Thursday, August 10, 2006

jin's 100th Post!!!

It's true, it's ABSOLUTELY true! When I started I didn't really want to blog & here I am, 5 months later celebrating my 100th post!

"How are you going to celebrate miss jin?"

I'm going to post 5 of my favourite close-ups along with a mini-obsession of mine.

"You have so many obsessions miss jin, which one will you choose?"

I LOVE to see how people find my blog. So, this may not be a very creative post in & of itself, but hopefully, I can present it in a "unique" fashion!

"Caramel Corkscrew"

I will omit all the typical searches that bring people here (cakes, frosting, etc.) & center my attention on the 30, shall we say, odd(?) words & phrases random users peck out on their keyboards to send them clicking on jintrinsique! I will put my very own thoughts in parenthesis under each item that I feel the need to comment on (you all KNOW how much I like to comment; another mini-obsession of mine ;-).

"Edible Gold Leaf Roof"

1) organic chewing tobacco

2) adrien brody skincare client

3) big uyps

4) "old devil moon" masturbakers

5) tiny dog mr. jingles

6) mr. jingles mouse training

7) how to make a dalek birthday cake
(I get this search at least once/week!)

8) dalek shaped cake
(I didn't even know what a dalek was until flatlander told me!)

9) "because i am not one of your"

10) lilliputian dessert

"Delicate Piping"

11) Sweeties dress

12) tease + please

13) what is wildoily
(I got this one several times! I think it may have something to do with the lesley.....)

14) wasabi ganache

15) "mommie dearest respect i deserve from any stranger on the street fans"
(I'm blaming coaster punchman for this one.)

16) tease 2 please

17) jelly filled chocolates
(coaster punchman, again?)

18) lard frosting in buckets
(C'mon, GROSS! REVOLTING! I don't even want this person on my blog!!!)

19) "coaster punchman" sara
(Got this one twice...hmmm...cp, any ideas?)

20) jen bush pastry chef

"Royal Icing Lace Hearts"

21) drool eaters
(I'd LOVE to see the guy that typed this! HAHA!!!)

22) sooty and sweet

23) cholesterol testers
(Yes. I sell them to go with my whipped cream topped cheesecakes.)

24) female-trouble Divine

25) flower essence for mommas boy
(If you are familiar with flower essences are you'll be LOL at this relationship!)

26) squares in trier

27) cabbage tart
(YUCK! I think this one is Phos' fault.)

28) married to a "christian bulimic"

29) lesley penises
(Ok, this is just FUNNY!!!)

30) marzipan penises
(Alright, so I deserved this one because of this post. )

"Cookies that Gyrobo would Eat"

25 Responses to “jin's 100th Post!!!”

Real said...

First, I love the close ups. The edible gold roof thing was awesome.

Second, the Lesley penises bother me terribly. I don't think these sickos should be coming around here.

Third, do you think you could fix me a dalek shapped cake, pretty please?

jin said...

real got FIRST comment!
Is that because I posted early or because you were up late???

First, the gold roof was on top of a giant gingerbread house that was eventually fed to the birds...'gold'finches, maybe? ;-) Teehee

Second, I half wondered if lesley did that herself? It was even her 'unique' spelling?!!? What does she have to say about it? Is she talking? Or maybe, just maybe, it was a search to find an appropriate replacement for your black box?

Third, Yes. :-D

Deepak Gopi said...

Mouth watering blog.
Absalutely delicious

Dale said...

That caramel corkscrew is poifect.

Katy said...

I was laughing so hard at some of those search terms. It is amazing what will pop ups for a simple search like lesleys penises!!!!!

Oh and happy 100th post!!!!!!!!! May there be many more

Lesley said...

Now, now, this spelling is NOT unique; it's just not used much in this country. It is the proper feminine spelling.

As for me and my multiple penises (penii?), I much prefer to borrow rather than own. And right now I'm all stocked up.


Fuff said...

Congrats on you 100th post Jin! Love the referrals, very funny. The most Google referrals I ever get are for 'hairy armpits' Erk.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to google a bunch of different phrases along with jintrinsique just to throw you off next time.

Look for, "jintrinsique once saw two dogs doing it."

Congratulations, and here's to 100 more.

Fancy Laces said...

oh my oh my, 100th post...I'm getting there too...

jin said...

deepak: Thank you & WELCOME! :-)

dale: Ohhh, I know! It's the most poifect one I've ever made! LOL! :-D

katy: Thanks! I hope for many, many more too! I LOVE blogging, now!!! :-D

lesley: ...and completely unique in blogland...I bet you are the ONLY one! :-)

fuff: LOL, hairy armpits, I think I remember something about that? Maybe now you'll start getting referrals for Marmite! :-)

andy: LMAO!!! Hey, it'd make for an interesting (alarming?) next 30 searches! ;-)

flora: I'll have to come & check it out! 100 is a milestone! :-)

Do you really want people that randomly google bodily functions coming to visit?

Razzleberry pudding

Crap, totally forgot - happy 100th!!!

jin said...

phos: Ok, if we use your comments from today I'm going to have googles of:

1) random bodily functions
2) razzleberry pudding
3) 100th crap


I don't know what to say, Jin - I am happy to help bring people to Jintrinsique. I will also take credit for #9 (during our little "Mommie Dearest" exchange I believe I may have quoted the "because I am not one of your faaaaaaaans!" line).

Sphincter extinction

jin said...

cp: You know, I just read the other day that Mommie Dearest was considered a "bad film" when it came out!??! That it only had a cult following...I was so surprised...I really can't believe that EVERYONE doesn't LOVE it!??!

phos: At least you didn't say Sphincter Elimination! That'd be BAD.

fairscape said...


They need to have a special name for such a special occaision. And a special dessert. Hmmm...must put on my thinking cap.

Elimination of sphincters? Is this a conspiracy? Who is behind this (no pun intended)? So did everyone take the weekend off or what?? Who authorized that??

jin said...

fairscape: Maybe it doesn't have to be a special dessert? Maybe it could be 100!

phos: Personally, I think some ass is behind this sphincter elimination. Bummer.


Frankly - your culinary artistry would leave Masturbakers head spinning....tee hee.

geeksters said...

"Lard frosting in buckets" was totally me. I believe I was also searching for beef gelatin delights.

and now for Jin's 101st post...

jin said...

evi: HAHA! COOL! :-D

geeksters: LOL! I think you have slightly better taste than that! ;-)

phos: Hmmm...wasn't planning on it!
Actually, I was sitting here falling asleep....I do have lots of great pics from today, though.
I only got 2 hours of sleep last night you know!

(SHIT! I'm tempted to not post this comment now...word veri is incredibly long & illedgible.....)

I did my part and posted, but I don't want you waking up face down in your latest cake, so I'll see you tomorrow!!

jin said...

Thanks phos! I really tried! I got as far as the photos then I zonked out! I'm well rested today! :-)