainly can't lose my stern-ness...that would be so not me.
heehee :-)

Polyman2 said...

What a nifty shop.
Hope to visit someday.
My daughter makes jewelry-
she'd love that stuff.

Imagine a guy coming in
proclaiming to be Polyman?
Time to flip.

jin said...

First I'd proclaim
"No WAY!!!"
Then, once proven by revealing someting only you know:
you'd get a BIG jin hug & a jin 'squeal'!!!
Then you'd get sweets & food & stuff.
Then there'd be a totally awkward silence because I would *blush* at some of the stuff I said.
Heeheehee!!! :-D

Ace said...

I knew it was a girl thing! Rats!

jin said...

ace: NO! NO! NO! That just means you're smarter than all the other guys!!!

Cherry! said...

I'm going to hit jewels up fpr a pair. Maybe she could start exporting to Australia!!! hahaha!

jin said...

cherry: OOoohhhh!!! EWD has BEGUN!!! (We'll take over all the women with jewels jewels, that way it'll be WAY easier to get ALL the guys!!! ;-)